Cat Names Beginning With B

Cat Names can be fun to choose for your pet but not always easy. Hope these names beginning with the letter B helps.


by Charlotte (Johannesburg, South Africa )

My boyfriend and I both love the Kate Bush song and although we're still waiting for our little Maine Coon kitten, when we saw him, we knew it was right. 


I've always thought that this name was female but i could be wrong, perhaps it has a meaning. Anyway your cat won't mind as its a good cats name.

I wonder what you call him for short when you are calling him? Perhaps Babs. I can't imagine that you shout out the whole name. One of my cats is called Shelley and he gets called Shel for short.


by kate (Norwich England)

Because she's my little baby!

comment by Kate

mine likes to drink water from a glass too. Although Little mo prefers a wine glass (the little diva)

Baby Pandora 

by Maxine (London, England)

My beautiful ginger kitten was found abandoned at 7 weeks. She is a gorgeous honey colour without any stripes - looks like a mountain lion. We named her baby because we are huge Patrick Swayze/Dirty Dancing fans in our household and because she sat nervously in the corner for hours the day we got her. And Pandora because she was found in a box - I love it


I can see that you certainly put some thought into this cat name. I love the Pandora bit as she was discovered inside a box.

Shame you didn't have a picture as it sounds like she is a gorgeous cat. Never mind your description should be enough to picture her.

thanks for contributing to this site.

Bambi -  Film Suggested Cat Names

by christina (miami)

at first i didn't have this cat. it was a stray cat that was outside my home looking for food it was so small and i started to feed it because i felt bad. when i first gave it food it came up to me and stated to purr and be friendly then i took it in i named it bambi because with the other strays cats it would always play with them and chase their tails and i never saw a friendly cat like this before and they name bambi came up because he reminded me of the movie. i hope it is not a silly name to name him but i thought it was cute

Banjo - Cat Names Musical Based

by Ted (London)

We have a ginger tom which we named Banjo for no other reason than I am a banjo player myself and i collect all things to do with banjos. When we got our cat it just seemed appropriate to give him a name that related to my world. He seems to like it though.

He is a big strong cat who is half ginger tom and half Siamese which gives him a slightly unusual appearance and a very distinct Siamese cat cry. You always know that banjo is coming in or when he is rowing with another cat in the garden.

His Siamese genes also make him a very independent cat and often he can be out in the garden for hours and we only get to see him in the evening when the temperature starts to drop. He is definitely a cat who likes his comforts. There is a special spot at the end of the sofa which belongs to him and if anyone else decides to sit there, apart from getting a hairy bottom they will soon find themselves either being glared at or with having a big orange cat in their lap.

Banjo is a unique name for a cat and he is an unusual cat too so the two goes together. Every day with him is a blessing and he fills our life with lots of love and fun, which keeps us both young (we are in our sixties now). I would definitely recommend a pet to anyone.

Follow up comment

Sadly since i posted this Banjo our cat has passed away. He was a unique cat with a unique cat name. He was with us for over 14 years and was a great companion. 

We now have a kitten called Holly who although does not replace him is helping to heal our hearts.

Bailey My Cat

by Samantha (Essex)

I chose my cats name as he is a very similar colour to my favourite tipple. Although he looks like either a Siamese or Ragdoll, he is just an ordinary moggie whose mum was totally black in colour. I guess she just had good taste when it came to her boyfriends lol

Baker Our Cats Name

by Monika (Pottstown, PA)

Baker got his from what he loves to do - bake! You know how cats knead with their paws, especially when they are going to get comfortable and lay down? Well Baker was doing this all the time! He would stand there looking at you and he would be baking the whole time. He loves to go up behind our heads on the couch and bake while we watch TV. We have put blankets on the tops of the couch cusions to protect them! If Baker is feeling neglected he will tap you on the head/shoulder or head but you.


by Bridget (Bon Secour, Alabama, USA)

he has a spot that goes over his head like a mask so after weeks of thinking of a name we finally decided on Bandit. 

Comment by Kate (site owner)

Like this name a lot, i can think of several cats i know who would suit a name like this and not just because they look like they are wearing a face mask either :)

Basil My Cats Name

by Mark Jacobs (Essex UK)

As we all know about crazy Basil Fawlty, very scatty, mad and crazy.

Also he has same colouring in some places like Basil the Herb.

Easy to cut down to "Bas" or "Bas Bas"

He is now 13 and loves his name, he reacts to it and calling that at your back door at 11pm is fine..

Comment from Kate

Love it. Basil the cat, yep I do like it :)


by Caitlyn (Nashville TN)

when i first saw her i noticed that her ears were a little large for her small head...its an adorable trait she's got. so i decided after that i wanted to call her batman. well once she got old enough for me to take home, i started to notice that she likes to fight, she loves to climb things, and whenever she ambushes me when im asleep, it almost looks like shes flying.

she started to live up to her name :] and i couldn't love her more.


by Kat (Seattle, WA)

Bebop is a jazz reference and I am a huge jazz fan.


by Natalie Hamby 

(Nashville, TN, USA)

She was given to us by a woman who ran the Doo Wop League of Wildwood. So we named her Bebop, in honor of the Doo Wop League. We also thought the name fit her active and playful characteristics.


