The Balinese Cat Breed
A Long Haired Siamese

The Balinese cat breed, also known in the United States as the Javanese looks very much like a longhaired version of a Siamese cat. 

It has the same sparkling blue sapphire eyes and comes in the same colour variations. It also has the same facial appearance, with large erect ears and pointed face.

The main difference though is that whereas the Siamese cat can be very vocal, the Balinese is a quieter cat all together.

The breed came about when Siamese cats produced several long haired kittens in the 1940's, probably due to a recessive gene. A Californian breeder decided to develop this long coat version to produce another breed entirely, during the 1950's. The breed first came to the UK and Europe in the 1970's.

Although the cats fur is long, it is not as long as other varieties of longhaired cats. It also lies very flat over the body and is silky to the touch.

The cat is of medium build with long limbs and has a very distinct wedge shaped face that is covered with a mask. A very graceful cat which is very active, but one that also enjoys the good life and all the comforts that come with it.

Colour Variations

  • Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, red, Cream

  • Tabby, Tortoiseshell Tabby

  • Seal Tortie, Blue Tortie, Chocolate Tortie, Lilac Tortie
  • Breed Characteristics

    Coat: The Balinese / Javanese has a medium length coat which is fine and silky. The coat lies flat against the body and does not become woolly on the underbelly. It also has a feathered tail.

    Eyes:The cat has almond shaped clear blue eyes that are slanted. The eyes are very expressive and are always alert.

    Grooming: The cat breed requires regular gently grooming to keep it's fur free from grit and matting. However the grooming is fairly easy to do, as the fur is so silky and not as long as in other breeds.


    This cat breed has a very similar temperament to that of the Siamese breed. It loves to play and be very active and can be very affectionate. However it can be aloof at times and so requires an owner who will allow it to choose to be affectionate when it wants to be. 

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