The Best Cat Litter Choices
for a Clean and Happy Cat 

Cat Litter can often be one of the less pleasant aspects about owning a kitty! So what's the solution?

Let's face it, the litter can be dusty and smelly and the boxes can be ugly and a hassle to clean. But even if our cat goes out and about, we should still keep a fresh litter box for them, just for those occasions when they need to do their stuff but are stuck indoors.

So how can you make the whole business more pleasant?

Choosing a good quality hygienic best cat litter that doesn't create so much dust and controls odors well is part of the solution. Plus you can actually find litter boxes that will look attractive in your home!

So I thought I'd search the internet for some of the best kitty litter options and tell you about them here. For instance, did you know that you can even get automatic self-cleaning litter boxes?

On this page you can find out about:

What Makes the Best Kitty Litter?

Good pet litter should have a number of benefits that will make life a little more pleasant for both you and your feline friend. These include:

  • Safe and non toxic for your cat
  • Produces low levels of dust
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly absorbent
  • Controls Odor Effectively
  • Environmentally friendly, both in its manufacture and for safe disposal

You can find more advice about buying litter and discover which great brands meet all these requirements and more on this page.

I also look at options if you are looking for a quick clumping cat litter or a lightweight pine litter for a nice natural and pleasant scent.

Litter Box Furniture To Match Your Home Decor

There is a fantastic range of litter box furniture available these days. These really solve the problem of an unsightly cat litter tray being on full view to everyone.

They help to conceal the tray, stop litter being pushed out onto the floor, plus allow your pet to have some privacy when doing their toilet!

There really is no reason why litter box furniture can't be as attractive and stylish as other pieces of furniture in your home. You can see some great examples of litter furniture here.

You can see pieces that will look attractive in your living room, bathroom or wherever your cat likes to have their tray. They also come in a choice of colors so you can choose one that matches your interior home decor.

Automatic Self Cleaning Boxes

Yes, you really can get automatic self-cleaning litter boxes! To some people that might sound like an extravagance, and they are quite an investment, but apparently they are especially good for multi-cat households.

Usually, you need to have a separate litter tray for each animal in your home. This is because kitty doesn't normally like to share their tray with another cat because of the scent left behind by the soiled litter. But because this type of automatic litter box cleans itself after every use, sharing isn't a problem.

They are also good if you have to go away for a couple of days. You might have a friend or neighbour look in on your cats while you are away, but what about the dirty litter trays in between their visits?

Find out more about the best automatic self cleaning litter boxes here.

Litter Trays, mats and other accessories

Not every kitty likes to go into a covered litter box because they feel enclosed and trapped. Maybe yours is like this and won't want to use their litter?

Many prefer an open tray instead, but that can have its own problems. The main difficulty being that the litter gets flung far and wide when they scratch at it to cover over their dirt!

So I've found some great litter trays here that help with this problem. Plus a cat litter mat is a good idea to help catch any the pieces of litter that get stuck on kitty's paws and would otherwise end up on your clean floor!

Essential Tips and Advice about using pet litter

  • In general, you should use a good two inches depth of litter in the tray. But check the advice on the instruction label of your chosen supply.

  • Always remove soiled clumps every single day.

  • Thoroughly clean out and disinfect your litter tray at least once a month. This is good basic hygiene and will stop harmful bacteria and parasites from developing in the tray.

  • You should always wash your hands thoroughly after handling dirty cat litter. Pregnant women or people with low immunity should avoid handling soiled litter at all. This is because cat faeces can sometimes carry harmful bacteria or parasites that cause toxoplasmosis.

  • When changing to a new brand of cat litter, introduce it gradually over a few litter changes. This is because you kitty might be wary of the new smell or texture at first. So start off by using a third of your new litter and the rest the old litter. Then increase to two thirds new, against a third old. Then the next change, you can use all new litter. That way your cat will hardly notice the change!

  • Some cats might paw at and even taste the new litter. This is a normal way of them investigating it, but it reinforces why you should want to choose a supply that is natural, non-toxic and safe for your pet.

So I hope you find this guide to cat litter supplies useful and please click through to read my other pages for more ideas and details.

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