What a great original name for your cat. I also like the fact that there is a story behind why you named your cat Bebop. 

I have this picture of you shouting bebop t the top of your voice when you are calling your cat in :)


by Stephanie (Pennsylvania)

She was the "Queen" and it just plain fit her.

Comment from Kate

I have never heard this name before. I assume from your comment that Beezus was some of queen from somewhere. very original name.


by poppy (england)

I named my cat Bella because she just looked a bit like a Bella and i just liked the name, and in Spanish it means beautiful and thats what my cat is.

Comment from Kate

Lovely name for a cat. Bella used to be a very popular name for people too but these days it's is not used like iw once was. But for a cat I think it is perfect.


by Doxy (Seattle)

Atropa Belladonna- Otherwise known as the herb "Deadly Nightshade."

I gave her this name because she is absolutely deadly. Her movements when she hunts, how she stalks in the night, the way her yellow eyes fall on the target and she attacks with shameless precision. Belladonna is also italian for 'Beautiful Lady' because whatever she does, she does with feminine grace.

Working with the Belladonna herb can be dangerous because the wrong dosage could result in death. Deadly Nightshade is very unpredictable-as is she.

I can also work cat Magick with the herb, since she is so closely tied to it.

Bella is slender, a dark gold coat with black tabby stripes and spots and a slightly-narrow face. She is also a mother, but still incredibly deadly!

Benji The Farm Cat

I couldn't think of a name at first so my mum said what about Banjo. I liked Banjo but I then soon thought of Benji. He was a Farm cat- tabby. I used to call im BJ or Benjamin-Bib lol just for fun!!!


by Jessica (Luxembourg)

Because he looks exactly like the disney character Berlioz from the movie "Aristocats"


by Binxs mom (Fresno California )

Binx is an all back short hair. When he was little his meow sounded like a quack. I had several names for him before he choose his name. Being that he was adopted in October I wanted a Halloween name. I was watching hocus pocus and the black cat was named zachery Binx and at the end when Binx turns human his sister is calling for him and my lil black kitty came running in. Right then and there he was a Binx :) or when he's pigging out I call him binxsapotamus. 


Love it. I hadn't heard that name before i don't think but i think it suits a cat perfectly, good choice. :)


by Mikki (Everett, WA)

The kids wanted to name the little guy "The Incredible Hulk". Hulk for short. Mom couldn't bear to name a cute kitten Hulk. So she suggested naming after the actor Bill Bixby who played the Hulk (well actually the role of David Banner) - in the 80's T.V. series.


by mairead (bristol)

Because shes black

Comment from kate

so it's not because you are a techno geek and love the new blackberry phones then. That vwas my first thought (you can ntell i'm a techno geek).

Love the name though, i don't think i have come across another cat called Blackberry before. Have you got a picture to send us?


by Wendy and Pauly (New York)

We got "Blackie" from a local shelter at 7 years of age. He's a little rough around the edges, and as you can see from this particular picture, he has a snaggletooth. He LOVES to eat, and is quite snuggly. We also refer to him as our "little meatball" just because he resembles a ball of meat, AND he loves food.


because this is a really cool name.

comment by Kate

Great name for a little kitten too. As most of the time i'm sure they are a blur as they whizz around the room.


by Janette (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)

He was already named for us by the previous owners due to his Blue-Grey colouring, but we find ourselves calling him the variety of names in brackets depending on our moods. He is very possessive of me, and walks around with a nasty look on his face when others are home with me. He seems to barely tolerate anyone else being in my life )humans or animals alike) so he has also been dubbed "Bluey Pissy Kitty" by my kids!


by Kitty (Dallas, TX, USA)

Bobo is a lovely Himmy who is as beautiful inside as out! I first wanted to name him "Dvorak" after a favorite composer, but the name was clumsy to say, and just didn't fit.

My daughter and I noticed things he did that seemed a little... obtuse. Like the time he snagged his paw on the fishing rod hanging on the hall tree. Only, he didn't seem to notice or care.

So we jokingly called him "Dummy Bob." (I know, not very nice - AND not true!) Anyway, "Dummy Bob" got shortened to "Dummy Bo," and then "Doe Bo," and finally, "Bobo" - where it has been for seventeen years!

And we finally figured out that he WASN'T being obtuse or dumb - he was being COOL!!

