A Cat Called Sam

by Mini
(United States)

My handsome boy

My handsome boy

Sam is unlike most other cats my family has had over the years, except one named Murphy. He is tough to his core, and the only animals that he can't stand up to are racoons and possibly unfamiliar dogs. I always tell people he's not a cuddly cat, and he's really not, but he's calmed down some after becoming a mostly indoor cat and we stopped letting him out at night. Now, he will still bite and scratch, as some cats do, but he also wants me to pet him most evenings while we watch the news and enjoys sitting on my dad's lap often. (Sam didn't always do this, and it's a very new behavior for him.) Sam is a creamy beige color with a few stripes. (We used to think his color was unique, but over the years I've seen pictures of several cats that look exactly like him. So alike, they could easily be his brothers.)

I gave much more thought to his name when I found Sam as a kitten and originally thought he was a girl. (He used to be Maxine.) I found him walking my dogs one day. I heard mewing, and I turned to see a little fluff ball of a kitten walking down the neighbors driveway. (We figured he was lost and not a neighbors kitten because of how he looked and no one seemed to be looking for him.) He was beat up badly, so I alway imagined a dog got to him, but it may well have been another cat. I wasn't in the market for another pet and at the time, we already had an adult cat. I took him in and cleaned him up, but he was so raggedy, while cleaning him, the tip of his ear actually fell off into my hand! So he is forever a unique looking cat. It wasn't until we got him fixed that we learned he was male. I really didn't take the time and consideration I'd put into choosing his new male name. I may have looked through some sites, then figured I always liked the name Sam. It was simple, classic, easy to pronounce, masculine and a strong name. Over the years, it's seemed to fit him. (However, my dad has called him Murphy on occasion.) Sometimes when he's being annoying, I'll call him Samuel for fun.

He doesn't really have quirks, but Sam has a big personality. Sam has done things I've never experienced from all our other pets over the years (We've had several.) When my dog had to be put down, I really think Sam knew I wasn't feeling like myself. That night, I took him into my room and he stayed at the foot of the bed for a while, not sleeping, just laying there with his eyes closed. Eventually he wanted out, but he's a cat. The next day he was playing with a pen and swatted it to my feet. When I turned around, he looked at me as if to say 'Don't you want to play with me?'. Just when you think he does is eat, sleep and bite, he surprises you. He's also the only cat I've ever seen that's willingly eaten cheese.

So, that's Sam. Also, I noticed your 'S' page had no Sams, so I thought it was high time for one.

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