Is Yours The Cutest Cat?

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the cutest cat of them all?" 

We all think that our own cat is the cutest and most beautiful in the whole world don’t we?

Of course we do! And that's because we love them so much.

You will find that this website is FULL of cute cat photos sent in by visitors just like you.

So as well as enjoying looking at all these beautiful kitties, I hope you will send in your own cat pictures too!

If you do, then they might even be voted for as the cutest cat in our regular CAT OF THE WEEK contest.

What is it that makes cats so cute in the first place? 



Is it their lovely eyes, so full of expression and wonder? Especially when they look at us with that loving, happy, contented look in their eyes!

Or is it their lovely soft fur and whiskers that we just love to snuggle up to when we give them a cuddle?



Perhaps it's the soothing sound of them gently purring when they are so blissfully happy. Or maybe it's simply their unique personality? Full of fun and games and always getting into mischief.

Whatever it is, we all have our own idea of who we think is the cutest kitty.

Of course I always thought my beloved (and sadly missed) Little Mo was the most beautiful cat in the whole wide world (which of course she was!). But now it's my lovely Byron and Shelley who are competing in the cute category!

My Favourite Cute Cat Photos?

I've shown you just a few of my favourite cat pictures above.

Of course all the kitties featured on this website are absolutely adorable in their own unique way.

So it would be impossible for me to pick out a single favourite ...

... although this picture of gorgeous little Baby does go into cute-overload don't you think?

"So why not send in your own cute cat photos of your own kitty today and tell the world what it is that you love about them so much!

You can submit your cat pictures and stories on my cat photo gallery page, and vote for who you think should be cat of the week!"

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