by Denise
(Highland, Indiana)

Clyde Looking at the Birds!

Clyde Looking at the Birds!

I adopted Clyde from PetSmart in my home town this past summer! He took to me and his new home in less then a day. Clyde is Loveable and Funny and I can't believe I have him for a companion.. I live alone so I thought I needed a friend and Clyde is it.. I started training him to go on the potty, he was doing great but it just got to be to messy at time's, so we went back to the litter box.. I swear I picked a geniuses cat. Clyde runs through a obstacle I made for him and we train everyday, I think he has it down to a perfection.. I Just sit for hours and watch him.. But yes there are time when he can be a bad kitty, and he knows it, he'll look at you to do something he know he's not suppose to do just like a Kid, and wait to see if I notice! I am so Glad to have found this wonderful Kitten to shear my life with what a blessing to have pick the perfect kitten when I did.. Lucky Me & Lucky Clyde

Great story. Cats can be quite hard to train but it is possible with patience and kindness. Sounds like your Clyde loves to learn new things.

My own cats are impossible to train, they just like to do their own thing when they want to. Which I am fine with.

However our cats do have some funny little things they do on a regular basis which they have learned all by themselves. Two cats have learned to stand on the outside wall with their front two paws on the door handle and look in the window which jiggling the handle. Lets are know ehen they want to come in.

One likes to chase apples that fall from the trees. He wont chase anything else and he expects us to roll them up and down the garden for him every day with out fail.

Glad you found Clyde and that he keeps you company. Theres nothing like the friendship of a cat, especially if they curl up on your lap.

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Oct 20, 2015
by: Tracy

Thank you for sharing Clyde with us! he sounds like a wonderful kitty! I have 2 kitties. Bootsie is 8 and Bonnie is 4 and they love each other! they are great company! They were both outside at my apartment building and we took them in when they were just little kittens! I also feed the stray/feral cats and work with someone who helps get them fixed and try to get them homes. Anyway, thanks again for sharing! Clyde sounds like a very smart kitty! Cats are very smart.

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