Cat Names Beginning With S

Looking for cat names beginning with S, well you've found them. these names have been sent in by cat owners all over the world. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


by Felicity (Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK)

This name means 'Good-looking' in Swahili. And our cat certainly thinks she's good-looking!

Saint Midnight

Was black and illusive - got over it - now brave and cures disease. (Well, cute little angel cured my depression) - now a saint.

Samuel (Sammy/Sam)

by Mel (Atlanta, GA)

I got him from my local animal shelter as a 7-week old kitten. My girls wanted me to call him Milo from the series "The Adventures of Milo and Otis". As I rode home with him from the shelter, I kept looking at his soft eyes and beautiful shiny orange-striped fir and couldn't have stood it if I called him Milo! He needed something softer. I remember how much I had loved Patrick Swayze's character in the movie "Ghost", and his name was Sam. When I looked over at my new kitten, I said, "Hey Sam!" I knew that would be the name he'd have for the rest of his life. He is now 10 1/2 years old. We usually call him Sam, but Sammy when we're being playful and Samuel if we are angry at him, which isn't that often.

Señorita Pepita & Keller Cat

I adopted Señorita Pepita ("Pepi" or "Pepi le Pew") shortly after adopting Keller Cat so Keller would have a friend. They had been foster sisters & Pepi didn't freak out during Keller's frequent spaz attacks. Poor Keller has issues...she was an anti-social scaredy cat with visual/hearing impairments & feline hyperesthesia syndrome (aka "rolling" or "rippling" back syndrome). Pepi was named Josephine when she was delivered to my home; however, her foster mama told me she never recognized that as her name. As I watched her get acclimated to her new surroundings I periodically called out different names...nothing, she was indifferent to them all. She was a spunky li'l scamp & I knew I needed to call her something to reflect her peppiness! I went to a baby name site to find the meaning of Josephine. Once I saw that it means, "God adds one", I knew I wanted to somehow keep that. Then it hit me...Look up Josephine in different languages. I called out various names until I found one she responded to--Pepita! I have a brother with a brain injury, cognitive delays, & speech issues who could never remember Señorita Pepita's when he visited. He came up with his own name for her..."taco cat". FYI-she answers to that too & lets him love on her & hold her. :0)


by Krista (BC, Canada)

A name for a fancy female. I named my ragdoll kitty this.

Serenity Rose

by Andrea Smith (Greene, NY)

Serenity Rose (now called Rosie) is a tortoise shell tabby, and I got her from a friend's barn when she was barely 2.5 months old. I named her that because when she was little, she didn't get into alot of trouble.... The friends that I got her from had cleaned out her right eye with diluted peroxide instead of boric acid, resulting in her right eye being pure white. After a couple weeks of putting terramycin antibiotic opthalmic ointment in her eye, it finally cleared up although she still has a small white streak along the bottom of her eye...... but I'm happy that she can see out of it.


by Marta (Legnica, Poland)

My cat is black, all black:) She's beatiful like Shanti - the main character in bollywood film "Om Shanti Om"

Aww you must tell us more about your beautiful black cat. Looks like her coat is super shiny, stunning.

I never used to like black cats, i think it was because you couldn't see where their eyes were when they were close. But not i have my own black faced cat, I think they are gorgeous.


by Jessica (Canada)

I was trying to think up names for a female, white cat. I had a list of names that I thought wouldn't be too bad to call out to her, and would sound cute. I remembered this video that I saw and had to name her after the cat in the video.


by Samantha (Essex)

My cat is a British Blue shorthair. I just loved the name and it seemed to suit him as the colour of his coat is not quite dark enough to look glossy but shimmers in certain lights.

Comment from Kate
Gorgeous cat and one that i don't get to see much unless I visit cat shows etc. I love the density of their fur too.

Great name by the way :)

Shinji Ikari

by Brittney (Houston,TX,USA)

I used to watch this anime and the characters name was that his real name was wellington, I hated it he never responded to it. He got that name from the shelter i got him from. Everytime i watched it the character fit him and he would watch it with me, he was whinny, lazy, and wanted to be wated on hand and foot just like the character adn he responded to it weird huh so it stuck.


by Kevin Johnson (Trail, BC, Canada)

Simba was named by his previous owner, who decided she loved crack cocaine more than a charming, six month old kitten.
Simba was found tossed outside of my apartment building by a neighbor. It's cold in Edmonton in February, and Simba spent a week alone in his old apartment before I adopted him.

