Cat Gallery One

This is our cat gallery number one. You can vote for any of these cats to be cat of the week.


Sapphire, Tom Moore 

Our cat is such a pretty little oddball, it's not stop laughs since we have had her. Every chance she gets will attack our plugs and run around with them her mouth as if it's her best friend. She sits on top of our flat screen trying to play with who ever is on tv. When we lay with her she does that silly little side wards walk in to a game bowl. From get silent chatter at the birds, to never being able to find a lighter, she is one in million. Also she is a very pretty little thing, half rag doll half Persian I feel she has the best of both. Finally she has the most piercing blue eyes which she gets her name. You get lost in them when she looks at you.


by louise (west Yorkshire)

I got Robbie in November 2000 when i still lived with my parents. he got run over 2 years later and cost me a lot of money in vets bills but i would of paid ANY amount to save him!! some people thought i was crazy paying out hundreds of pounds for his treatment and said i should of had him put to sleep!! but i believe that once you take on your pet it is your duty to take care of them no matter what. four years ago i bought my own house and Robbie came with me. i could never ever of left him. I cannot put into words how much i love Robbie. he is the only living soul who i can rely on 100% and never judges me. 


by Gemma (London)

Tsega is a two year old, silver spotted bengal. I got him at a bargin price, as he was the runt of the litter, and isn't a 'perfect' bengal. Clearly, his siblings where chosen for their markings over their personality, as Tsega has the best personality in the world!!

He's very much a mummy's boy and loves snuggling into my dressing gown and padding/pawing it, whilst I stroke him.

He likes playing in water, and regularly comes back drenched in the summer from chasing sprinklers.


by Michelle (Canada)

Muffin is my little angel! She sleeps under the blankets with me every night. She is a very energetic little girl and loves guitar!!! and yes she is asleep in this


by Savannah (Louisiana)

Well I've Had Tiger since he was 6 weeks old, My brother had a friend who had found this kitten under a tailer he was there all alone his mom had been taking away from him, so my brother called me and said we have this kitten and we want you to see it, well i knew my mom and dad wasn't going to let us keep this cat we already has a dog a pomeranian he was about 8 at the time. So my brother had brought this kitten to see and when i first saw him I fell in love with this little bitty striped orange kitten.

You could tell he was just about gone, he looked like he hasn't eaten in days way crying and desperate. My mom was home yet but i was going to ask my parents if we could as least find him a good home to stay at, but my mom look and my dad and said i could keep him! I was so excited! We feed him and after that he was the happiest kitten. 

Callie and Hope

by Pamela Latimore (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Everything is special. Callie 1 plus years old I got at weeks old. She was severely abused besides no nurturing from her mother. It has taken a long time and a lot of patience, bites and scratches to help her to trust me. She still is a bit agressive towards others yet has come a long way. I could never part with her, the attachment is to deep and she would not let anyone else even touch her yet. Hope is a feral kitten I found. I named her Hope because I was not sure Callie would accept her. I kept them separated for about 3 days then had to try them together. From the pictures you can see Callie eventually claimed the kitten as hers. She nursed this kitten, cleaned, loved and protected Hope. THey are learning from each other. Hope is sweet if I can catch her she will cuddle. She still has that feral kitten fear of humans, yet does not bit or scratch. They are both my babies and are so different, yet they are inseparable now.


by Gemma (Ireland Dublin)

My kitten is just 6 weeks old i got him off a girl who rescued him from a man who was going to dround him and his 2 little sisters and his other brother at just 3 weeks she nurse them back to health and now he is jus a little bouncy kitten full ov energy :) i love him with all my heart


by Lisa (Melbourne,Australia)

His the most adorable, sweetest, loveable kitty god created. Loves playing chasey, fetch and ball. Sometimes I think his more dog then cat. And sometimes i think is more human then both dog or cat. He loves to be shaved and hates his fur. (he is a puff ball) His favourite things to do is snooze, snooze and more snoozing. He loves nothing more then a good snuggle. And will follow you around the house meowing until you stop and pat him and give him a quick cuddle. His favourite toys are chuppa chup lolly pops... He loves flicking them out of the lolly bowl and fizzing them about on the floor. And will continue to do this until he looses them all :) He looks like his incredibly grumpy and he likes to stick his nose into all things none of his business.... He knows when im really sick and wont leave my side, he also knows when some one is down and in need of attention. He is very emotionally clever :)



The boss of the house with nearly 8 years

All by Áine (Ireland)

Found her abandoned at 8 days old, did my best mother cat impression and now she's happy and healthy and nearly two years old!