Bo Didly

by Sarah (US)

A child hood favorite horse of mine

Boo Boo

by natasha (CA)

Cause he was born on Halloween, cliche I know, but it is still adorable.


by jessica flynn (hernshaw,wv)

His nose is always running and snot would drip from his nose. so we just started calling him booger, boogie man or boggie nights. he is solid black and weighs about 35-40 lbs. BIG black cat.


by Mary (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK)

No real reason, it just suits him


The reason i gave are cat the name boots is because on her paws there white and it looks like shes wereing boots. Shes an awsome cat and id be noyhing if ilost her shes a mom of there kittens now cats. and weve had her for about 2 years.


by shelby Lee (Forney,Tx)

We gave out cat this name because she's all black except for her face and her legs. Her legs 


by Andree & Bruce (Covington, LA)

He is a part chocolate Tonkinese but longhaired like a Himalayan and because of his chocolate face, we named him Bosco.


by Liz (Erie, PA)

I named him after my favorite football player, Brady Quinn. My cat is very energetic and loves to play..he remindes me of a very "manly-man".

look like shes wearing shoes.


by melanie (canada)

just liked it 

Comment from Kate 

Love the name and love the picture, so soft and fluffy and look at those big wide eyes.


by Jessica Long (Brighton)

I wanted to name my new kitten a human name insted of something like fluffy or buiscut so i named her BROOKE which i think is a lovely and i dont no how but it really does suit her shes a gorgeous ginger and cream tabby which bright green eyes with a liver nose a paws. awwww i love her to pieces. this site is very helpfull as well many thanks jessica and brooke

Bubsy Hooktail 

This was a cat who we adopted in 2005, along with Maggie.

One of the cats I was wanting to adopt was an orange tabby. When we went to an ASPCA center to see what cats we could adopt, I initially didn't see anything interesting, or even an orange tabby. 

Not until I saw this orange tabby eating food in a cage. I was making sure this was a male cat, and it was, because of the blue collar he was wearing. Initially, the cat was named Bart (and the reason why the calico we adopted with him was named Maggie), but I had a better name for the cat: Bubsy.

For those of you who don't know where that name came from, there was a Sonic the Hedgehog knockoff on the SNES (and even the Sega Genesis) called Bubsy. It starred this character named Bubsy Bobcat. Alas, Bubsy wasn't as popular as Sonic, or even Mario.

While playing with Bubsy in an area of the ASPCA, we noticed his tail was crooked (which often occurs with alot of animals as a result of having a broken tail). So a few months after his adoption, I called him Bubsy Hooktail, after this monster in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (not to mention that Bubsy Bobcat wouldn't fit well with the fact that he had a crooked tail).

We will remember Bubsy Hooktail always, even seven years after his unfortunate death at just a year old.

Bonni Anne Esther

Bonni was born three days before Easter of 2007. She was a tiny little ball of charcoal grey fluff, no bigger than a mouse. 

I was 16 at the time and put in charge of raising her, we had tried to catch her mother too, but Wendy would have none of that and avoided my aunt and I every time we tried to capture her. 

Anyways, as we drove to the animal hospital where my little Bonni waited for us to take her to her new forever home, my aunt and I discussed names for her. I had suggested all the names I could think of for a dark cat, everything from Charcoal to Midnight. My aunt didn't like any of those, and as it turned out, Bonni fits her.

As we sat in the exam room at the animal hospital while the hospital staff got the kitten, my aunt suggested that I give the baby kitten a name that reflects the time of year she was born. I sat there spitting out springy names and finally spat out Easter Bonnet, and then suddenly called out, "Bonni!" 

It was almost immeadiately after that the doctor brought Bonni in to me. She was only a day old, if that, at the time. 80 percent of hand-raised kittens do not survive and the doctor was sure to tell me this before turning my baby over to me. 

Even with odds like those, I didn't give up on my Bonni, never losing hope that this baby was going to survive. After Bonni was four weeks old, we took her to our church and had her "christened" and presented her to the church congregation. Most of them already knew my little princess because I took her with me EVERYWHERE I went since I had to take care of her, but still, this was special. 

Her first middle name was already Anne since it just sort of fits, but Esther came from the biblical story of hope in the book of Esther. 


by Ellen (Oregon, Ohio)

When I first saw Buddy at the Humane Society, he took right to me, he wouldnt leave me alone. When I attempted to bond with the other cats, he'd get jealous and jump up on me, insisting my attention. I adopted him with several names in mind. His name was originally Larry, but he just wasnt a Larry to me...maybe a Before I gave him his name, Buddy, I would say to him "Come here are mommies Buddy, arent you?!" Then I realized what a friend I had in him, and knew that he was a true Buddy.


Buffy is a black and white "tuxedo" cat. The markings on her forehead reminded me of a vampire - hence "Buffy".


by Sherry Spurrier (Crockett, CA)

I wanted him to have a ttraditional DOG name! I was 8!

Butter My Cat

by Rachel von der Ehe (Black River Falls WI)

Butter is a female who just turned nine months old and she grew very large very fast. She came to me as eight week old kitten that only weighed about 1.5 pounds and now she weights close to eight pounds.She's very playful and loves to cuddle when she wants too. I picked the name Butter because of her fur color which is orange and white.

Comment from kate

Gorgeous pictures, so beautiful and i love the name.

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