Meet Our Tabby Cat Little Mo
Our Very Special Happy Cat 

Our tabby cat, Little Mo although quite small and delicate, is anything but a push over. In fact we are quite sure from the reaction of the other cats in our area that she definitely rules the streets. 

Her personality is certainly much bigger than her actual size and she often has a lot to say for herself.

So we decided to put together some fun pages to allow you to meet Little Mo and find out just for yourselves that size isn't everything in the world of lovable tenacious kitties.

Meet Little Mo

You will see from Little Mo’s pictures that she is a rather small cat that used to have two ears and now only has one. Read our Meet Little Mo’s page to find out how this happened and how it didn’t dent her confidence one little bit.

Also read her life story for the last 12 years and just how she came into our lives in the first place.

Little Mo’s Diary

Although Little Mo is a prolific talker she unfortunately hasn’t mastered the typewriter yet. But that hasn’t stopped her dictating her diary to us.

We do our best to keep up with her and post her latest antics on her diary page every week, so check back regularly to see what she has been up to.

Little Mo’s Resume

Little Mo has put together her own resume. She decided that she wanted to let you all know what her likes and dislikes are and what she likes doing best everyday. We’re sure she’s hoping a famous film director is going to spot her for their latest blockbuster movie! I mean, how many cats do you know with their own resume? 

On behalf of our little tabby cat Mo, we hope that you will enjoy her pages and visit us all often. 

Goodbye Little Mo

Sadly Little Mo passed away in 2009, if you would like to read about her life and her passing please see this page.

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