Cat Gallery Two

This is our cat gallery number two. You can vote for any of these cats to be cat of the week.

Cassie and Chucky

by stacey kerr (glasgow)

i got Cassie when i was 18 and chucky when i was 19 Cassie is tortoiseshell and chucky is ginger and white 

they are complete oposites but they are best friends cassie likes to lie on my lap and she can be shy with strangers chucky loves every one and will greet strangers and be hyper 



PRECIOUS IS MY HEART, she loves me and i Adore her 


by Killian (Ireland)

He is mostly white and we got her at the local ISPCA centre. I was with Mum and dad and my older bother, and the people at the centre showed me all the cats they had. But i had her picked as soon as i walked through the door of the first room they brought us to. She is so special and and fights and wrestles with a pair of my old runners. She missed her friends at the RSPCA for first couple of days but now has got used to us and has started to purr for me which i feel great about.


by nakita (riverland)

Domino is very special to me i treat him as a real child he even sleeps in the bed with me. and he was left behind just after he was born so i brought him up before he was ready to leave his real mum so he also suckles on my clothes to coz he had done it from the moment i got him and he now looks at me as he real mum and he even walks to the post office with baby :)and he best friend is charlie the chawowa.


by Mark Truman (Plymouth, UK.)

China ' is a cream Devon Rex girl, in this photo she was about 12 weeks old, just look at her ears 


by jillian 

my cat oreo is always sleeping ang she is a little fat too


by Annette (Anaheim Hills, CA)

Leonidas is so Wonderful.. So we are always entertained..He is more like a dog than a cat.. Begs for treats comes when called.. loves table food and just wants to be next to you..I can can clean his face as often as I need to. I can shave him down for summer. He gets a bath and is really good.. He even tollerates a blow dryer.. His job is just to be cute.. He is good at his job.. We love him!JUst look at that face.


by K Galsworthy 
(London, UK)

I saw Millie on the Celia Hammond Animal Trust website and knew she was the one for me. She is an older lady of 16 years and can be very stubborn but I love her and I think she loves me too.....or, at least tolerates me!

Tick Tock

by Mark Truman 
(Plymouth, UK.)

Well just look at her, she's a Devon si-rex, and a sleepy one at that.


by allison (maidstone)

charlie is a right devil, he loves to climb trees, he also tells me when its his tea time by getting his paws and nudging my arm or leg.

he loves to curl up on his mums lap. he is always waiting for me on the front door step when i finish work and then loves a cuddle with hs mum, this is why he is so special to me


by allison (maidstone)

my name is ollie, i love nothing more than to lay around in the sun all day with my brother. i love fish and cuddles from my owners.i am special to my owners because i show them lots of love and purring as they show me lots of love too

Kiki and Kittens

by jane austin (sutherland IA)

Kiki, still a kitten herself, was dumped and sought refuge in our in-town barn in mid-May. As a thank you for giving her nutritious food and shelter, she gave us five kittens on May 26th. She deposited them in Husband's night stand, but eventually, they moved to the office.

We are looking to rehome all of them, but it's not easy in the country where most cats are deemed to be farm cats!


by sara (indiana)

When I got Edie she was just a little bitty baby and she was the most wild cat i'd ever seen in my life.It's crazy how much I love my cat,we even play hide and seek together.I live in the middle of a town so it's hard to let her play a lot but when she does she has a squirrel friend named peanut.Edie likes to sleep on shoes,and loves to eat yogurt :)


by Darlene Betancourt 
(Brooklyn ,NY)

Ariel means the world to me.When I'm sad she acts silly and makes me laugh :)


by Katie (Casino, NSW)

Mavrick has a funny sense of humor he is always there for me when i need him he also attacks every bug that is coming towards me spiders, cockies, etc.
I cant imagine being without him now he is so gorgeous!!

Flash and Dance

by Mark Truman 
(Plymouth, UK.)

2 of the best Devon Rexes I have, love them to bits . . . .


by Pat (Port Clinton, OH, USA)

Sheba was my life saver when I was dealing with bad hips & recovering from 2 hip surgeries. (She was really lost when I was gone for the surgeries and rehab) We could not believe when we saw her, that she had been at the Humane Society for almost 2 yrs. She was beautiful and so well behaved. She became an instant family member her first night. She acted like she'd been here since birth. 

She is my lap cat and loves laying on my laptop when doing my emailing. I really think she believes she's helping.

Pretty Girl

by Sarah Makulski (Almont, Michigan)

This cat we've only had for a while, someone dumped her off by our house and we've fell in love with her ever since. She'll roll around and meow at you on the grass and she will follow you around wherever you go. This cat is a real sweetheart and anyone would fall in love with her im sure. she loves adventure and chasing things, youll throw a rock and then shell run to get it and if u stop throwing "toys" shell look at you and cry. I love her and she's my kitty :)

Bella Jane

She loves to play no matter what time it is. She's scared of everything, but once she's use to you; she'll love you.


by Harriett (Plymouth)

Chloe's 12 and a bit grumpy, but when another of our cats, Phoebe, was hit by a car, she'd dragged herself in, and we thought she was just having a lazy day laying around, but Chloe knew she was hurt and stayed with her, which was so unlike Chloe, we realised something was wrong. 
I've only known Chloe since last year when me and my three moved in with Chloe and my boyfriend, but now she follows me around outside and is constantly at my heels! 
She's my baby now :)


by Mark Truman (Plymouth, UK.)

His name is 'Spud' he is a Devon Si-Rex male, aged 6 weeks, how can you not love this lil chap....

Bara Bila

by Humna 

Shez so friendly.... she gets excited when any guests come...i love da way lick her paws...:-D


by gloria (italy)

lovely friend!


by Fiona (Argyll, Scotland)

Patch was a stray that we took in about 8 years ago. He had haematoma in his left ear which left it as you can see in the photo. He is well known in our area as he rolls on his back to get his tummy tickled when anyone is near. He is a right character and we all love him to bits.


by Holly Ertley 
(Winder, GA)

She was born on St. Pattys day and as you can tell is an absolutely beautiful gal. She is also very sweet and loves to lick.


by Adam C 
(Waterdown, Ontario, Canada)

Molly was adopted from people who had her in a truck tire covered with a skid of wood. When we got her she was very dirty, but with a little TLC she looks beautiful. she is strictly an indoor kitten and is extremely lovable. Since the first day we brought her home she has show appreciation for the food, shelter, water and love she receives. Molly is my little fuzzy lady :) 


by Mickie (Canada)

Meseau was born with his 2 brothers and 1 sister in our home Halloween eve 12 years ago. His mother was a beautiful black stray we found on our porch during a cold evening.(Ontario Canada Cold...BRRRRR) 
Come nice weather Mommy cat escaped thru a closed window (at least we thought closed but slightly ajar) and we were surprised she could make it thru (contortonist) and the next morning when I went outside to look for her she was sitting in the flower bed with a smile on her face....and yes Halloween eve she had 4 beautiful black kittens. We were able to place 3 kittens with great homes and decided to keep Meseau and Mom Mindy. 
We lost Mindy last March and Meseau is my baby boy.
I have fun taking his pictures..he loves to pose but this day he was not happy with me and the picture will say it all.. 

I look forward to coming home each day and being greeted by my is such a joy.

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