Hybrid My Cats Name

by Hannah

There is a stray cat in our neighborhood who I adore. I named it hybrid. I homeschooled last year and I was in the middle of learning about how to hybrid plants, why I saw a cat outside my window. It looked like it was a mix of breed/colors, so I named it hybrid.

Hybrid is a gray tabby with black and brown stripes across her back. Her paws are white. She likes to hang out with a white cat I named Dee-Dee and a black cat I named Tuxido. Last year she had 3 kittens with Dee-Dee. One was gray with white spots, and the two others looked just like hybrid. I see them around occasionally. This year she is having kittens with Tuxido. I really hope I can keep one once they grow up.

Hybrid is very special to me, along with the other stray cats in the neighborhood. I had my heart set on cats since I was born. As some of you know, I have a cat named sandy. Hybrid and Sandy are sisters, yet Sandy considers her an emeny. I get a kick out of her when she puffs up and hisses through the window.

Hybrid’s family is very large. Her father is a Calico stray named cupcake (R.I.P), her mother is a large white cat, sisters; Sandy, Checkers, and All star. Brothers, Chucke. Mother of, Shepherd, Lion, and Meowers. Mate of Dee-Dee and Tuxido.

She acts very odd. She likes to perch under our birdfeeders and stalk birds. She will chase them all over the yard. She loves bunnies, birds, squirrels, and especially other cats. She likes to live under our neighbor’s chicken coop.

Hybrid is a really cool cat. I don’t have a picture of her though. Thanks for reading this short article about my favorite stray cat.

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Mar 09, 2014
cat families
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate your affection towards cats, but some of them should be neutered to prevent an uncontrollable number of kittens born.

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