My Cat Story

Ham and MC

Ham and MC

I have (2 cats), both black, both brothers and in my eyes, both beautiful.

I have had them since they were 8 weeks of age.

They are just the best and so good, it breaks your heart.
They are indoor cats and are very content.

How I came about their names was pure coincidence.

There was another stray in our neighborhood, that another family took in but before that, I named him Mister Cat and gave him food and water and played with him, when he would visit.

I attempted to take him in but he wouldn't hear of it. He was a bonified outdoor cat.
When the other family took him in, I missed him and so wanted a black cat of my own.
My son told me his friend had a female cat, that just had kittens, so I said I will take one.

But when I went to pick him up, she had the brother with her, who was the last born and so little and so cute, so I took him too.

I already had a name for the one, before going to pick him up, which was M.C. which was a take off name of the stray cat that I had I had mentioned in this story, earlier, Mister Cat.

My son, who was with me at the time, said what are you going to name the other one and I said I don't know. Since I didn't really plan on two.
He said how about Hammer, which I remarked , genius. Perfect, M.C. and Hammer, named after the singer.

I slowly worked with them til they were comfortable in our home and our family.
They come to me to get groomed every day, the same time and get a little treat.
We also have treat time, I refer to as tricks for treats. They each, per treat, stand up on back legs, give me their paw, do a circle and lay down,
M.C. is the lap cat and Hammer is the player and more active one.
M.C. loves playing with string and Hammer loves the toy called Da-Bird.
We have a great time.

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