The Best Cat Carriers
Keep Your Kitty Comfy and Safe 

How do you know which cat carriers are the best ones for your feline friend?

Of course this will depend on whether you are taking your cat for a short trip such as to the vets or to see friends, or going on a longer journey such as a holiday or to take part in a pet show!

Pet carriers come in all shapes, sizes and designs.

So I thought I would research the different styles available.

On this page I will tell you about their various features and benefits.

And I will highlight a few of my favourites for you to compare.

Airline Approved Cat Carriers

Air travel is so common these days that it isn't a surprise that we are now travelling with our pets more often too.

Although each airline has it's own rule, there are some general guidelines that all airlines require of the carrier your pet is contained in for the journey.

Did you know that some airlines even let small pets such as cats and dogs stay with you in the cabins under the chairs? This requires a special type of carrier that is both strong and flexible.

I have chosen a few of the best ones available to suit all types of trip. See them here.

Fashionable and Practical Cat Carrier Bags

Your pet does not have to be carried in a square box any more. In fact bags and holdalls are becoming far more practical.

They come in all shapes, colours and designs. They can be very fashionable these days looking more like a stylish accessory than cat carriers. You can just imagine yourself walking down Hollywood Boulevard with your pet under your arm and kitty being the real star of the show!

Although some of these are clearly not intended for long trips, they are still designed with your cat's comfort and wellbeing in mind. They allow your pet to sit in comfort and see out very easily, while all the time feeling tucked up nice and close to you.

Many of these pet carriers are easy to clean and some can even be put in the washing machine. They often come with a shoulder strap for ease of carrying and can often be folded up afterwards for easy storage.

See my choices for the most practical and stylish here.

My Top Four Best Cat Carrier

I had to share with you my own personal favorite carriers.

Over the years i have had to buy and use many different kinds of carrier and they have ranged from being difficult to handle, unpractical and ugly too. So I thought I would give you some tips on the types of carrier I have found which i feel are both practical, safe, comfortable and yes, stylish too.

All of the carriers are available online and so are easy to purchase if you wish.

Cat Cages for Pet Shows

If you take your kitty to exhibit them at pet shows, you will need to have a proper cage where they can sit comfortably all day at the event.

A good amount of space is essential for the animals comfort but also for easy viewing. 

These octagon pens can  be used for both showing and travelling with your pet in comfort. It also has easy to clean nylon covers, mesh panels for air ventilation and good all round visibility.

Safety Travel Tips

I thought it might be helpful if I gave you a short checklist of things to remember when travelling with your kitty, as their safety is of great importance to us all.

  • Always make sure that you secure your cat carrier when travelling in your car

  • Always place the carrier on the seat and never on the floor, as the noise and vibration will be stressful for your pet

  • Never let your cat travel loose in the car. If you have to break suddenly they could be thrown out of the windscreen or act like a missile and injure you

  • Never put your pet in the trunk of your car. It will be dark, hot and they may even suffocate!

  • During long journeys make regular stops to give your pet a break and have some food and water. It will also reduce the stress if they can have a quick stroke and tickle once in a while!

  • Never leave your pet alone in the car as they will become afraid and on hot days may suffer heatstroke

  • Always place some of your cat's favourite toys and blankets in the carrier with them. These will help comfort them during the trip.

So that's my summary for you of the best cat carriers I can find. I hope you find the information useful and I would love to hear from anyone if you own a Sleepy Pod as I really like the look of them!

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