Cat Names Beginning With P

Cat names beginning with P. Love these names sent in by my lovely site visitors. Hope you enjoy them too, lots of cute cats too.


by Carol (Vancouver, WA)

She was Adopted from the shelter and we were on our trip home, I was thinking about what I would name her. looking at street names, we crossed Padden Parkway


She was still young, and didn't have a name yet. She was getting into something and for some reason I just shouted "Paige Marie!" and it stuck.

Comment from Kate
How strange for a name like that just to pop into your head like that. Perhaps she had a former life, who knows :)


by Heidi (Missouri)

I named her Pandora because she was nearly feral when I adopted her and she rarely came out of hiding, I said to my sister "you know when she finally does get used to us, she's going be a little trouble maker, like opening Pandora's box" the name stuck.

Comment from Kate
Love the pictures and the name. Great idea to call your cat Pandora.

the question is, is she trouble :)

I am a part time photographer and i really like your composition of Pandora in the window.

PaPa Flash

by Marie, (Elkton, United States)

He came to me with the name when I adopt him.

What an unusual cat name but it isn't difficult to imagine why they called him that. I suspect he was a cat who would dash around a lot and appear in unexpected places.

I've always thought that Flash would be a great name for a quick on his feet cat but i have never met one.


by Judy, (Russellville, United States)

Paris is a long haired cat and she always looks like she just stepped out of the groomers. She reminded my daughter (who named her) of Miss Hilton. She does like to be pampered.

Comment from kate
Your so lucky, when i had a long haired cat we had to make sure we brushed him regularly otherwise he would look ragged. But we loved brushing him in the end.


by Julia (Macomb, IL, USA)

Peaches had a gorgeous peach/flesh colored fur, with white paws and a white tummy and chest. I always wanted a white cat to call Cream (Peaches & Cream), but it never happened. She was also just "sweet as peaches".


by valerie bentz (pottsville,PA USA)

She is a bright peach colored cat with a touch of black , white , and brown. She is a frisky cat that has a personality of heights she loves to climb things and jump right back down. She is a sly mychevious cat with a sweet side. Peachy is a siamese-american shorthair . When she makes a certain face she looks like she is smiling and she is "peachy-keen".


by Melissa ( Florida, USA)

I found this cat in my garage he was so small i took him forever to grow and one day my son said he was as small as a peanut so that is how he got his name. 

comment from kate
So cute, i love it. we had a small cat so e called her mouse,but i think peanut is even sweeter. What a great name for a little cat.


by tabitha (indiana)

because he's all black! (:

Comment by Kate site owner

Like this name a lot, you could have lots of cats and call them things like salt and pepper or mustard and ketchup. It would be so funny calling them all in at night time for their meal, the neighbors would think you were mad.


by Mary (North Carolina)

He looked and smelled like a little skunk when I rescued him as a kitten in a dumpster. 
He reminded me of the cartoon character "Peppy Lapew"


by Samantha (Belfast)

I gave her the name because she purr's alot. I got my cat at only 4 weeks old, She was left with her mum and siblings to fend for themselves in a garden shed. Even though the mum was a house cat. At first named her "Cat" from breakfast at tiffanys. I changed my mind because after feeding her she purred till she fell asleep. So the name now suits her, she craves my attention and does nothing but purr at me.. Name suits her so much


by lee (Salt Lake City)

Our cat Petey whispered his name in my ear so I didn't have a choice of name. :)

Petey looks very happy and comfortable in that sink. Cats are funny things aren't they?


by Angelika (Louisiana)

I named my cat Phantom because she has a black marking that covers half of her face, making her look like Phantom of the Opera. She loves to get into boxes and bags to play and hide. She is a very funny cat but also a loving calico. I got her as a present from my aunt after my previous cat had passed. She helped heal the pain from the loss and I have had her for almost a year now. A fun fact about Phantom, her middle name is Hannibal after Hannibal Lecter.. because she had caught a mouse once and ate it's brains.So I make this joke that she will have someone's brains with some fava beans and a nice chianti .


by D. Whitt (Ceres, Ca. USA)

Picasso is no longer with us. We named her picasso, because the way she was marked looked like a a Picasso painting.I am sorry i do not have a photo, because she was so beautifull.


by Ryan, (London, UK )

He always comes within 10 seconds if you open the fridge or shake a bag of cat treats.

