The American Shorthair Cat Breed
An American Pedigree

The American shorthair cat is the refined pedigree version of the domestic cat of America. 

The domestic cat probably first entered the country along with the Pilgrims from England in the 1600's, these cats were brought over for their toughness and ability to catch rats.

They were sturdy and able to rough it along with these first settlers.

This cat breed wasn't recognized until the 1960's after many generations of refined breeding. The main characteristics sort after by judges of this breed is its strength and muscular body.

Colour Variations

These cats come in a variety of colours.

Black Solid - Nose and paw pads are also black.

White Solid - Eyes are either clear gold, deep blue or odd eyed.

Cream - Nose and pads are pink; fur is an even buff colour.

Bi-colour - Black and white with a V shaped blaze on forehead.

Calico - Predominance of white on under parts with versions of colour combinations.

Tortoiseshell - mainly black coat with patches of unbroken areas of red and cream.

Shaded Silver - Black outlining around eyes and nose and has a level toning of silver on its head and legs.

White Colour

American Shorthair Breed Characteristics

Coat: The cat has a short, dense even coat with a firm texture.

Eyes: The eyes are large and round and wide set ever so slightly slanted on the face. The eyes come in brilliant gold and green. In the white varieties deep blue and odd eyes in colour.

Grooming: This cat has a very easy coat to maintain and will generally be able to groom itself adequately. However for show purposed the coat will need some regular combing but is not hard to manage.

Black Colour


Silver Colour

This cat breed has an unflappable nature and is a sturdy cat able to look after its self when required.

It is very bold and isn't easily scared. It is also a very active cat that is both intelligent and inquisitive and so will need plenty to keep it amused and occupied during the day. 

If you re looking for a cat who can look after themselves when need be but who are also happy to be in the company of humans then this cat is a good choice.

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