The newest arrival ... and already a little terror!!!


The lady who travelled fifty miles (with a little help) to find her new home with us after sadly having been abandoned at about one year old


I love my cat to death she is the sweetest little girl i've ever known


by Abbi (Doncaster)

He's cute, he's cuddly, he's amazing.

Theo and Addie

by Stacey (northern Ireland)

these are the babies of the family, we rescued these wee babies, one of them died the night we brought them home, two others were re-homed,they all seemed to have cat flu, worms, ear mites, they were in bad shape so we nursed them back to health before re-homing, as we got to know these two we didn't have the heart to let them go, at the start Addie wouldn't eat and had to be fed with a syringe, she is still a little nervous, and is easily scared, but very chatty and affectionate, Theo, is stronger, very playful, and mischievous..they are now about 8 months now, we have worked hard with these two, and are reaping all the rewards 


by Annette (Staunton, Va. USA)

She was rescued when she was about 5 weeks old. She ran across the road where I used to work and almost got hit by a car. She ran under a porch out of reach. Me and a friend had a trap. We talked to her and she finally came out and we got her in the trap. She was crying at the top of her lungs so much that she lost her voice. For a very very long time she never meowed. I only heard her meow one time over the past year. I have had Zoey now for about a year. I took her in as a foster but now I couldn't give her up. Her left eye looked terrible when I brought her home. When her eyed healed she had a white film that covered her eye. When she was fixed the vet made a slice in it and now she can see a little bit better. Her left eye is cross eyed. Which gives her her own look. She also has a heart murmur. The vet said she could live for a long time. She is very loveable and loves attention. Someone missed out on a very special kitty.


by Sherry Howard (Salem, OR)

This is my grandson, Mason's cat. He named it Cloudy because it is white and gray mix. I added the caption to the picture I thought it went well.


by Hiba (Canada)

My baby Ginger is verrrrry special to me , I don't think of him as a cat but my little brother. He is 7 years old and adorable , I love him with all my heart Your big sis


by Gina (Boston, MA)

Casper is half domestic half siamese and is 7 years old. I named him Casper for two reasons. I got Casper during the month of October and he's very social kitty with people; very friendly so I named him Casper after Casper the friendly ghost. I simple adore him.


by Alison (UK)

This is Sacha and up to 5 weeks ago she had been living in the Animal Shelter for 6 months. We lost our cat of 13 years earlier this year and felt something was missing in our home so along we went and came home with Sacha, a 4 year old domestic long hair. She has just started going outside and loves it in the rain, which is probable just as well living in England. As you can see she has setteld in very nicely staking her place on the sofa.


by Annie (Angaston, S.A, Australia)

Bobby is the craziest cat I've ever had, but he's also one of the sweetest. If he's not sleeping or gorging himself with food, Bobby is scaling door frames and bouncing off of walls! Oh and he has a tendancy to chew my toes to wake me up! He has specific ways in which he wakes us all up in the morning, which for me is of course the toes. For my little brother it's licking his ear. To wake mum up he sits on her face and purrs a lot. But, he knows not to wake dad up!

Don't let this picture fool you! He's a crazy little fur ball, but that's why we love him so much!


by Hannah (Florida)

She's ever so playful (even if she does have a habit of turning on electronics) and i love her sooo much

Funny Face

by Sam (Jacksonville, FL, USA)

After losing my last cat, Thomasina, almost 30 years ago to feline leukemia it broke my heart and I said I would never have another pet.

