Lucy My Cat

by Shahla

This is Lucy the cat

This is Lucy the cat

I found Lucy out side of the house between the bushes!

It was night time and I heard a few soft meows , and after looking more carefully I saw a small white furr kitty hiding in the bushes!
I gently picked her up and brought her in!
She was so tiny , and all skin and bones! I did not have any cat food in the house so I fed her some chicken and meat that we had for dinner!
She inhaled the whole thing and then passed out on our couch !
The next day I made appointment for her to see a vet!
The vet told me that she is approximately one year old!and also she is pregnant! I was stunt ,she was so tiny , how would be possible for her to have babies!
At no time we bounded with her and try to pick a name that suited her!after reviewing so many names my daughter mentioned that since I love the TV show I love Lucy so much , we should call her Lucy,and it was perfect name!
Lucy gradually became my heart and soul! She is very unique in her own way , a minute she s so loving and sweet and the next minute she does not want to be touched!
To our surprise she had seven kittens , all so beautiful and lucky house they all found loving homes!
Over the years we went thru so much together and I barely could stay away from her for long time!
When I was not feeling well she was staying with me the whole time and when ever she was not feeling well I stayed up all night to watch her and take care of her!
I can look at her and say what she is thinking and what she wants!no words needed!
She is 13 years old now, and she has done health issues,I try my best to always be the best mom for her and provide the care she needs , my vet is amazed that how I take care of Lucy and always make sure she has all her medications refilled and ready so she is never out of them!i buy her the best cat foods possible in market and trying gradually to switch her to Raw diet !
I can not even imagine my life with out her!
Last year she was really sick with pancreatitis and every body thought she is not going to make it!
But in my gut I knew is not her time! Even my vet did not think she can pull thru but I begged God to spare her life cause I was not ready to be separated from her!
The miracle happened and Lucy recovered after a couple of months!
She gets flares up once in a while but I learned how to manage them!
I hope she stays with me for a long time and so we can have more happy memories together!
I Love Lucy and I know she loves me too! ❤❤

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Oct 04, 2017
Sweet Lucy
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on caring so much and so well for your very pretty cat "Lucy". From reading your heartwarming story I would say Lucy is your soulmate😻

Mar 12, 2017
Lucy my cat
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story about Lucy! Lucy is beautiful! Thank you for saving her life!!! I have 2 cats Bootsie and Bonnie. Both were found outside like you. Bootsie is 11 year old now and Bonnie is 6 and they are best of friends! I also feed all of the outside cats and work with a agency doing trap, neuter and return and try to get the ones homes that we can. Its never ending because 1 cat gets a home and 2 more cats show up. If I had a house I would keep all of them!

Thank you again for sharing your story! :D

Mar 10, 2017
elder care
by: pauline

take lucy to vet - make sure to check for thyroid and kidney issues- i had geraldine till she was 22

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