The Norwegian Forest Cat Breed
A Big Furry Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is often called the kissing cousin of the Maine coon cat breed; both come from areas of the world with lots of forested mountains and cold winters. 

The cat originates from Scandinavian farms where it was an outdoor working cat.

It is a skilled hunter and climber and has a very powerful build. It has a double layer coat that gets even longer during the winter months and is designed to keep out both the cold and the wet.

One of its main characteristics is its very full frill and shirtfront, especially during the winter months where it is most noticeable.

Although a strong looking cat is very elegant and has a triangular head shape with a long straight profile and pointed ears. 

The cat matures slowly like the Maine Coon and may not reach full adult hood until 4 years of age.

Its origins are not really known but it is quite possible that the Vikings, who travelled quite widely around the world, brought home longhaired Asian cats such as the Angora and begun the breed.

The breed was fully recognised by cat organisations in Europe in 1977 and in the USA in 1993.

Colour Variations

The Norwegian Forest cat has the following coat colours and patterns:

Solid - white, black, blue, red, cream

Tabby and Tortoishell - All colours in mackerel and classic patterns

Breed Characteristics

Coat: The cat has a thick double layer coat, which consists of a woolly undercoat, and a smooth water repellent outer coat. The cat has a very thick ruff around its neck and chest, which is more noticeable during the winter months.

Eyes: The cat has large, round eyes, which come in all colours.

Grooming: This cat breed has an easy coat to groom despite having a very long coat. It will require occasional brushing to remove any loose hair or debris.


This cat breed is essentially an outdoor cat and should not be confined inside. It is a very active cat that enjoys rock and tree climbing. It is a very affectionate cat that is very comfortable around people, again very similar to the Maine Coon breed. 

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