The Best Cat Toys
 For A Playful And Happy Cat

Looking for the best cat toys? Would you like to know more about the great variety of toys for cats that are now available?

Thanks to the internet, you now have the benefit of specialist on line cat supplies stores so you can find the best choice no matter where you and your kitty live!

What Types of Pet Toys Are There?

Cats love variety and often seem to get bored with a particular toy once they have played with it a lot.

So if you are like me, you might find you are always on the lookout for new and exciting pet toys to help keep your kitties entertained.

There is such an amazing variety of cat supplies available these days that I thought I would give you a quick summary of the different types of cat toys that you can find.

On the following pages, you can then see my favourite choices!

Scratch Toys

These are ideal for keeping those kitty claws in good condition while at the same time saving your furniture and curtains!

They are colourful and exciting toys that are also made with similar material that is on cat scratching posts, so your kitty will wear its claws down in a natural way just through playing! See our favourite scratch toys here.

Teaser Toys

From furry mice to motorised balls, these toys will keep your cat amused for hours and therefore provide endless entertainment for you as well! I like nothing better than sitting back and watching my Byron and Shelley go mad chasing around after their bouncy balls and cuddly mice. Here is a list of teaser toys.

Catnip Toys

Toys with catnip in them are a winning combination! It's amazing how crazy some cats can go for this harmless herb. If only it worked on humans too! If your cat likes catnip (not all kitties do!) then these could be the perfect play thing for them. Here are the best catnip toys we could find.

Crinkle Toys

Have you ever watched a cat's reaction when you open a paper bag or other crinkly packaging? It's guaranteed to get their attention immediately! So a range of toys has been especially made with this exciting crinkly sound in mind. Find crinkle cat toys here.

Laser Cat Toys

Found a great automatic laser chasing toy which our two cats love especially during winter when its too cold to go outside.

Our cats love to chase a moving light, it keeps them amused for ages. Read more about our cats favourite one here.


These are quite new on the market and are very good at reassuring your cat if you have to leave them at home alone. If you have an indoor kitty who is on their own while you are away at work, then these videos can provide some sound and visual stimulation for them to help prevent boredom and separation anxiety.

Find out more about these videos for cats.

Interactive Toys

Cats love to chase and stalk but they also have a low boredom threshold. Toys which make them think and plan help to keep them engaged and happy for long periods of time.

Find out which interactive toys are best.

Why Is Playing So Important For Your Cat?

Just like a child, playing with toys helps a kitty understand the world around them through experimentation and learning.

It keeps them mentally stimulated and physically exercised. Playing with your cat is also really important for building a bond of trust between you which will last a lifetime. However there are ways to play with your cat which will promote a healthy bond between you both and prevent accidental injury. Find out more here.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Playing With Cat Toys?

Not only will play help to socialise your cat into the world of humans and other animals, but it also has an important role in the physical and mental health of your kitty.

Toys for cats can have many positive health benefits, which include:

  • Helps to keep cats alert and curious about the world around them
  • Helps to keep muscles strong and flexible
  • Helps to keep their circulation and heart healthy
  • Helps to keep their claws worn down and in tiptop condition
  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight through increased activity
  • Allows cats to express their natural hunting instincts
  • Relieves pent up energy
  • Prevents boredom and frustration and any resulting destructive behaviour

Play Safely!

A cat will of course play with anything they find whether it's a button, a piece of thread or some rolled up paper. The trouble is that some of these things can be harmful if swallowed.

So by providing specially manufactured pet toys from a reputable cat supplies company, you know they will be playing safely.

For instance, you want to make sure that the cat toys you do buy are durable and won't disintegrate easily and that they are made from non-toxic materials.

I worry sometimes about the very cheap toys for cats that can be found in some of the bargain shops. Can we really be sure that they are not so cheap simply because they are badly made or harmful if bits are swallowed?

Cat toys bought from reputable cat supplies shops are thoroughly tested and approved by animal welfare governing bodies. They may cost a little more, but they should last a lot longer and you can be safe in the knowledge that your cat will not be harmed by using them.

So please have a look at all the great cat toys on my other pages above. There are from one of the best online cat supplies companies available and I am sure you will be able to find something fantastic to keep your kitty active and entertained!

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