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Happy Cats, Issue #010
July 01, 2008

Hello and welcome to July’s edition of the happy Cat Ezine. I hope summer has started for you where you are and that you are enjoying it as much as both myself and Little Mo are.

The website continues to go from strength to strength and that is mainly down to all the wonderful visitors and their contributions to the site. I receive many emails from people commenting on how much they like the site and how they enjoy being able to contribute to the site with their pictures and stories.

The competition went absolutely crazy this month with me receiving the most entries ever. It has really been a hard decision on who had the best caption, I think I may even have to offer a second and third prize as well this month as well. Enjoy this month’s Ezine . Until next month

Best Wishes Kate


1. What's new on Our Happy Cat.Com
2. Competition
3. Little Mo's Diary Update
4. Article - Choosing the Right Cat Insurance For Your Pet
5. Special E-zine subscribers offer

1. What's new on Our Happy Cat.Com

Our NEW Cat Hut pages are on the increase. If you are a Cat Hut Owner on our web site please remember you can add to your Hut by using the form on your Cats Page. You can add anything you like about your cat, funny stories, likes and dislikes, what they get up to on a day to day basis, why you think your cat is so special etc etc, more pictures can be added too. Here is the Link to the Gallery page for you to access your cat Huts. Cat Photo gallery

I have added a great new video I found On YouTube this month. It is called “Simons Cat” and is a cartoon about a cat who is trying to get his owner up to be fed in the morning. It is the best animation of a cat I have seen for a very long time and it makes be laugh out loud every time I see it. It is a must see, click here to see Simons cat.

I have also added a new Cat Poem and cat story area to our site. I know many of you out there are budding writers and have already received a few of your original cat poems. Please visit these pages to add your own cat poems and stories and become a web published author. Cat Poems and stories

2. Competition Number July08

Here is July's Caption Competition. You are the first to see it as it doesn't get posted onto the site for a few days, so it gives you extra time to get your entries in first.

Simply send us your caption to go with this picture.

Click here to submit Caption

The deadline for this competition is July 24th. The best caption will be chosen and the winners name and caption will be posted on the competition page.

This month the prize is a book called Cattitude- the feline guide to being fabulous. The front of the book even has some sparkly diamante on the cover for the cats collar.


3. Little Mo's Diary Update

Happy Cat Diary Monday 02nd June 2008

I am so miffed with my dad, I only over heard him talking about how he had another cat on his lap at the local pub. How dare he, doesn't he know i am the only one allowed on his lap. I will have to punish him by pretending that i don't want to sit on his lap any more and I know that drives him crazy. Apparently this OTHER cat is cute and very friendly and is a little grey tabby female cat, who likes to meet everyone at the pub where she lives. Hmm sounds like a good life, going from lap to lap and getting lots of tickles. Maybe I’ll have to get a job there myself. Little Mo

Click here to read more of Little Mo’s Diary

4. Article - Choosing the Right Cat Insurance For Your Pet

Over recent years veterinary treatment for your cat has increased dramatically mainly due to the more available treatments on the market. It is not unusual for cats to be offered very similar treatment to their human counterparts; the problem is this does not come cheap.

Buying cat insurance is a good way to protect yourself from high vet bills after an unexpected injury or illness and allows you to provide your pet with the best treatment available without having to worry about how much it will cost.

Choosing the right cat insurance can be a tricky business considering the fact that there are many more companies offering pet insurance policies than ever before. Everyone from specialist insurers to supermarkets are now advertising insurance polices to cover your cat, however these policies can vary in the amount of cover offered and the initial cost of the policy can be deceiving.

When deciding on a policy for your cat it is important not to go for the cheapest policy on offer. There will always be a reason for this and you may find out to your cost later on that the policy does not provide adequate cover in many situations. So deciding what sort of cover you want from the outset is an important factor.

Things to consider are: Do you want the insurance to cover for just vet bill or if you have a pedigree cat it may be that you would also like to be covered for theft and death as well.

If your cat is lost, do you require a policy that will pay for some advertising and possible reward?

Do you want complimentary therapy to be covered?

What about accidental damage caused by your cat to others property

Or cattery fees if you have to go into hospital unexpectedly.

All these things will determine which sort of policy you require and how much your monthly premiums will cost.

Always shop around for your insurance and make sure that you are given the full documentation about the various policies. The initial advertisement for the insurance may leave out vital details that will affect your decision. For instance some policies will have a yearly limit on the mount you can claim for, others will have a time limit on any particular condition that they will payout for, this is important to know if you have a cat that has an on going medical condition that may last for some time. The other thing to watch out for is how much excess you have to pay towards your costs before the insurance company will pay the rest. Some companies may also require you to pay a percentage of the bill on top of an excess charge. This can work out expensive if the bill runs into thousands.

How much an insurance policy will cost yearly will be based on several factors about your cat i.e. The breed of your cat - moggies are less prone to illness than a pedigree cat

Age, most insurers will not insure a kitten before the age of eight weeks old and will not open new insurance policies for cats over the age of between 8 and 10. It is important to note to make sure your cat is insured before this upper age limit is reached to make sure you have cover for your cat during their later years where ill health may become more of an issue.

Sex of the cat and whether or not they are neutered.

Location, Your policy could be affected by where you live, especially if you live in a busy urban environment where the likely hood of injury by cars are increased and the cost of vets bills may be higher.

Once you have decided on which insurance policy to go for, ensure that you check the policy details when they come through to ensure that you have all the cover you require. There is usually a fourteen day cooling off period after you sign for your policy if you decide that it is not right for you and your cats needs after all.

Choosing the best cat insurance from your pet from the start is important as it is likely that you will want to stay with the insurer for the life of the cat, as changing policies may affect the cover available in the long term.

5. Special E-zine Subscribers Offer

As a special thank you for subscribing to our E-zine we are giving you the opportunity to buy your very own “Our Happy Cat Tile Coaster” with your cat’s picture replacing Mo’s picture as seen in the image, for the special price of $4.99 +p&p (normal price $6.99).

The Tile is 4.25" x 4.25" ceramic tile coaster. 1/6 inch thick. Dishwasher safe.

Just Email Us your cats picture along with your delivery address and we will do the rest. We will send you a email to let you know that we have received your picture and a link for you to pay us via PAYPAL.

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