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Receiving unique cat gifts will always be met with surprise and delight from your friends and family. 

I can speak from experience of both receiving and giving cat gifts. I always receive at least one cat related present on both my birthday and at Christmas and I always love it.

In fact I am always hinting at items I have come across on the Internet to my family, they must love me, as it means they are never stuck for an idea of what to get me.

I must admit that the fact that so many cat related gift shops are now online has been great news for me and my friends.

The Internet, What A Shoppers Dream

I tell you why, but don’t tell my friends or I might never get another present. Before the internet I would sometimes dread what I would be given as a gift, this is mainly because I knew that my friends would buy me presents from the lets say less than exciting local shops.

To say it was sometimes hard to keep the dismayed look off my face when I was presented with yet another cat mug bought from the local supermarket is an understatement. But now the world is our oyster and I have bought many a cat gift for myself let alone as presents. Yippee

So if you are stuck on what to buy someone for a present and they are a little partial to our feline friends as well. Then why not get them something cat related that will always make them smile every time they look at it.

And don’t think only women like cat gifts, no, my partner Matt is cat crazy too and he is often the first one to point out cat gifts he has found. Hmmmm I wonder if he was trying to give me a hint.

So What Unique Cat Gifts Can You Get From The Internet? 

It’s not been easy to choose which cat gifts I wanted to show you and I have had to be very strict with myself, otherwise I think my bank manager would have had something to say if I had bought everything I wanted to buy whilst researching for this page.

In the end I chose very carefully and only Items i knew would make me smile and so would make great unique cat gifts for others too.

So on the following pages I have grouped together various cat gifts and written my own thoughts on who they might be suitable for as gifts and why I like them so much. I hope you enjoy my choices and hopefully I may have even solved a few of your next present buying problems.

See all our Cat Gift pages for original ideas for all your present needs and why not treat yourself at the same time.

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