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Dec 22, 2020

The Two Former Strays That Are My Whole World

I so vividly remember my first encounter with a ginger tabby who would become my Chershire in late summer 2011. My parents and I spotted him down the

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Dec 09, 2020

Aubrey Our Stray Cat Nov 2020

Some of you may know that in 2015 a rather thin and scruffy cat came into our lives. We eventually names him Aubrey after the street he was found in.

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Dec 04, 2020

Butter - Cat Memorial

December 3rd 2020 Dear Butter, I’m so glad I had a chance to raise you from an adorable fluffy kitten to beautiful full grown cat. Your sweet loving nature

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Nov 15, 2020


2016-10/22/2020 You're my Little Buddy, I love you!I miss you so much and will think of you every day.You were and still are a good kitty.I will always

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Apr 16, 2020

Cleopatra My Cat

My queen is 2 y.o. Female cat. She is mix of fancy Scottish fold mom and street bandit dad. That’s why she has naughty personality but fabulous appearance.

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Mar 30, 2020


Hi my cat is Ookii and she is 14 years old. She is so very very cute 🥰, weird, and unique Weird because she sleeps in the most strangest places like a

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Mar 04, 2020

Milo My Cat

He’s so loving, follows me around the house, sleeps with me, has the brightest blue eyes ever! Comment What a lovely looking cat, so sweet. Could you

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Mar 03, 2020

Amaretta Our Cat

Amaretta is a Ragdoll female who fills our house with joy. Very playful and sneaky. She loves playing with all her toys, climbing her cat tower, and sneaking

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Sep 24, 2019

Freddie rescue story update

I put on a story about Freddie's rescue story last year, I thought I would share an update. He is now 2yrs old and now has a little sister called Onyx.

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Sep 09, 2019

Smoke Our Cat

When smoke was a baby my boyfriend made him cardboard towers out of boxes laying around the house. As he grew older he couldn't fit them and so we had

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