Comment from kate
Ahh a cat called piglet. Has he forgiven you yet?

Also are you embarrassed when you call his name out loud or introduce him to friends? I used to be when i had call mouse at night sometimes :)

Ping and Pong

by H.A.I. (Texas, USA)

When Ping and Pong first arrived, they usually hid under my computer desk. They were still feral and were still afraid of human presence and touch. But Ping would go out and explore late at night when I am asleep, and I can hear her calling for Pong.

In computer science, there is a term "pinging" similar to the submarine ping, in which one would determine the round-trip to see how fast the latency of the network are; the echo response to a ping in computer science are sometimes called "pong". Because they hid under my computer desk a lot, and whenever Ping calls, Pong goes and seeks her out, I thought it would be an appropriate name. But most of the time, I call them "Pinpin" and "Ponpon"

Good names and very appropriate considering their liking for computers. I get the Ping link, very clever and is probably quite unique (perhaps not in china). Would have liked to see a couple of photos of the girls, do you have any? Use the form again to send pictures and i will merge the two posts together.

When one of my cats were very young i couldn't get him off the computer desk, keyboard and my lap when i was using the computer. Seems to me that cats must like not only the warmth of the PC but perhaps also the slight hum they emit. Or is that they simply don't want us to be sing it and rather paying them all our attention 

My boys are called Shelley and Byron after the famous poets and are known at our local vets as the two poets. But i too have pet names for them too either, shell or shelster or lord, mr or byroni. They seem to come to all of these. 

Thank you for sharing your cats names. Hope to hear from you again, there are lots of places on the site you can share your pictures and stories etc.



by Maria, (Sofia, Bulgaria)

I named her Pippy after Pippilotta The Long Stocking. It was just because she sounded like Pippy to me. And she was having these black stockings on her back legs, but that had nothing to do with choosing the name actually. 

comment from kate
great name and I like the reason for it, wearing black stockings.


by Nicolina Carlini (Chicago, IL)

She's a teeny tiny girl. I thought of "pip squeak" when I first saw her!!

Nicolina C.
Chicago, IL


by Jack (Toronto, Canada)

I am a church musician, I heard from a friend that his church's minister of music called her cat "Magnificat". I loved it, but the name had been taken so instead I chose a musical term, "Pizzicato"
It is an appropriate name as one day Pizzi just showed up in my backyard and stayed around. After some days I took her in, had the vet see her and she has been with me well over two years. You see, she plucked at my (heart) strings and the musical term for plucking a string is Pizzicato. I don't play a stringed instrument rather I play an organ. Pizzi loves the music and likes to sit with me as I work at my Bach!


by Mogsy Voice (Birkenhead, Merseyside, England)

I was sat with the new kitten and asked him what he should be called. He tapped my shirt pocket with his paw. I said "I don't think that Pocket is a cats name" his response was to tap my shirt pocket again. I said to him "If I call you pocket will you respond to that name" and he put his nose to my face and rubbed his cheek against mine. From that day on we were the best of friends and he was the most handsome of cats.


by Kathy (Acton, MA)

I named her after a pogo stick (b/c she jumped around a lot) and I absolutely LOVED the name over time!!!


from the saying "poker face", our cat always seems to have a serious and stern look, much like a poker player, lol.

Poopie - Smelly cat names

by Alysia (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Poopie is a big fluffy maine coon and we named him poopie because when he was just a kitten he used to get his turds stuck in the long fur around his butt. His real name is Cooper though so when we call him and we dont want to yell out "Poopie" we can call "Coopie" and no one knows the difference


by Rocky (Washington)

This poor cat was gender confused. The Humane Society posted him as a female & named him Sara. Well! No wonder he wouldn't answer to that name! He had a lot of bounce and he actually looked at me when I tried it out. Mission accomplished.

Princess de Mouchy

by Natalie (Stockport)

I gave this name to my cat as my first cat's name is King Edward, and Mouchy is his mistress(bit of history).

