Cats For Beginners

Want To Know How To Look After Your New Pet?

Thinking of getting a cat but never looked after one before or are a new cat owner?

Worried that you're not sure how to take of your cat, or what your cat will need?

Perhaps you have lots of questions you need to ask but not sure where to ask them?

Don't worry, this guide was written with you in mind and will answer your questions and help you to take care of your cat.

This is a:

  • No Nonsense

  • Straight to the point

  • No waffle

  • Easy to follow tips

guide to help you look after your new cat.

It comes with lots of great pictures of gorgeous cats too.

cats for beginners


Hi, I'm Kate the author and publisher of Our-Happy-Cat.Com

I know from personal experience just how many questions a new cat owner has and may sometimes feel a little silly for asking.

Don't worry there are no silly questions and to be honest I have seen many cat owners make mistakes with the care of their cat, time and time again. Looking after a cat is not as easy as you may think.

Cats can be demanding, fussy, good at hiding pain and illness and generally a very complicated animal to understand at times.

So I have put togeather this guide for new cat owners and for those who are simply thinking of adopting a cat for the first time.

It will give you all the knowledge needed to be able to take care of your cat from day one.

The Guide Covers The Following Cat Care Issues

  • Choosing the right cat for you and your lifestyle

  • The costs involved in owning a cat.

  • cats for beginnersThe Basic Equipment Needed, including for grooming, feeding, bedding and more

  • Introducing your new cat to your family and other pets.

  • Litter Training

  • Grooming requirements

  • Setting up a daily routine

  • Vaccinations

  • Protecting your cat against fleas and worms

  • Micro-chipping

  • How to handle a cat

  • Neutering, the when, why and myths

  • Correct feeding

What Others Have Said About The EBook

Thanks for putting this very informative ebook together Kate! I had so many questions in my mind about looking after a cat as I have never owned my own pet before. This has put my mind to rest and answered all of the important questions I was worrying about. I am now looking forward to bringing home my first new kitty from the rescue shelter this week, confident that I will be doing the right thing!

This ebook covers all the important basics that anyone caring for a cat for the first time should know. From what kind of food to give it, to what vaccinations are needed and even how best to pick up and hold your kitty and how to play with it. Some of this may seem obvious to those who have owned cats for years but it's important stuff for the first time cat owner who will want to know how to ensure their new kitty will stay happy and healthy for years to come. 

Great ebook that is full of useful tips and advice for the first time cat owner. Just what I needed as I have grown up with dogs and hamsters but never owned a cat! There is more useful information in this than I expected so I will be able to keep referring to it for advice in the future. Well worth the price. Thank you!


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