He isn't the prettiest cat. He's a green-eyed black and white shorthair with a domino and at 18lbs he's grown a bit obese despite my efforts and he has some intersex characteristics, and enhances them by barbering. When I had him neutered it was discovered that his ears were caked with mites, I worried for years afterward that his hearing might be damaged, but on the contrary it's quite sensitive. He isn't a very good climber- a properly fenced yard could (and did) keep him secure.

Simba is highly intelligent and perceptive. I kept the name because he is a Leo, but he while doesn't come to his name he does come when he's called another name (no, it's a nice one). He also has a gigantic personality and is a very dominant animal. He's an extremely friendly and tolerant cat to adults but he doesn't care for kids much any more.


by Terri (Preston, UK)

Well we got our kitten Simon off a friend of mine who ran an animal ambulance charity with her husband. Simons mother was rescued wile pregnant and a few days later out popped 5 kittens all black and white until Simon and his sister came out, his sister was a brown and white tabby and Simon was a black and white cat with tabby stripes. Fell in love with him the first time i saw him and just had to have him :)and i did!
Simon suits his name because hes not like most cats

1. He has baths and absolutely loves them,
2. He wont eat cat food unless he really has to, normally eats fruit and vege, basically anything hes not supposed to,
3. Absolutely adores chocolate especially Galaxy and Milky bar

The name Simon to be honest i have no idea where it came from, we went to see him a few times before we brought him home and i jus called him Simon, it just popped into my head.

I love my Simon because he is so loving, he is always coming over for loves and kisses, when hes not doin this hes either asleep or completely hyper and running everywhere and attacking you. He is reli funny when i change the bedding on the bed, when shaking the quilt he grabs hold of it with his claws and gets shook all of the place then strait away comes running bak for another go. When taking off dirty bedding i always throw it into the hallway to be put in the wash and when i do this Simon comes running and jumps up and catches it. Its hillarious :D Hes just the cutest most loving cat i have ever known and honestly have no idea what i would ever do without him.

Comment from kate Hi thanks so much for a great submission. Simon looks and sounds fantastic.

can I just say though that chocolate is not a good thing to give to a cat because it contains naturally occurring substances which can harm your cat


Just Coz it felt like a good name for a cat.

Comment from Kate
looks like a bundle of mischief to me :) Good name though.


by Kelli, (Loris, United States)

He is sneaky! he fetches balls like a dog, he loves water: He loves to take a bath!!! he sit in the bathtub and purrs while i'm washing him! He plays in water: like when my washing machine is running water. I'll hide around a corner and he will sneak up on me.

I love my cat. He has the perfect name for his personality!


by Ilze De Wet (Cape Town - South Africa)

She always use to hide around the house when she was a baby, and I always had to search for her. I just thought the name suited her, she is almost 5 and her name still suites her. 

Hi, i absolutely love the picture, she looks like such a character. Thanks for submitting her photo and name.


by Mary (North Carolina)

Smores looks like a mixture of Caramel,Marshmellow and Chocolate
so we named her "Smores"


by Olivia (Kentucky)

I was 6 at the time and needed something somewhat unisex. My crazy uncle told me my pretty little princess was a boy, so my mom said that I needed a name that would fit if Nippy was a girl or boy.


by Nikole (Masssachusetts)

After my loving 17 year old I had to put to sleep recently.

Sweet dreams Snookie. Great cat names

Sonny Sunshine

by Mary (North Carolina)

Sunny was a gift to me from a dear friend 2 years ago.
I was holding him the day he first opened his eyes as a kitten only 2 weeks old.
When he squinted and opened his eyes I said to him
"Hello Sunshine"
He was the only male kitten in the litter so he needed a boys name.
So I immediatly called him " Sonny Sunshine"


by Sarah O. (Kenosha, WI)

My cat was born on the fourth of July. I racked my brain for what to name her. There were a lot that came my way like bell, liberty, so on and so fourth. But I chose this one because it is easy to say and its short. Now that she is almost a year old, I find it was a very good name and she comes to it right away.


by Cory (america)

my cat is so mean...when i watched the movie 300 there was spartans and they looked mean so i named him sparta when he was a kitty he was a torture till now he's a big cat nd still mean aka naughty and I even have a youtube channel!!! named The Mean Kitty talking about sparta :D

Sounds like a little handful but oh so beautiful. 
I don't think any can is truly mean they are lets say individual just like the rest of us. thats what makes them so special. 


