Stop Cat Urine Problems For Good!

Nobody wants cat urine in the home! It can smell awful, It can ruin soft furnishings and above all it is unhygienic. I know I have had to throw away a couple of cushions and a mattress in the past.

Every cat owner will face this problem at one time or another as there are many possible causes. But don't worry once you know the cause, the solution to stopping this behaviour is not far behind. Read on to find out how you can solved this smelly problem.

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Causes of Cat Urine Problems In The Home


If your kitty suddenly starts to urinate in the home when they haven't done so before, the first thing you need to rule out is ill health. Signs of this may include:

  • Drinking excessively – (this can indicate cat diabetes among other conditions)

  • Spots of blood in the urine

  • Excessively strong smelling cat urine (which could indicate dehydration, cystitis or bladder and urinary tract infections)

If you suspect any illness or injury, please consult your vet.

To find out more, read my page about cat urinary health problems

Cat Spraying or Scent Marking

Cats are driven by instinct and not by emotions and so when a cat urinates or sprays indoors and you have ruled out ill health, It is a signal that the cat is upset in some way. It is never because they are being naughty, they simply do not think that way.

To solve the problem and to prevent it from reoccurring, it is important that we understand the causes.

Unfortunately many cats are put down or given away because their owners do not understand why their kitty keeps urinating or spraying in their house.

Spraying in the home is a form of communication to other cats. The cat's urine contains a pheromone which gives other cats various messages such as a warning to keep out of their territory, or to attract a mate during mating season.

Territory marking is very important to felines and when this spraying happens inside the home, it can be a sign the cat feels threatened and needs to feel reassured by reaffirming its claim to the property.

For more information about the causes of spraying in the home and how to prevent it please see my cat spraying page.


Stress and anxiety can be a major cause for increased cat spraying and urination problems. Some cats are more sensitive to change than others and even the slightest change in routine can upset them to the point that they feel insecure in their own home.

They then spray or urinate around the house to increase their scent and therefore feel more secure.

Changes which might unsettle a cat and cause stress problems can include:

  • The arrival of a new pet or baby
  • Other cats in the area that make them feel threatened
  • Changes in the home environment such as decorating or new furniture
  • Changes in the daily routine
  • And many more

Over time, cats will often relax about such changes and the spraying will stop. However some cats need more help to adjust to the new situation.

There are ways you can help a nervous cat get through stressful periods. See my tips re stressed cats here.

Cleaning and Removing Cat Urine Odors

Unfortunately, once a cat has sprayed in a certain area, they will often keep going back to that place to scent again. This is because the pheromones can be left behind by normal cleaning.

To clean and remove pet urine properly, you will have to be able to get rid of the bacteria, enzymes and pheromones that can stubbornly remain even when the urine has dried out or you can't see it any more.

There are several products you can use to remove the smells completely from your home and prevent your cat re- scenting such as the product you see here.

But for more information and tips on how to Remove the scent of urine completely, see my page here.

Pooing In The Home

Sorry there just wasn't a nicer way to say that. As well as urinating in the home cats can also defecate outside of their litter box too.

This should be seen as a urgent matter for you to pay attention too. For more information on Middening (the term used for cats defecating in the home) and how to treat it please see my cat poo problem page.

Cat Litter Training

Of course, sometimes the problem is simply that the cat or kitten hasn't been properly litter trained yet or that there is a problem which is putting your kitty off from using their litter box.

Problems which may prevent your cat from using their litter tray could be:

  • The wrong size of litter tray
  • The cat feels trapped inside a covered box
  • The litter is too close to their food bowl.
  • The litter smells odd or feels strange

Other problems might arise if you are rehoming a cat from a rescue shelter.

You can find out much more including tips on choosing the best cat litter boxes and how to train a kitty to use their litter tray here.

I hope these pages have been useful for you and have helped you to understand some of the reasons why your cat may be urinating inside the house. Do read my other pages mentioned above for more in depth tips and advice on cat urine issues.

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