Cat Breeds - Which Breed Is Right For You.

Cat breeds are constantly increasing with new breeds being recognized every year.

Unlike dogs, many of them have not developed naturally but have been specifically created by breeders around the world.

Some breeds are developed for a specific purpose i.e. to catch rats and mice or to be able to cope with particularly harsh weather conditions, whilst others have simply been bred for their looks and temperament.

While most of us will have just a plain common moggy as a pet (we all know there is nothing plain or common about any of them), I thought that many of you may have an interest in other cat breeds.

Some may be curious about the different characteristics between the breeds, others may be looking to give a particular breed of cat a place in their home and need to find out which breed would suit their family the best.

This section i hope will help you choose the right cat for your family.

What Is A Pedigree Cat?

A pedigree cat describes a cat that can track their parentage back over several generations and there is written evidence of this.

For instance a pedigree Siamese cat and a pedigree Persian cat could be mated and the kittens would be pedigree kittens also but they would not be classified as a new Siamese/ Persian breed until further subsequent litters are produced covering several generations.

To find out more about the cat breeds and how cat breeding is carried out, I have more information on my different cat breeds and their origins page.

The number of different cat breeds that are classified depends on the country and the particular cat organisations.

So where one particular breed might be recognized by one group it may not be by another. This will only really matter to you if you intend to show your cat at competitions.

Coat Types And Cat Temperaments

Although in general terms there is only two recognized coat types, shorthaired and long haired, these two groups can encompass many different types of characteristics, such as thick triple layer coats to short wavy coats and even to hardly any fur at all.

The long haired and medium length coats obviously need far more attention than short coats and will require a lot more attention from the owners of the cats. This should be one of your major considerations when deciding on a cat breed.

Although the personality of each individual cat will differ depending on its up bringing and life experiences, it is safe to predict that some cat breeds have particular characteristics or temperaments and can therefore be judged as to whether they will be what you are looking for in a pet.

Here are a list of the more popular cat varieties and some of their basic characteristics. Over time as I add more pages to this section, each one will have further details and information about the particular breed.

When thinking about owning a pedigree cat there are some important issues to think about regarding their health issue specific to the breed as well as specific grooming needs etc. if you are thinking of buying a pedigree cat then I would strongly advise that you take a look at this 8 minute video from the feline advisory bureau, which will give you a heads up on some of the issues surrounding some cat pedigree cats.

Cat Breeds

Abyssinian Cats - one of the oldest breeds on record. Slinky and graceful cat which is full of energy.

American Curl - Has curled back ears. This quite a rare breed.

American Shorthair - A robust cat that comes in a large range of colors.

Bengal Cats - This cat has a stunning spotted coat and is full of personality. 

Birman cats - A gentle and loyal cat who enjoys being with humans.

Bombay Cats - A cat with a sleek black coat and a sedate, affectionate nature.

European Burmese cats - An active, inquisitive, cat who is friendly and adaptable to change.

Balinese / Javanese - This cat has a plume like tail which gives it a fox like look. This cat demands to be part of the family.

Maine Coon cats - New England cats with coats designed to withstand the harsh winters. This cat is gentle and strong and a very loving cat.

Manx cats - This cat has no tail. they have a calm temperament and are very intelligent.

Norwegian Forest Cats - A large cat with a thick long coat.They have a very charming personality and are very affectionate.

Ocicat - A confident cat with a spotted coat. Can be easily trained.

Oriental cats - They come in many colours often very dramatic in appearance. They have a big personality and are very inquisitive.

Persian Cats -l A long haired cat with a very loving and gentle temperament.

Ragdoll Cats - This cat has a very sweet temperament. They love to be held and go limp like a ragdoll.

Rex cats- These cats have wavy fur in different legths and are very agile. 

Russian Blue Cats - A aristocratic cat with a dense plush coat.

Scottish Fold cats - these have ears which are folded forward. they have a placid and independent temperament..

Siamese cats - A graceful cat, full of characterand very vocal.

Somali cats - they have a smiling expression on their face. They can be shy and love their freedom.

Sphynx cats - these are hair less cats with few whiskers. They are very intelligent and playful.

Tonkinese Cats - A very active and vivacious cat. who is inquisitive and intelligent.

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