While gardening in my backyard I kept hearing a faint meowing over the fence in the alley. I found a 3-5 week old orphaned kitten that looked like he was begging to be held. He acted very tame and unafraid and I thought maybe he had gotten lost from his owner. I brought him indoors and fixed a bowl of milk, which he acted like he wanted to devour but had no clue as to how to do it. I fixed a box with a towel in it and kept him there while I hurried to the nearest pet store to get a bottle feeder or syringe and get some kitten milk. The first attempt to feed him ended with him chewing the nipple off of the bottle. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I made up some fliers and posted them around the neighborhood. After not getting any response for a week, I named and adopted the little guy.

I took him to the vet after another week and got a clean bill of health and at six months I took him back to be neutered and get his shots.

Funny Face is now 6 years old and has been a wonderful companion to me ever since. How could anyone not find a face like that adorable and cute. He has never been outside except when I found him and when he goes for his annual check-up and shots.


by lulu (california)

Buster is my best friend. I rescued him and his 4 siblings from a construction site. My mom and I took turns feeding them around the clock with a bird drop feeder. He was the feistiest one out of the bunch! At night they all slept next to me, except Buster, he slept on my chest. I found homes for all of them, but Buster decided he was going to live with me. He came to work with me each day. I was working at a different construction site now, this one was in San Francisco and our office was, across the street from the O’Farrell Theater. Because we had to walk 3 blocks from the parking lot, everyone knew Buster, whom we called chop-saw at the time. Buster had the ability to melt even the sternest construction superintendent on the site.

It’s now 13 years later and work from home. where Buster is my faithful companion. He follows me around the house and has a spot right in front of my Mac so he can sleep next to me while I work! 

The boyfriends have come and gone, but Buster is here to stay. And I’m lucky he choose to stay with me!


by kelly (ct)

Max is a 20 ish lb 8 yr old male who has been adopted by me from my best friend. he is a one cat owner cat. and very protective of my 84 yr old father whom lives with me in ct. I cant tell you how many times max has let everyone in the house one in a while know if there is a problem with my father or when something isn't right . there are many more stories i just love him and he is apart of the family now.


by Ron H (Balto,MD)

Brandi is so special to me for she is spoiled more than a child. She has a habit of waking me up around 3am to be petted and she is always the one who is sitting either by the door or in the window waiting for me to get home from work. She also is crazy (as seen in the picks) she thinks that she is QUEEN and will lay in the most peculiar places. This is truly my BABY

Ashia Sadorus

by Vickie 

Her name is Ashia (Asia), she will be 7 years old. I've had her since she was just a baby. She is the love of my life


by Rita (Richmond, Virginia)

Although I have had cats for most of my adult life, I was not looking for one because of personal and economical circumstances. However, Princess Gracie had other ideas. She is lively and playful and makes me smile. She purrs a lot and is very vocal and beautiful.


by Tammy Leyland (Levittown, NY 11756)

Cleo is a one of kind rag doll. She follows me all around my house and coos and chirps. She is playful and we play hide and seek all the time. She loves to interact with other people as well. She is loving and very affectionate. She sits on my feet and lays on them when she knows I am going out or going to work. She cuddles with me at night and usually sleeps like a bunny. I can dress her up, put stuffed animals on her, etc.

She is one of the best pets I have ever had.....She snuggles with me at night and I wake up to her petting and licking my face. She turns upside downs and coos at me. She is adorable. I am very lucky to have her.


by Kimberly (Birmingham Alabama)

My cat is one of A litter of 5 which I still have! boys 1 girl and 1 mom.
Raydar likes to fetch ANY candy in a plastic wrapper and bring it back! 

Chee-Choo & Zooma

by Megan 
(Sandy Hook, CT USA)

CHEE-CHOO (in back) and ZOOMA

Five year-old Russian Blues (brothers)

They are the most gentle, loving cats I have ever known or had the pleasure to live with. Extremely intelligent, they purr constantly and are a never ending source of amusement. I look forward to returning home in the evening just so I can be with them and give them all my love.
Everyone should be as lucky as I to have such amazing companions!

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