About Me And My Happy Cat Website

Hi my name is Kate and this site has been my labour of love for over 12 years now.

I have owned and loved cats for as long as I can remember and that's a very long time now. I can't imagine my life without my furry friends.

Why I Built My Website

Having always had cats in my life since I was a small child it allowed me to get a real insight into their behaviours and personalities.

I watched how my cats interacted with each other both inside, when they were playing the contented pet and also outside when their wild side would show itself. Climbing, stalking and calling to each other. It also intrigued me to see how they modified their behaviour to communicate with us mere humans and how they learnt to get what they wanted from us. The cheeky little so and so's.

In addition to my many years of experience as a cat owner, I have also spent a considerable amount of time researching and studying cat health, care, nutrition, in fact everything i could think of that a cat needs to lead a happy and healthy life.

Here are just a few of the resources i have used to put this site together:

In 2007 I decided to build a website to put all this information to use and to help other cat owners. After all I had seen so many cat owners who just didn't understand what they needed and as a result many cats are abandoned or live in a terrible conditions. The animal shelters were full of unwanted, unloved cats, just because people didn't understand how to look after them and take care of their needs.

How I Built My Cat Website

This site is built using SBI.

Many of my visitors have commented on how much they like my cat web site and congratulate me on the over all look and feel of the site and all the useful information I provide them with, plus the fun things of course like the gallery and competition etc.

Whenever I get these nice comments I get an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement, it really does make it all worthwhile. Plus I have a little secret to share with you, I also make money through my website, doing what I love, writing about our lovely feline friends.

In the early days the internet was a very different place and I soon discovered that if I wanted to build my own cat website I would need to know how to use HTML (code for building web pages) and would have to learn all about marketing, hosting and many other rather boring and complicated things, which I just wasn't really prepared for.

I did make several attempts at building a site using one of the many cheap hosting companies, but I realised after months of hard work that my site was invisible to the world. I was alone in the world of the internet and I just didn't have the knowledge or the time to do all those search engine optimisation and marketing ploys needed to get my site noticed.

So I abandoned my site and thought no more about it. Then in 2007 a friend introduced me to a company called Sitesell.

I was very dubious at first and thought to my self, "here's just another website hosting company, offering me software to build my site and to host it for me". I could do that myself but what was the point if no one ever found my site.

But my friend told me to spend some time looking at Sitesell's own website, I mean really look at it, not to dismiss it but also not to rush into anything as well.

I thought why not it couldn't hurt and I am really glad that I did. This is one of the videos I viewed before I decided to use SBI (Sitesell), it was a good place to start and really gave me confidence in myself and my Project.


Ok I bet your thinking here comes the hard sell. No way if you know me and my site our-happy-cat.com you know that I care very much about my visitors to my site and indeed give a lot of my time to building the site and answering many questions sent to me every day.

I would never consider recommending or try to get you to buy something that I didn't think really was worth promoting. And the main reason I want to tell you about site sell is because it has changed my life and I can't stop raving about it to my friends and family.

Mainly because I know that if they have a passion or knowledge that they want to share with others via the web, then in my opinion I am saving them lots of money and time. Plus I could even be giving them the keys to a successful business if they wanted by telling them about Sitesell (SBI).

Why SBI?

Well when I started to really look at Sitesell (SBI) website I was absolutely blown away by the amount of information they gave away for free. There was pages and pages of it, including huge free downloadable ebooks about building your own website. Moist other companies give you a few sales pages and then ask you to buy, not Sitesell.

For instance here is there masters course, which is jam packed with useful information about how to build your own website. It really is a gold mine. Don't believe me, download it and see for yourself, after all it's FREE.

.Affiliate Masters CourseClick here to Download the Affiliate Masters Course e-book

I read everything they had on the SBI site, I pondered, I spent some time understanding how SBI could help me with my cat website. I even spent some time looking around to see if there were similar companies on the web for comparison (there aren't by the way, no one else gives you:

  • Hosting
  • Easy set-up
  • Step by step manuals
  • Promotes your website to the search engines for you
  • Has a fantastic support network

I could go on and on about all the services they offer, but hey that's for them to tell you about if you're interested in building your own website.

Site Build It!

Any way I signed up and two years down the road, I have three websites all about different passions of mine, cats of course, photography and saving money at home.

All three sites have done so well. They all receive thousands of visitors every month and all have built into thriving communities.

All I can say to any of you who have ever thought of building your own website or who have ever wanted to share their knowledge or passions with others, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't waste your time with cheap hosting companies, you will only be wasting your time.

I know, I have been there and done that. Do yourself a favour and just take a look at what Sitesell can offer you. That's all, just look and maybe, just maybe I will have helped someone to avoid the expense and frustrations I went through.

I love working from home, it really gives me the freedom I have always wanted and building my websites never feels like work. I only wish I had found SBI years ago, it would have saved me years of boring office work.

Ask Me

Who knows better about SBI then someone who has used them for over 2 years, thats me. I know some of you will still have doubts and concerns about how to build your own website and SBI, so lease feel free to ask me anything you like about it and I will answer your questions honestly and promptly.

It's nice to be able to get to speak to a real person, so please send me your question about web building and SBI here and I will promise to get back to you as soon as possible. Kate

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