Looking For Great Cat Books?

I love cat books of all descriptions, everything from funny cartoons to true life stories. There are so many great kitty books out there that I often find it hard to choose between them.

Of course, books about cats also make great gifts for cat lovers but I have to admit that on more than one occasion, I have bought one for a friend and then immediately asked them if I could borrow it back because I wanted to read it myself! Ha! :)

Here I have put together a store of some of my current favourite cat themed books to share with you. Included are a couple of my own reviews of a couple of my favourite cat books.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations I would love to hear from you and I can then add them to the site. Just use my contact form.

Here Are A Few of My Top Choices

Real-Life Cat Stories

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen was recommended to me by my mother-in-law and since then I've seen the author on TV several times telling his amazing story as well.

Basically, the author, James, was homeless and busking for money on the streets of London, when he found an injured ginger tom cat (who he named 'Bob') in his sheltered accommodation block.

James tends Bob back to health while trying to discover who he belongs to. But Bob the cat doesn't want to leave and the pair becoming inseparable.

Through caring for Bob, James finds new purpose and belief and goes on to turn his life around.

The story shows how when we learn to care and show compassion for another being, we learn to care for ourselves as well.

It's a moving and honest story.

As caring cat owners, we know just how much we benefit from looking after our feline friends and this story proves it!

Funny Cat Books

There is of course the whole series of Simon's Cat books by the fantastic cartoonist Simon Tofield

I can't think of an artist or cartoonist who has captured the funny mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of feline behaviour as well as Simon Tolfield.

If you haven't seen any of his cartoons yet (is that possible?) then just look Simon's Cat up on YouTube.

And if you want a good chuckle and a bit of fun relating to all the quirky cat behaviours while you curl up on the sofa or to cheer yourself up on the train to work, then why not get one of these fun filled editions?

The Simon's Cat series of books make great gifts for cat lovers too!

Best Cat Care Books

As well as true-life cat stories or funny cartoon books, there are of course many great books about cat care available too.

One of the most recent ones I bought was The Cat Whisperer by Claire Bessant.

Cat behaviour can be so puzzling sometimes so it's really useful to get an insight in to the feline state of mind to help us understand why they may behave in this way or that.

This book covers such things as how to understand feline body language and facial expressions (it might not always be as obvious as we think!) and also how to train your cat.

I have a friend who couldn't understand why her otherwise lovely kitty would scratch her (often a reaction to the perfume she was wearing) and didn't realise that the way she was reacting to her cat was probably only making things worse!

Believe me, understanding how your cat thinks and makes sense of their world can go a long way to improving your relationship with them!

I wonder which ones are your favourite cat books and why!
Who are your favourite authors of feline fiction?
Which real life cat stories would you recommend to a friend?
Or which ones would you buy as thoughtful cat gifts for all the feline fans that you know?

Happy reading!

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