Cleo My Black Cat

by Christine Reynolds
(Ontario, Canada)

Cleo and my bed.

Cleo and my bed.

Cleo is my only cat and she likes it that way. Cleo is like my child. She waits for me when I go out and watches everything that I do.

She is very talkative and is alot like me. She loves to eat and sleep and laze around. She is eight years old and an indoor cat. She is afraid of people and has never been outside. She only trusts my mom and I.

She didn't like my dad at all and prefers females. She is not friendly to strangers and has a different personality than most cats. She will not sleep in my bed or sit on my lap. She is quick to slap or bite you if you do something that she does not like.

She does not like to be touched on the feet or back and will slap you if you touch her there. She only eats dry food and does not like or will not eat wet food. She loves organic cat grass and I get it for her a lot. She has a lot of toys and love to play with her snake, balls, and mice. Cleo is always there for me and we enjoy each other's company.

I named her Cleo short for Cleopatra the queen of Egypt. Since Egyptians worshipped cats and I like that. Cleo loves treats and cat nip. She is overweight and can't have too many though. She eats all the time and cries when her food bowl is empty. Cleo does not like being alone. When I go out she waits for me to come home and worries about me.

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