Not Just A Cat Poem

Not just a cat poem - written by by Rosie Bingham (Adelaide, South Australia)

You can’t say I'm just a cat
And leave it at that!
I know much about this and that
So sit right down and we’ll have a chat!

I‘ve been around, from city to town,
I mean before I came to the pound.
I’ve seen lots of things, even mixed
with paupers and kings,
So don’t say I am just a cat, like that.

Speak to me and you will find,
My ideas are very sound.
My kind have been here many a year
Have know much adulation and great fear,
So sit right down – let’s have that chat.

I’ll start when I was just a little chap
Too small to climb up on your lap,
When my Mum would tell me tales
Of cats of old when they were big and bold.
(None like that here I’m told)

Big and fierce, they were cursed,
Stoned and reviled – they survived in the wild.
Many years before, they were exalted souls,
Worshipped as gods, revered in a world
of riches and fame.
Many were given a regal name.

Ratters on the high seas we've been,
Sat in parliament - even seen the Queen,
Given the keys of Old London Town,
That’s what I mean about ‘been around’.

Now tell me friend what’s your claim to fame
Is it what you do, or maybe your name?
Remember though, we felines care nought for cash
If that’s your game, you’ll have to cut a much sharper dash.
The things that impress us the most are not the things of which you boast.
A home, a car, a swimming pool are not things
over which we drool.

We honour those who are kind, who are gentle in their ways
These are the ones whom we will greet,
and teach the many things that are now out of your reach,
And so you see, I am much more than ’just a cat’
.......and that is that!

This poem was inspired 'Byron' a Shelter cat who would talk to me as I worked in each area, and tell me "He was more than just a cat".
Reiki II Practitioner to Hahndorf Animal Shelter, South Australia

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