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Cleopatra My Cat 
My queen is 2 y.o. Female cat. She is mix of fancy Scottish fold mom and street bandit dad. That’s why she has naughty personality but fabulous appearance. …

Smoke Our Cat 
When smoke was a baby my boyfriend made him cardboard towers out of boxes laying around the house. As he grew older he couldn't fit them and so we had …

Rowan Rees My Cat 
Rowan is a big beautiful Tabby Cat, he recently came in my life when I met a wonderful lady to who I am engaged to. I’ve always more or less been a “dog …

Midnight alias Mippy the Cat 
We had a neighbours cat that came to us for many years from being a kitten, she stayed in our house for hours every day ,we even had a bed for her by the …

I adopted Miecko from the Wisconsin Humane Society when he was 3. (Now he is 10:)) We fell in love instantly. I asked if I could hold him and as soon as …

Patch Our Cat Her Story 
"Patch" has left her footprints on my heart. Patch was left on our doorstep one damp, rainy day in April, along with one of her litter mates, Stripe. …

I adopted Clyde from PetSmart in my home town this past summer! He took to me and his new home in less then a day. Clyde is Loveable and Funny and I can't …

Carrot Our Cat 
carrot was a stray ginger cat that tuned up at ours and after 2-3 weeks at staying at the door meowing for food what we would give him 4-5-6 times aday …

Remembering Our Cat Frosty 
Frosty was a loving caring indoor all white cat who would always be there for you whether you were sad, alone, sick, or even just having a bad day. She …

Ookii Not rated yet
Hi my cat is Ookii and she is 14 years old. She is so very very cute 🥰, weird, and unique Weird because she sleeps in the most strangest places like …

Milo My Cat Not rated yet
He’s so loving, follows me around the house, sleeps with me, has the brightest blue eyes ever! Comment What a lovely looking cat, so sweet. Could …

Amaretta Our Cat Not rated yet
Amaretta is a Ragdoll female who fills our house with joy. Very playful and sneaky. She loves playing with all her toys, climbing her cat tower, and sneaking …

Jasper Not rated yet
This is my love "Jasper" . I helped deliver him and his sister from their mother cat Wookie. Wookie was a first time mother and very young when she gave …

Jackie Our Cat Not rated yet
Jackie has been part of or family since May 2007. She was a "rescue" cat; someone abandoned her mother and her siblings. The family was discovered by …

Penelope My Cat Not rated yet
hi there! Penelope is my 1 and a half year old all black baby girl! she is a very unique kitty, she loves jumping 3 feet in the air to catch her toy as …

Truffle  Not rated yet
Truffle is a really naughty cat. She always eats like a tank. She is like a lioness and is really fat and sweet. She eats all royal food and if our fish …

My Cat Story Not rated yet
I have (2 cats), both black, both brothers and in my eyes, both beautiful. I have had them since they were 8 weeks of age. They are just the best and …

Ricco My Cheeky Cat Not rated yet
Ricco A cheeky, talkative Havana Brown with the most fantastic sense of humor! Ricco is a happy and healthy 15 month old living in Co Meath, Ireland. …

Brownie The Ragdoll Cat Not rated yet
Brownie is a unusually colored brown and white Ragdoll mix who will flop down anywhere to get a belly rub. He loves boxes and baskets, and if he sees one …

Luna My Cat Not rated yet
Luna is a small, Siamese-mix cat who just turned 1 year old on May 23, 2014. She was adopted from the Pasadena Humane Society in August, 2013 when she …

Cleo My Black Cat Not rated yet
Cleo is my only cat and she likes it that way. Cleo is like my child. She waits for me when I go out and watches everything that I do. She is very …

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