Hmmm - could sbi work for me


Ok, I'll bite... I'm not sure why, but I have been thinking about building and maintaining a site recently. My friend and I run a business, and we have a site up for that which has brought us more business than wee can keep up with. However, now that I am in a different situation where I am home 24/7, working for myself in that business and taking care of a 92 year old Grandmother, AND being disabled from a back injury, I find that when I am not lying down, I am at the computer. If I could turn that time into productive time, at the same time making it kind of a hobby... Well, that would be a bit of alright.

So I have two questions for you before I do any more looking into this...

1. Using this SBI (SiteSell, Site Build It, whatever it is called today) Can you have a regular e-commerce site, where I could sell my art and whatever else, and just take paypal or credit cards?

2. Roughly, if you were to take just your Cat site, not figuring in any returns or benefits or anything like that, how much would you say it cost to get it up and running, and how much per year do you have to put into it?

I guess what I am looking for is, for an ordinary, non-commerce site, using this SBI company, what are the costs involved?

Since we already have the one site up that we use, where we can already accept credit cards and paypal for the business, would it be worth it to me to set up something like this, starting from scratch, and having to do whatever it would take to get it going?

In a way, I like the idea of it being my thing entirely, but at the same time, I have my buddy who already has everything up an running, where all I would have to do is build the site. I would even have my own IT guy, since he is a computer "mad scientist" who actually thinks fixing network problems is fun...

I thank you very much for any input you might have, and also for the great cat stuff. As you have probably read the novel I included with my cat's pictures, you can tell that I am now the 41 year old male version of a crazy cat lady... I always enjoy looking at pics, and
reading stories from other cat fans, so I truly enjoyed your page.

Thanks Again,

Timothy & Wooster

Well my cat site has been up and running for about 4 years now. the only costs involved are the $299 that sbi take to serve and look after your website. that may sound a lot compared with all the cheap web hosting companies etc out there. But believe me i have been there and done that ans wasted a lot of time and effort on those cheap packages. Sbi is different.

It took me months to decide to go with sbi myself but and i will be honest with you here, it was the best thing i ever did. Why because they help you build a website that works, it is also a community of people so you always have others to ask etc.

The sort of website you want can be anything, sbi has thousands of businesses using their system (which is been going for 01 years plus now i think).

I will be honest with you though, just like any other business it takes time. There is no such thing as a quick return but of course it all depends on your business subject matter, how closely you follow the sbi guide and how much time and effort you put in.

Sbi gives you tons of information and it can sometimes seem overwhelming but as someone who has tried building websites on my own, it is information which is worth its weight in gold.

But any way sbi the company can give you so much more information about what they do, how it all works so that you can make the judgment for yourself. What the video on my about me page and then click the link to read more, you will be taken to so much free information that you will be able to make the decision easily for yourself.

I now have 4 sites with sbi all with growing traffic and income.

This link will also take you to a page about case studies ie other people who have used sbi. All sorts of goods can be sold including art and photography. But to be found on the web you need content and thats the unique sbi way. So yes you can have a commerce site but built differently to the normal just product pages. any way here is the case studies link


I wish you every success with your venture.


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