Cat Gallery Five

This is our cat gallery number Five. You can vote for any of these cats to be cat of the week.

Matilda & Mason

by Jojo (Denver, CO)

Matilda (named after the main character in the film, "The Professional") is a very observant, low-key Calico cat turning 2 this July. She loves attention from Mom and Poppa. She is a pretty kitty known for her chirping. She also loves to wrestle and cuddle with her new brother, Mason. Mason (named after the folk musician Mason Jennings) is a 5-month old Tiger Stripe who came home last Christmas. He was so little, we had to feed him milk from a bottle. After about a week of adjustment, Matilda came to appreciate his company. Mason is always either purring loudly, or tearing through the apartment like a bat out of hell. The are both quirky and inquisitive- Mason is fascinated with the shower right now, even when someone is in it! Matilda loves a tattered yarn rattle toy, which she has had since she was a baby. They sleep in a big feathery kitty bed in the bathroom at night, and come out to cuddle in bed with us each morning. Our family of gypsies has moved across the country together a couple of times, they are tough lil' furballs! Vote Matilda & Mason!!!

Miss Kitty

by Julie (Chicago)

Miss Kitty is a 2.5 year old Lilac Point Himalayan female that is so sweet. She does not posses a mean bone in her body. Miss Kitty loves to be with me all the time. She is so soft and fluffy and the most beautiful eyes.. like an Angel.


by Julie (Chicago)

This is Liga. She is my best companian for 12 years now. She sleeps with me every night and even when I get up to move to the couch when my fiance snores, she will get up and follow me there. I feel so loved.


by milca sanchez (vineland nj)

our nilla bean! we rescued her from shelter, she was used for breeding and then abandoned, shescome a long way shes our babylov, she luvs attention, affection even grooming


by milca sanchez (vineland nj)

our kby our oldest, shes the queen B but we love her


by milca sanchez (vineland nj)

fel-fel shes an original, she look s like a cartoon and play like a child but loves her lil bro


by milca sanchez (vineland nj)

our baby ribot is the youngest, you couln tell he out grew his sibling, funniest thing he thinks hes a dog he loves to lay fetch


by danielle (airdrie,scotland )

my older cat love him also


by Afshan (Glasgow, UK)

Molly will be coming to us permanently in 2 weeks. She will be the perfect companion to Kai (fingers crossed!), who I have posted on this website already.

Molly is very, very adventurous and keeps everyone on their toes - I can't wait for her to be part of our family!


by Birgit (Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany)

Harry is special cause without him, our little Princess Eleonore would not have come out of her shell and be as loving as she now is towards us. Harry constantly immitates my husband. He sits (yeah, he sits on as if he was human, not cat-like) just like my husband - it is too funny! He is such good fun!



An 11 month old Bengal Boy....FULL OF SURPRISES !


by mariadys torres (springfield mass)

She is 6 weeks ,she is a deaf cat like to play and sleep..she is special because even do she can hear is like she could she is so lovely..she is the best..


by danielle (airdrie,scotland )

my baby we got her and her sisster dutchess from england and i love them to bitss xx


by danielle (airdrie)

this is my bengal kitten i love her so much and wouldnt give her up for the world xx


by Mimin (New York)

This is she. Brandy. We?ve been living together for more than a year now. A ?ragdoll? of Seal bi lynx color. She was born on July 21, 2007. Just 21 months old! XD Different from other cats, ragdolls grow slowly over four years. At birth, they are as white as snow before slowly turning darker during two years. Brandy will get a little darker. I am looking forward to it.
The fur really looks like cotton candy, doesn?t it? Or like whipping cream? If you touch it, your hand goes right in! So soft and cozy? Brandy might look chubby but it?s just the fur effect. She?s actually quite skinny. She?s allergic. So it?s difficult to find cat food that suits her well. But Brandy is always healthy, because me, the supermom, takes good care of her. Hahaha!!! (The last one year was actually harsh for us because we weren?t able to find the right food for her.)
If you wanna see more photos, please visit my blog, 'Brandyholic'




by Kathy (Stockton, CA)

by Kathy 
(Stockton, CA)


by Kathy (Stockton, CA)

Kiki is our fourth Bengal cat and came to us after our first, Sora, passed away. She is everything the other two are not. She is into everything! She is the best...

Lil Baby

by Lisa 
(Boyce, LA, USA)

She is so sweet!


by Caroltyn Rose Terrill 
(Santa Clara ,CA,U.S.A.)

