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A cat carrier bag is a relatively new invention. When I got my first pet may years ago the only available cat carrying basket was either made from whicker or hard grey plastic.

These days' carriers come in all sorts of sizes, colors and designs. Including soft bags that look more like designer handbags than a comfy place to transport your cat in.

Soft sided cat carriers are of course very versatile and much easier to carry than the hard plastic carriers and I think this is why they have become so much more popular over recent years.

I have chosen five of my favorites soft carriers for pets all with their own unique features and benefits.

Bags covered on this page

The Zampa

Ruck Sack


Hounds Tooth

Top 5 Things You Need To Consider

When choosing a suitable carrier for your cat you need to take into considerations some important factors:

  • Will it be big enough for your cat?
  • Will you cat be able to see out of the bag?
  • Is the bag secure and sturdy
  • How easy is it to get your cat in and out?
  • Is the bag easy to clean?

Carrier With The Most Space For Your Cat

I have chosen the Zampa Soft-Sided Kennel carrier for its height. Your cat will be able to sit upright in this cat carrier bag if they wish. Many other carriers do not allow for this.

There is also plenty of visibility holes for your cat to see out of and keep your cat cool during the journey.

Designed as a shoulder bag which will keep your cat secure all the time? An internal clip allows for your cats harness to be secured to the bag for extra security.

A Versatile Cat Carrier Bag

The Pet Gear I Go 2 Plus Traveller bag is five bags in one. It can be worn as a backpack, rolled along like a trolley, used as a car seat, used as a normal tote bag and finally used to transport your pet on board airlines.

It looks very stylish too and can be easily used as a normal bag when not carrying your cat.

Inside it has a soft comfy fleece pad which can be removed and cleaned.

Slimline Shoulder Cat Carrier

For something a little less bulky this Pawhut Soft Sided Collapsible Cat Travel Carrier Bag is perfect.

yes I know its pink but at least no one will be able to run off with your kitty without being noticed.

Suitable for shorter trips as there is not much space in the carrier for your cat, but perfect for trips to the vets and short car journeys etc.

This carrier can also fold down almost flat when not in use, so if you are like me and do not have much storage space at home , this is a real bonus.

A Very Stylish Carrier

If you are looking for style then this hounds-tooth design has to be the one for you. It looks like a high end normal handbag but has all the comfort your cat will need during their journey.

Esy to clean with a removal internal pad. Top mesh window for viasbility and ventilation and exteranl pocket for documentation etc.

Like all good top end hand bags it comes with a matching purse which can be used to keep any medication, or treats for your cat.

These are my top choices for both a practical and stylish cat carrier bag. I think there is something for everyone, whether you want super practicla or something a little more top end, all of these bags will keep your cat safe and comfortable during their trip.

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