The American Curl Cat Breed
A Curly Eared Cat

The American Curl cat breed originated in the early 1980's and so is a relative new comer to the world of recognized cat breeds.

It's rapid rise of acceptance by the International Cat Association in 1985 and the Cat Fanciers Association in 1986 is very rare and can only be put down to the immediate excited reaction to it during its early showing.

This cat breed started with the mating of a stray cat that had unusual backward flexed ears which produced two curly eared kittens, one with long fur and the other with short.

This started the breed off and the two lengths of coat are still prevalent.

The American Curl is medium sized, well balanced and averagely muscular.

The ears should be wide apart at the base and open backwards. The tail is flexible and tapering and is in equal length to the body.

The breed comes in all colours, patterns and colour combinations, so there is something for everyone.

It has a very charming and appealing face that is accentuated by the curl of their little ears.

American Curl Kittens

American Curl Breed Characteristics

Coat: This breed can have a long or short coat both of which are soft to the touch. The fur lies flat to the body, giving a very silky appearance rather than sticky up and looking fluffy.

Eyes: The cat has large, walnut shaped eyes that again can come in all colours. As you can see from the picture this cat has bright blue eyes, which against his white silky fur is rather stunning.

Grooming: This cat breed has a relatively easy coat to look after, regular brushing will help to keep it in good condition though.

Due to  the fact that this cats ears are turned back and so are rather open all the time it is important that they are checked regularly for any debris or parasites.

White American Curl


Tabby American Curl

This cat breed needs lots of attention from their owners, so would not be suited to someone who is not at home much. They definately would not like to be left at home all day alone. Boredom is often the cause of destructive cat beahviors, such as clawing items of furniture.

Regular games and lots of environmental stimulus will help to keep this cat happy and content.

This cat breed is also known for their eagerness to please their owner by interacting with them on a regular basis.

This cat will very much be a part of its human extended family. 

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