Dublin Llewellyn Peter Knowles My Cats Name

by Michelle Knowles
(Agassiz, BC, Canada)

Dublin the cat

Dublin the cat

My brother & his first wife found Dublin & gave him the name Dublin. He was named after the pub at which they found him - The Duke Of Dublin. I gave him his second & third names - Lewellyn for a Welsh king in my ancestry & Peter for my mom's dad & the many other Peters in my family tree. Knowles is my surname, & since he's part od my family, it was natural for him to take it as his.

He is a truly sweet lapcat who's a lil' love. His favourite place to snooze is on my lap, but sometimes he has to sleep in his cave or on one of his two trees. He loves tuna & Temptations, & he loves to play with his "buddies" - what I call his toys.

At around 11 years of age, his exact age being unknown, he has slowed down some since he came to share my home almost 10 years ago. The vet who first examined him figured that Dub was around a year old back then. He's still an active cat, though, getting the zoomies once or twice a day, especially when I get home from work.

The zoomies is when a cat tears around a home because they have to get out all their pent up energy.

He is stocky in build, a little over 9 pounds, and he has to eat food for urinary tract health. He can alsos eat all the wet food he wants. He doesn't like pate at all unless there's nothing else to eat. He's gotten sick & very close to death three times from bladder crystals, but notnfor years now, thankfully. His ginger tabby fur is soft & he purrs when Impet him. His eyes are a pale gold. His nose was all a light pink when he first lived with me, but, as do many ginger male cats especially, he has lentigo simplex, a harmless condition, & nownhis nose is more freckled black that pink.

My fuzzy buddy is a truly calm cat who charmed me from the first moments we met - he walked into the room, chose me out of everyone, & went right to me. He stood on his back legs & pu his fron paws beside me. Purrin with his chin on my knee, I was immediately smitten. My landlord at the time gave me permission to bring him home, & 6 December 2018 will be his 10th Gotcha Day.

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