Happy Tabby Cat
'Mo's Resume It's A Cats life

Mo' is a very happy tabby cat, and here she has put together her very own Cat Resume, which tells you all about her likes and dislikes and just what a cat really thinks about herself and her home. 

Name: 'Mo', which is short for Mouse! My human servants seem to think they've got a sense of humour - how tiresome!

Nicknames: Trouble. Mischief. Kitten-Pie. Pussy-Cat. I wish they'd make up their minds - and show me some more respect!

Mission: To be as cute as a happy tabby cat can be. And to eat as much cheese as I can get my hungry little paws on!

Success Rate: 110%. I'm the Best!

Age: What a rude question to ask a lady! (Although I have to admit I'm really too much of a flirt to be called a lady!) To be honest I don't really know. I ran away from home when I was a very young tabby cat, and the kind people who took me in at Battersea Cat and Dogs Home thought I was between 3 and 4 years old at the time. And that was 10 years ago, so I'll let you work it out!

Breed: A lovely mix of tabby cat with lots of white. I think my colouring really suits me, don't you?

Best Feature: My beautiful 'Cleopatra' eyes!

Weight: Another very rude question! I might stop answering these. I'm in fantastic shape, and don't you dare say "For your age!"

Occupation: I have never had to lower myself to earning my keep, but when my servants are very good, I do try to pay them back by letting them tickle me behind my ear and stroke me a lot. They seem to like the purring noises I make. (The things you have to do to keep the staff happy!)

Record of Achievements: Getting my own way most of the time. Catching mice and spiders. Finding my way into next doors bedroom and out again without them knowing. Finding my way home again after I went out for a long walk for three days and nights. Being a very, very cute and happy tabby cat!

Favourite Food:Jamaican Rum Cake!!! Have you tried it? Those naughty servants of mine hardly ever let me have any, but when they do, Boy oh Boy! Kitty Heaven!

Favourite Sleeping Place: I've got lots of these. There's under my favourite bush in next doors front garden, my favourite cushion that I've had for over 8 years now, and the duvet of course, especially when it's fresh from the wash! I've tried the sock drawer a couple of times but the servants don't seem to like that (something about their clothes getting all hairy - personally, I don't see what all the fuss is about).

Favourite Game or Toy:I try to keep the servants amused every now and then. They insist on throwing things like ping pong balls and pen lids for me to play with as if I'm chasing a mouse. Bless their hearts! I don't understand it myself, but it seems to cheer them up!

Favourite Pastime: What a silly question to ask a happy tabby cat like me! - Sleeping of course! 

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