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Your Cat Names is a page where you can not only tell us about your own pets name, but also it's a great page to find a name for your own cat.

If you are just looking for Ideas for names for your kitty then jump to the bottom of this page to see a list of names already submitted.

What Makes A Great Name For Your Cat.

We all give our cats all sorts of strange and unusual names and for all sorts of reasons, some simple, some more intriguing. Generally we name them after some physical characteristic like the colour of their fur, I.E Ginger, or a personality trait like being cheeky I.E Rascal. But for whatever reason we choose a name, it is never silly.

For instance my last cat was called Mouse or Little Mo for short. We called her this because she was so small and petit, just like a little mouse, plus we thought this was a cute name to give a cat. However for the first week she spent with us she was called Prickles because she used her claws all the time (including our legs). But the name did not stick and Little Mo just seemed to suit her more and that's the name she had for the next 15 years.

My current two cats are called Shelley and Byron (see picture) after the famous Poets, so as you can see if the name suits the cat then there is no such thing as a silly name.

Submitting Your Own Cats Name

When you submit the name of your cat it becomes its own page here on the site and so there needs to be at least 300 words to your submissions and a picture.  (Submissions which do not meet this requirement will be deleted) 

To give you an idea of the sort of think you can tell us about, here are a few guideline:

  • Why not tell us, where you found your cat
  • Why you think your cat suits its name
  • Where the idea for the cats name came from
  • What makes your cat so special

All of these things will make your submission more interesting. Don’t forget  a picture of your cat, we would love to see that too.

I really look forward to receiving your cat names submissions. You never know your cats name may be chosen by another visitor to this site looking for inspiration as to what to name their own cat.

Tell Us Your Cats Name

Please tell us all about your cat and why you gave your cat their name. Tell us what he looks like, his character, his funny little way etc.

It makes it more interesting for other visitors if they can read something about the name and may help them to choose it for their own cat.


Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

He is a blind siameese flame point 4 years old and thinks he owns the world. He is also loving caring and will step in to be an adoptive dad if need. …

Greyson Our Cat 
Met Greyson while putting something in my car getting ready for work. He was friendly and thought he may have been a stray since I didn't see a collar …

Lucy My Cat 
I found Lucy out side of the house between the bushes! It was night time and I heard a few soft meows , and after looking more carefully I saw a small …

Hybrid My Cats Name 
There is a stray cat in our neighborhood who I adore. I named it hybrid. I homeschooled last year and I was in the middle of learning about how to …

Skitters Not rated yet
While looking frantically for my lost orange cat this similar looking cat was found running away from everyone in a neighbourhood. This young cat was fearful …

Thumper My Cat Not rated yet
I adopted Thumper, along with his buddy Portia, from a friend who rescued both from an abusive situation. My friend gave Thumper his name because he looks …

Dublin Llewellyn Peter Knowles My Cats Name Not rated yet
My brother & his first wife found Dublin & gave him the name Dublin. He was named after the pub at which they found him - The Duke Of Dublin. I gave him …

A Cat Called Sam Not rated yet
Sam is unlike most other cats my family has had over the years, except one named Murphy. He is tough to his core, and the only animals that he can't stand …

Mykonos  Not rated yet
When I first saw him at the rescue shelter, he reminded me of a beautiful black cat you see in the photographs taken in the Greek Islands perched on the …

Mittens Our Ragdoll Cat Not rated yet
We named her Mittens because she has beautiful brown paws and is cute and fluffy. She is a pure breed Ragdoll and has brown splotches on her white fur. …

Vashti My First Personal Cat Not rated yet
Vashti is my first personal cat. Never did I plan to have a cat for my own. My cousin had three cats that I came to know pretty well. One of them was brought …

Peter F*cking Steele Not rated yet
I lived in a large apartment building surrounded by gardens and bushes, right on the water. I had a job that required me to come and go from home a lot. …

Pretty Eyes My Cat Not rated yet
It might seem like a strange name for a cat so let me explain. 6 years ago he turned up looking through my cat flap. He was thin malnourished fur in a …

Cutie Pie (aka) the vampire bat cat Not rated yet
I found my Cutie Pie around 9:00 p.m under mine and my husband's car. He was just walking around behind the front tire and he was also being taken care …

Click here to write your own.

Here are the cat names already submitted by other cat owners.
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