Daisy lives in california

by: Joyce

She is such a beauty!! on one side she reminds me of my Fiesty girl!! Get her a cat hut,as she deserves one. my Fiesty and Stinky both have one. How old is Daisy?


by Berenice Weber (San Diego, CA, USA)

This handsome yellow cat escaped months ago from my neighbor's house, she has 2 kids who terrorized the cat, so he kept on jumping from a 2nd floor! he finally stayed on our 'side' of the yard. My neighbor and myself started feeding him and letting him sleep in our laundry room, by now I allow him to sleep at my home and he follows me around, even if I am allergic to cats I got attached to this guy so much!, he has become pretty much my cat, along with another tuxedo little female cat (I will show her later). After feeding him and taking care of him for a couple of weeks, I realized he itched all the time and had these nasty scabs on his back, I took him to the vet and realized he has allergies. He is on medication now, but also I feed him premium wet canned food (Avoderm) plus Fish oil and Flaxseed. His coat has improved a lot and he doesn't itch and scratch all the time. He has a very goofy temper and loves to sunbath and to squeak at the birds around the yard. Even if I try to keep him indoor so he doesn't get the airborne allergies, he loves to be outside in the yard, and my other neighbor's yard. Every human who has meet this cat falls in love with him, he's very energetic and friendly. I found out that his 1st name was Coco, I am mexican so I just call him Gato, and he replies to this name now. He's a great furry friend to have!


by Catie 
(Dousman, WI. USA)

Rainbow is surprising a Male Cat, and he just loves to meow at night, and sleep through the day.=]. Now, youre probably wondering, "Why did you name a Male Cat Rainbow??" Well, it was in the year 2000. i was only 5 at our family Reunion, and my uncle has a farm, full of cats ;]. So, i found this perfect little Black/Gray Cat, with Emerald Eyes at the age of 8 weeks. "She is so cute!!" I said. Yeah. I said SHE. 
So, not knowing SHE was actually a HE, i named "her" Rainbow Diamond. ='D And then i started to cry when i found out it was a he, BUT, as of when we got to know each other, he started to take a liking to me, and played with me! Sure he was sad when i had school, but he lived with it. Now, at age 8, soon to turn 9 on May 14th 2009, he still likes to play, stretch, and still loves the outdoors. (though from going to an outdoor cat, to an indoor cat..)


by Nicole 

He is truly the snuggliest cat ever!


by Alysia 
(Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)

Cooper is just the sweetest, most lovable cat in the world. A friend of mine adopted him for me when she was going to school in northern Ontario to become a vet tech. She fostered him and his brothers and sisters and although I already had a kitten at the time, she convinced me to take one more. I'm so glad I did because although i love my other cat, she likes to spend most of her time alone and shes very timid so she hides a lot. Cooper is the complete opposite. He loves people and he loves to cuddle. He sleeps curled up in my arms every night and I love it. He's a maine coon mix so hes really big and hes really fuzzy so he keeps me warm at night. 

King Louis

by Lisa 
(Boyce, LA, USA)

Louis thinks he is royalty. He loves to play like a kitten and makes us smile with his funny antics.


by Candace Collins (PlayaBC MXs de Rosarito, )

This is about my cats Spencer and Tucker.

Spencer became my special kitty boy when I rescued him and 6 of his siblings from an alcohlolic heroin addict. They were all malnurished and had been literally kicked and thrown around. I got the call when they were 4 months old. They are ALL safe and happy in their homes. Spencer has to be the most affectionate little boy I have ever known. He chirps purrs and rubs his face all over on me and as soon as I sit down he is in my lap. In the kitchen I really have to be careful because he is usually laying on my feet. I tried to set up a bed for him but he definitely prefers my head to sleep around. I have to keep my writing for times when he is in the other room because he ALWAYS HAS TO HELP.
He and Tucker my other most wonderful boy (who I will enter next month) have been what keep me sane and at peace.


by Sue (Michigan)

Me and Momo have been together for the past 17 years. We've been through thick and, a divorce, a fire, births and name it, me and mo been through it together. He is just about my best friend.

Right now I am trying to figure out why he is looseing so much wieght. He used to be so fat, now he is skin and bones. Just as soon as I get the extra $150 - $200 he is going to get a blood test. Vets are so expensive!! But he's worth it. He has been very healthy his whole life. This is the first time I need to take him to the vet for anything, other than when he got fixed and when he got his shots.

I love to knit, and one time I knitted Moses a hat. He was very patient and let me take a picture of him wearing this hat. But I think he was pretty mad about the whole thing.


by Anna Vidiri 
(Providence, Rhode Island)#I found Willie back in Missouri when he was approximately 6 weeks old, he was in the middle of the road and I almost ran him over. He had a very bad infection in both eyes and there's no telling how he got where he was or how long he had been outside on his own. He was very skinny and very hungry. I hadn't planned on having a cat but, after taking him to the vet and caring for him I got very attached and could not give him up! Willie is very special to.

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