The Abyssinian Cat
A Loyal and Playful Cat Breed

The Abyssinian cat originates from the country now known as Ethiopia, which is just south east of Egypt. This cat breed looks very much like the sacred cats that were depicted on the walls of ancient Egypt.

Today this cat breed is basically referred to as a ticked tabby cat, but the tabby markings have almost disappeared due to selective breeding over the years.

Any remaining tabby markings can be seen around the eyes and on the top of the head, as well as along the spine and down the tail.

This is a medium sized cat, which can appear to be quite muscular in build. They have a elegant neck and have large cupped ears which are wide apart.

Silver Colour Variation

Colour Variations

This cat breed has several colour variations:

  • Usual - Also known as Ruddy. The coat is a dark to medium brown and is ticked with black.
  • Sorrel - Also known as Red. A warm ginger color coat ticked with dark brown.
  • Fawn - A pale oatmeal color with warm brown ticking.
  • Blue - A pinkish beige undercoat ticked with slate grey.
  • Lilac - A pinkish cream undercoat with a slightly deeper hue of soft pinkish grey.
  • Silver - A silver base coat that can be ticked with one of the other color variations of the breed.

Usual Colour

Abyssinian Cat Breed Characteristics

Coat: This cat has a short, close lying fine coat. You can still see distinct tabby ticks on the fur resulting in at least four bands of color on each hair. The roots of the fur are the same color as the base color but with the final top layer displaying the ticking color.

Eyes: The cat has wide set large eyes that are very expressive. The eyes are slanting and almond in shape are normally amber, hazel or green in color.

Grooming: The coat is very easy to groom by the cat and does not need much assistance from the owner.

Lilac Colour


Sorrel Colour

The Abyssinian cat breed is an very intelligent and inquisitive by nature. They are also very energetic and playful and will require a lot of space and stimulus to keep them entertained and happy. They are known to be very loyal cats to their owners and as such enjoy interaction with humans on a regular basis. 

Be prepared to spend time with a Abyssinian cat, they like to play and be social. If you are looking for a quiet companion then perhaps this cat breed is not for you.

The Abyssinian is a real stunner and is packed with personality. I haven't met one yet that hasn't been super friendly.

See this book for more information about the Abyssinian cat.

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