Cat Gallery Four

This is our cat gallery number Four. You can vote for any of these cats to be cat of the week.


by nanners

well we had a cat and she had babys they were born outside and we didn't know and they were crawling all over the place and we found one underneath this chair thing that we have on our porch so we had 2 save it cause the cat did not have it.we also found the rest they were with there mom.well anyway 1 of them looked like a racoon.and we thought he was special.we kept 2 of the cats.


by Cheyenne (Santa Monica ca)

She likes to roll around in the dirt. as you can see then make me chase her to get a bath. I usually win.(grin
she is very good in the bathtub once we get going with the bath. 
one time she got a bath and right afterwards went and rolled around in the mud guess she showed me who was boss.
She has a very sweet personality I love when her and I snuggle she loves affection.


by Toni 
(Staten Island, New York)

My cat, is my world! Ever since he showed up at my doorstep, 8 years ago at 3 weeks old. I raised him to the handsome cat he is today. He is a tabby, with one blind eye and a loud personality.


by Jeri 
(Franklin, NH USA)

Princess is just a kitten she was born on June 1st she is Siamese and maine coon. Very playfull


by Nalani (Wesco, CA)

I found Bobby 4 years ago in a Library parking lot I picked him up and looked around to see if I could see any others or maybe even a mama cat but the lot was empty and there he sat alone just barely able to meow, so I scooped him up and off to Pet Co. I went.

The following day I went back to the library,this time able to talk to an employee in which I told her what I had stumbled upon the day before, that's when she told me she had heard that a man days earlier had dropped off a litter of kittens in a box, and just left them their in the parking lot no one was able to catch this I went back out and checked the surounding areas for more kitties but no with Bobby in tote we went home and I bottle fed him until he grew big and today tomorrow and ALWAYS my Bobby will forever be special to me.

Willy Boy

by Nalani (Wesco,Ca.)

My husband found Willy Boy when he was around 5-7 days old, he was wedged in a pile of lumber upside down, my husband carefully removed him and brought him home, he has been with us for a week now and has gained 4 1/2 oz. he's a strong little guy and worth every minute.



ashes is from the alleys of new york. she enjoys the outdoors and laying in the sun. she is 12 years old and has plenty of energy.her sister shadow introduced her to this site and now they have a competition who will get the most votes.


by Mariella (LIC, NY, USA)

Max was a stray that quickly warmed up to us. He found my dad's store one day, and wouldn't leave. Being he was outdoors a lot, he had an encounter with what we like to believe was freddy krueger and he was badly injured. We brought him home to nurse him back to health, and we could never bring ourselves to let him out again. He did not quickly mesh with our other 2 boys, but now 8 years later i do catch them playing around with each other..occasionally. Max amazes me. Through the horrible freddy krueger incident, and then having to remove his lymph nodes due to a cancer scare, boy is he a trooper. He remained super playful even when having hundreds of stitches and staples holding him together. I have lupus and watching him get through it all gives me strength.


by Mariella (LIC, NY, USA)

James is my baby. FRom the minute I laid my eyes on him, he had me. He had these incredible baby blue eyes, that made my heart melt. He was this little round kitten. Him and his brother would chase each other around the house all day long. Oh the trouble that they caused. He fell ill a few years ago, and almost died on my living room floor. I was heartbroken. Since then, boy to I keep my eye on him. He seems to be the most sensitive of the 3 that I have because he keeps to himself, rarely comes out, and is just not friendly at all, but that's just who he is. He's warm to those who know him, but only for a little while. He is special because during my single life, he slept with me every nite and made it known he was unhappy the nites I did not make it home. He made sure that I knew he was upset with me, and I made sure that i didn't do it too often, because I hated being ignored by him when I returned.


I used to have 3 cats but now I have 1 cat named Mimi. She never runs away she always stays so she is very trustworthy. She was the smallest cat in the litter they didn't think that she will survive but now she is a healthy 3 year old with no health problems. I love her so much.


by Cheryl (Rowley, Mass)

Neal recently weighed in at 16 pounds. His mane is so long it flips up and gets in his mouth, and he has to spit it out. He is about five years old. He came by the name of Neal because his first owner thought he was a girl and named him Nia. Upon inspection, his name was changed to Neal. He is very sweet, loving, and verbal. He loves to talk, squeak, and purr. Although he has not lived with a dog, he seems to have no fear of them. I never saw a cat go up to a dog to sniff it - until Neal strutted up to a big Chocolate Lab.


by Mariella 

When I went to the shelter to pick out my cats, Ralphie was placed on my shoulder and before i knew it, he was heading down my back. I knew from that moment on that he was going to be very playful and fun. As the years have gone on, he is not as active, but now requires lots of cuddle time from myself and my husband, which is fine by us. Out of the 3 we have, he is the most cuddled cat.


