The Burmese Cat Breed
An Intelligent Cat

The Burmese cat breed was officially recognized in 1936 in America and was the result of breeding a small brown cat from Burma with a seal Point Siamese cat. 

However a similar looking cat has been discovered in an illustration in a 16th century Thai manuscript.

Although the cat is genetically almost identical to the Siamese cat it has a more stocky appearance and has a softer voice. It also has a different shaped nose to the Siamese and is described as having an obvious bend or break in its line.

The Burmese is known for its sunny personality and even temperament. It is an intelligent cat, again something it has in common with its Siamese cousin.

The cat has slightly shorter back legs to its front and has tidy oval paws. It has a medium length straight tail that tapers to a rounded tip.

Blue Burmese Cat

Colour Variations

The colour variations of this cat breed are known as:

Brown (Sable) - This is the original colour of the cat breed and should be a warm rich colour with matching nose and pad colour.

Blue - A soft silvery slate blue colour, with more of a silver tint to the ears, cheeks and paws. Nose is dark gray and paw pads are pinkish-grey.

Chocolate - this is a lighter brown colour than the Sable and has a darker face.

Lilac - this is a paler version of the Chocolate variety. It has a soft pink - gray all over colour with lavender pink nose and paws.

Red - This colour coat is described as tangerine - cream with slight tabby markings on the head only. The eyes are golden and nose and pads are pink.

Cream - A diluted version of the Red.

Sabel Colour

Breed Characteristics

Coat: The Burmese has a short, fine coat with a glossy satin like appearance. It is close lying to the body.

EyesThe cat has wide set large round eyes, with colour hues from Yellow To Gold.

Grooming: The Burmese will not require much extra grooming from its owner as it is easy to manage due to its fine silky quality.

red Colour

Burmese Cat Temperament

Lilac Colour

This cat breed is known for its intelligence and its similar qualities to the Siamese breed. It is a very active and inquisitive cat that is able to adapt to new situations easily. It has a very friendly personality and likes to meet new people, it therefore ideal in a family situation.

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