Princess Eleonore - Post cat names

by Birgit (Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany)

We called her Puss because when we had a look at her at the animal shelter, she looked just like Puss in Boots from Shrek. But since she is such a princess, she needed a more lady-like name. So we decided to call her "Princess Eleonore" on her vaccination papers and at the vet's.


by Ewa (London)

Psotka is a polish name which means "naughty" (but in a good, funny sense of the word).

Puddles - Soggy cat names

by Jess (Hamilton)

We gave our cat this name because when she was a kitten she would pee in this one spot on our hardwood floor and it would always look like a puddle. there my six year old daughter named her Puddles.


by Lacie (Houston, TX)

Pudleigh was the only survivor of a litter of kittens one of my mother's cats had. She was the biggest and loved to eat, so my little brother dubbed her 'Pudley' because it sounded like a fat cat name. I didn't think it sounded very cute, so I called her Puddles instead. When she was given to me, I decided to keep her name, but with cuter spelling; she was so pretty that the name seemed nicer just because it was hers. 'Puddles' is still a nickname.


by Angie Bishop (Lafayette INB)

When I got him he was very dirty and loaded with fleas and I have an hispanic friend who said Pulgoso for something that he did not like or was dirty etc., her later explained to me that it meant dog with fleas but I could not pass up naming my new cat this because it had a meaning to me because my close friend always said this and that he had fleas.

Pumpkin, Luna and Midnight My Cats

by Diane 

Luna is a smaller cat than her sister. She is black. But has a pretty large white circular fur spot under her neck. Therefore named her "luna" for a white moon. Also has white on her belly, and a small round white spot on the end of her tail. She is timid, but faithful and loving to only myself. 

Third cat is all black, thus name "midnight'. We found out he is a Bombay cat . He is true to the breed. We got him from a friend who rescued him from euthanasia-for being a dangerous violent cat. For a week, he kneaded a sweater that came with him. He hissed at any person/cat/dog coming near. We called him "poky" as a joke for- Pissed Off Kitty. He turned out to be a character. He picked his person. Likes to be where family is. But strangely, little meek Luna is dominant. Not, the muscular, dense bodied male. She actually "Growls" at him, never heard it before in all my many cats. She also beats him up. She stands up on back legs and boxes like a kangaroo. She gets him good on the snout. They are an interesting group of cats and we love them. We also have two dogs as well, Molly- a Labradoodle and Bella a Chocolate Lab Mix.

Wow sounds like you have a house full. Cats don’t normally like to live with lots of other animals unless they have been brought up with them so it is good that your lot have decided to give it a go an live happily together.

Luna is obviously making sure that all the cast know she’s boss and not prepared to have any nonsense. Things will probably settle down as time goes on and all the animals get used to each other.
Pedigree cats like your Bombay cat are usually a little more aloof than mixed breed cats. So your Bombay cat is just displaying his natural breed traits.
I love all their names, looks like you put some thought into them and made sure they suited the cats. I hope Poky doesn’t always live up to his name all the time.

Punkin Comet Sunday 

by Christina (PA)

Our pets usually are given names with meaning to us they are given a first name and two middle names and of course our last name. We got punkin in the fall, she's an orange snow boot tabby, and my husband has a jar that is shaped like a pumpkin and it's his most favorite possesion the change he puts inside is called "punkin change" (not that he's spending on the cat)this is the orgin of her first name...her first middle name is comet because we were selling at our local flea market The Comet when we were approached by a little girl who was giving away kittens and finaly her second middle name is sunday for which the day she was given to us! She is the best cat ever, quiet friendly, and loving I'm glad she's our kitten "cat daughter"!

Putty - Cute Cat Names

by Stephanie (Anchorage, Alaska)

Well, first I named her Lexus cause they found her clinging to an engine block underneath a hood of a Lexus after going down the highway at 75mph so I figured that any cat that can do that and survive needs a bad ass name right?! LOL 
Then we moved and got a roommate and she started called her Putty, like Tweety Bird from Looney Toons, I tot I taw a Putty Tat? I did I did!! LOL 
So, it just kinda stuck and it's funny cause people are like, Putty huh? and then I have to explain and they're always like... OOOHHHHH LOL right afterwards.

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