Cat Poems To Lift Your Heart

I love cat poems they always either make me smile with their simple truths or cry with there heart felt words. 

I know many or you like to write your own kitty poems and stories and some are even professional writers, I thought that it was a shame not to allow you to share some of your work with our other visitors to the site.

So I thought I would make it easier for everyone to do this by making this page where you submit your own original poems. I can't wait to see just how creative you all are.

I can only accept your own original work which is not published online elsewhere.

So get your creative hats on and Submit Here all your Kitty poems. 

Scroll down to see all the submitted poems.

Here is a poem sent in by one of the sites visitors just to get the ball rolling. 

My Little Kitten

by Tara (Canada nl )

My little kitten
always playing with the yarn
always jumping on the table
always in the fish tank

My little kitten
with fur like silk
with paws so small
with a nose so pink

My little kitten
were are you 
my little kitten
were are you

My little kitten
got lost so how
I don't know where to look
were could you be

My little kitten
I looked for you in the yard
I looked for you on the table
I looked for you in the fish tank

My little kitten
were could you be
oh someone tell me
please someone tell me

My little kitten 
I went to bed that night
and what I found surprised me
it was my little kitten sleeping in my bed

Have A Great Cat Poem or Story?

Do you have your own cat poem or story to share with the rest of us? Great, simply submit it below and soon other vistors to the site the world over and can be reading it in no time.

See submitted cat poems and stories below.

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