My cat is a very playful cat and always wakes me up in a morning for her food she can be quite annoying but its cute she was my first cat and i love her to bits.....


by SanaFarrukh 

Bobo is so neat clean & well behaved..He is so cute.I am especially fond of his big,round green eyes.


by Anna lee Grant (Kansas City, MO, USA)

This is Sammy. He is 1 year and 3 months old. He was asleep on the fouton (this was a while ago, mind you) and he just looked TOO funny! 
My kitty is special to me because he is SO weird! Lol! He follows me EVERYwhere, like a puppy dog, which I love about him. He talks to me. A LOT. He's VERY stubborn but also very lovable. Especially when we first wake up and he's just so happy that I'm awake, he flopps down, literally, head first, and I scratch him and play with him. I love him!


by Terry 
(Upminster, Essex)

Having never owned a cat our daughter's boyfriend bought her Ronnie Christmas o7 he was 7 weeks. We were thrown into a panic and were not too pleased as that was not on our agenda. 18 months later the boyfriend is history but Ronnie is the light of our lives. Didn't know that an animal could bring so much love and laughter into our lives!!!!


by Candace Mollyhorn 
(Canton, GA, USA)

Peter Christian Lovelace-Mollyhorn is special because he's my cat. Peter is an orange tabby cat w/ green eyes. He is the love of my life and an absolute joy to be around. He's so handsome and loving. He is very sweet, well behaved, and very affectionate. I love him more than anything in this world!


by Nayeli 
(bronx,ny new york)

my cat is special to me because she was my first cat and when she was born you was the smallest one in all and whan she was a baby i took her in my bag and go outside with her and shopping i love you chikis

Loui Vitton

by Katherine (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

Loui Vitton came to us from the RSPCA. The first kitten we liked didn't want a bar of us, but Loui curled straight up in my arms and started purring.

He's a ball of energy when he wants to be and loves playing with his toys (especially my hair ties).

He also loves snuggling against me at night, while I sleep and on my lap in the mornings.

He loves peeking outside the house from his scratching post and the top of our bedroom cupboards.

He is always waiting for me in the bedroom window when I get home at night and I get very special meows as if to say "Mum's home... YAY!"


by Janice (Canada)

Eddie is the sweetest cat you could ever want. He follows you like a dog, always wants to be cuddling with you, likes to go for walks on a harness and leash.. 

He is about the size of a medium sized dog too.. at 32 pounds you'd think he is spoiled rotten, but he has been huge from day one. The vet said he has the slowest metabolism of any cat he ever saw. Eddie only eats dry cat food and in small amounts. doesnt eat people food and hardly has any treats.. 

He has a big heart to go with his big body. We couldnt as for a nicer cat.


by Janice 

This is Jack.. not actually my cat, he is the barn cat at a farm I used to work at occasionally. He was a wonderful friendly cat and i managed to get quite a few nice pictures of him before I moved away..


by Janice (Canada)

Tony is a stray that came around my house all skinny and ratty and have been feeding him a few months and he now looks amazing, he is still considered a stray as he just comes in, eats and runs, sometimes sleeps on the bed with my other 3 house cats and then whines to go out again.. I keep telling him that as soon as I can afford to get him neutered, he will be MY cat and will not be going outside like he does now.. Im not sure he agrees with that..


by Mary F. (North Carolina, USA)

I have had Zippy for almost 2 years now.
She came to me from an elderly couple in Michigan in late winter 2007.
They found her wandering in their yard, starved and cold. She was not more than about 5 months old at the time.

They took her to the vet and got her tested and vaccinated and spayed and tried to keep her as an indoor cat. This couple has alot of health issues and both are on Oxygen and being a kitten, Zippy would chew through their tubing.

They finally realized they could not keep her although they had grown to love her. A friend of mine in rescue told them about me and how I love Dilute Tortie Cats and so they called me to take her in.

The minute I seen Zippy, I fell in love with her.
She has the cutiest little eyes.
Her eyes are shaped in a way which gives her a "worried look".
Reminds me of myself when I work with cats needing rescue so I immediatly bonded with Zippy.


by Jasmine (Philly)

I love my cat so much. She's fifteen years old and still looks like she 3. she is the most well tempered cat ever... it takes a army for her to scratch you. She's the sweetest and dearest thing to me, and i cannot go through my day with out cuddling my her. Pepper is apart of my life, and even when she goes, i still think of her every day.


by Mary F. (North Carolina, USA)

I rescued Kuki in the winter of 2006 when a nice elderly woman found him wandering the streets seeking food wherever he could find it.
Bless her heart, this kind old lady wanted to give him a home with her but because of her health and her age (in her 90s) she felt it was best for him to get a forever home so she called me to come and see that he got a good home.

I fell in love with Kuki as he has beautiful blue eyes and the sweetist disposition of most any cat I have ever seen.
He is a Polydactal Cat which means he has EXTRA TOES on both front feet.
His feet look like oven mitts.
When he sleeps, he crosses his feet in such a cute manner.
He is very affectionate and a sweetheart.
I adore this beautiful boy.


by colette 

love her so much. she so pweddy


by colette 

she is my source of joy. the first lady


by sarah 

This is my cat bess,she is 16 years old she is one of four cats i have.bess is special to me as she is so much like her brother who passed away 2 years ago.shes a big cat who loves a cuddle.

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