by Angel Barnes (Indep, Mo, USA)

it took me awhile to find the right name, i tried fast feet, oreo, heart, and cujo, but they just never sounded right, then i went on a website and found the purfect name, Spicy, i wanted to spruce the name up and i did what i wanted with it, i made it different, so instead of a "Y" i put two "I's" at the end, to make her Spicii and then i added Baby at the end, but i just call her spicii, but she comes to spicii, spicii baby, or baby..the name just sounded right to me, and ive kept it sense.


by Mone't (Kentucky)

She was given this name by my husband. I had been longing for a calico cat, and he found the most gorgeous, vibrantly colored girl I had ever seen. The only way I got to keep her though, was if he got to name her. It was well worth the compromise-- she is my SpiceGirl, and thinks that I belong to her and her alone!


by Leigh Ann (Baltimore, MD)

I chose the name Starbucks because I didn't want a common cat name. My favorite place to go is to Satarbucks Coffee. Hence, the name Starbucks. 

Starbucks is nothing like coffee, but he is rambunctious, and very funny to watch. He is also a good listener (most of the time). And i swear he understands me most of the time when i talk to him.

Stinky cat

by Lisa (Greer, sc)

When he was a baby he would run into the room...throw his ears back...and run out. Then you could smell him. And he still lives up to his name 14 years later!


by H Cook | Cat Things (UK)

Her previous owner called her Stole because she stole her from her first owner (wasn't being cared for) and when she came to us we couldn't make our minds up about a new name.


by Deborah (Minnesota, USA)

My husband was working in the barn late one night. All was quiet and he was concentrating on the motorcycle he was repairing. He had gone from the repair area into the tool shed under the loft ladder and opening. He bent down into a cardboard box to pick up a piece of wiring harness and, with no warning whatsoever, from a step above his bent over back, an animal "POUNCED" upon him. Not knowing if it was a raccoon or other unknown, he held stock still. The animal, without extending claws, moved toward the back of his neck as he stood there, and it started to purr. Having been around cats all of his life, my husband knew that he was in no danger, and whatever it looked like, it was friendly. He brought it to the house, still on his shoulder, and it was a creme-coloured Maine Coon. Our son, who was 1.5 years at the time, said he was skin and bones, and since he was straw-coloured and found in a barn, named him Strawbones. The vet aged him at about the same age as our son. Searching for owners proved fruitless, but one day I was headed up our road and saw "The Bones" far from our home. I stopped the car, put it in the car and headed home. All the way there was not a peep, and when I got home, I was greeted by Strawbones at the house. OOPS! Further checking revealed that this was a female, and older, so was probably a relative. That easy going personality was a family trait, as I put her back into the car and took her back to where I'd picked her up with no protest. She was well fed and cared for, and if she would have returned to us, would have been welcomed. My son has grown up with his cat, and just graduated from High School. Strawbones is still with us, and still likes to hike on people shoulders. An incredibly "People-Friendly" member of our family.

Comment from Kate
Great story thank you so much for sharing it with us. I used to have a similar colored Maine coon cat myself and yes he was the biggest friendliest cat i have ever known. One of the best cat names I have heard.


by Amber Chester (Reidsville, GA)

I was working at a Vidalia Onion shed and a forlift truck almost mashed a kitten that was hiding under a pallet. 

The forklift driver was going to give him to his girlfriend until she told him that she was terrified of cats. No one else in the office wanted him and he was going to go to a shelter. I already had another tom and fixed female at home so I decided to take him home. 

He is a beautiful ginger and white tabby longhair (much like the Honeybear variety, but he is really just a mixed breed.) 

All of us in the office decided to name him after a variety of sweet onion grown by the Vidalia Onion farmers and we thought that as sweet as he was when everyone met him and as friendly as he was that Sugarbelle was fitting. 

A lot of my friends still call him a her because he is beautiful and fluffy and his name is a bit girlish, but I still think it fits his personality.


by Danielle (Weaver, Alabama)

My daughter was 4 years old when we got our cat. She was 5 weeks old and was meowing all the way home. My daughter began to sing her favorite song to the kitten, "You are my sunshine" and the cat began to calm down, so the name stuck. She is our Sunshine!

One of my favourite cat names.


by Rhian (uk)

She was a stray cat which our late cat Benson brought home one day we fed her nursed her back to health with the help of the vet and she turned out to a beautiful friendly cat, I chose her name because my late Mum always said the if she had a cat she would name it Suzy if it was a girl.


by Lindsey (San Antonio,Texas)

We named her this because she is so regal and poise.She is a very sweet light hearted kitten and is very smart. With her shiney black hair....Svetlana was the perfect name for her. The cat name is Russian and it means "Light".

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