Jasper the cat

Jasper the cat

This is my love "Jasper" . I helped deliver him and his sister from their mother cat Wookie. Wookie was a first time mother and very young when she gave birth. She was very frightened and insisted on help through her labor and delivery. The whole process was about 11 hours. My Jasper was the first of only two kittens in the litter. And looks exactly like his mother, she is completely black. I had my eye on him the second he opened his beautiful blue eyes. But they have since tured a yellow/ amber. I took him from his mother at about 5 months. And dicovered that was a bit early and returned him to his mother for additional 4 weeks. He was the smaller of the two in the litter, his sister who remains with the mother cat, outweighed him by a few pounds and seemed larger for the first 4 to 5 months. Jasper as of now is twice his sisters size and definitely out weighs her!! He has the most incredible personality ive ever seen in a cat. He loves to try and make me jealous by using my husband as a pawn. He also taught himself to play fetch. No treats required! Im pretty sure when he brings you his play mouse and drops in front of you, if you don't acknowledge he will put in or near your hand and put his paw on your arm, making sure you know that he wants you to throw the mouse for him! He will do this repeatedly until he gets bored, and he probably does this 2 to 3 different times a day. Jasper is also intrigued with running water. He lives to hang out in the bathtoom with me, as i will turn on the sink a quarter of the way and he will swat and try to drink for as long as i leave the water running. He also likes to jump in the tub and slide around, at first i thought he was knocking things of the bathtub shelves, because of the loud "thuds" i was hearing. Nope it was his jumping and sliding around. He is so hilarious. Jasper is completely black and lijes to roll himself up in the living room rug(also completely black) and wait for someone to walk by so he can jump out at them to scare them! The only thing he doesn't concider when he does this is that he maybe the camouflaged by the black rug but the big ole bumb gives him away. I like to act like his trick works just to amuse him!! I love my boy to the moon and back and really wondered what i did without him. He is very affectionate when he wants to be , and when he decides he wants to then be ready for all out scratching and belly rubbing neck scratching. Untill hes done. And when hes done that means hes done. Stop. Even if he plops down for a nap, dont touch , hes done. If you dont stop he gets up gives you an annoying look lickes where you touched him and plops back down. As so on! Jasper lives my husband and I. But he is my baby boy and i know im his favorite, but there are times he likes to to see if he can make me jealous by using my husband. I try not to let it bother me. But secretly it bugs the crap out of me. Jasper also finds pleasure in sitting on anything you have in front of you like for instance the newspaper, mail, crossword puzzles! And good luck getting him to move, unless you crinkle his treat bag!! Ha ha ha . If i decide to go to the bathroom without him(sometimes that is just necessary ) he will plop down right outside the door so i coukd easier trip over him coming out. It took me a few trips to know to just expect him to be there every time. Maybe hes mad i didnt let him come in and have his fun this time? Jasper is only 7 months old and im so looking forward to how much more amazing hes going to get as we grow older together.

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