Cat Gallery Six

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This is Willow. My partner and I had always wanted a cat but decided we couldn't get one as we lived in a rented flat. That went out the window when we met her as a little stray. She adopted us and we couldn't resist. The next thing we knew we were shopping for toys and she was coming home! She is so friendly and loves to be petted, especially at four in the morning. Taking photos of her is my new favourite hobby!

Debs Scotland

Mr Meowzy

Mr. Meowzy- Vivian, Albuquerque

Mr. Meowzy was a young, friendly stray cat who used to come to our yard in Los Angeles every few mornings for food. Our indoor cats, Luna and Brownie (both who are also on this website), were very curious about him and him about them and sometimes Mr. Meowzy would hiss at them through the back door.

He was very playful and loved when he got to play with ribbons that we brought outside for him or long pieces of grass. He was very scared of the sound of running water; whenever I would turn the hose on he would run away, but come back soon after it was turned off.

He chased squirrels a lot but wasn't that interested in birds except for mockingbirds, who taunted him from the top of a tree and flew away just as he started to climb. Twice he almost grabbed a squirrel by its tail but they managed to get away. He caught lizards too, but I don't know if he ate them or not.



Mila is the most precious, loving wee girl.  A chocolate point Siamese, she is gentle, svelte and regal in every way – except for her little habit of eating cigarette butts while on her daily walk.  Her day is spent clinging to her adopted companion Ricco, a Havana brown, whom she is madly, almost obsessively in love with.  They hunt, sleep, play, chase, feed and even toilet together!  Milas second love is her Human mother whom she clings to like a little baby when wanting cuddle time. 

While her mother is at the computer or working at her desk, milas favourite thing is to lap hog, and wiggle around purring looking intently upwards into your eyes until all your attention is on her.    Her favourite toy is her stuffed snow leopard she has had since she was a kitten and playing fetch and her favourite pastime - she is a vocal, very vocal bird “cackler” with any bird within her eye range.  Milas personality is just a beautiful as she is.


by nicola (nottingham uk)

We got ebony on 06/12/12 after losing our last cat who was 23 years old.
Ebony is a lovely little character she is black with a small amount of white on her belly. She is very playful and has a huge range of toys her favourite toys are her fuzzy birds she has 5 of these in different colours she also loves playing with emery boards(for filing human nails with)despite the other toys she has got if we put them in her square box (which has round holes which can be filled with small toys for ebony to get out)she finds a way of removing them we often find them all over the apartment. she will lay near the door or settee which lets us know where they are to retrieve them for her it is the same with her ping pong balls all in different colours some with bells in. we have always brought ebony toys that help with teaching her to interact with us or occupy her when we are out. we always find toys all over in a morning even on our bed as the fuzzy birds have to come to bed with ebony.


by Elaine Diacono (Malta)

my cat is 5 years old. I have bought it from a pet shop. I remember that i had to bring her in a box and by walk for about 30 minutes. When i arrived home this car started to vomit. My cat is very shy and does not like to be in hands. When I arrive from work I find her waiting for me behind the door. She likes to play but she scratches a lot. I always end up with scratches in my hand. 


by Bernie

SIMBA is a Bengal cat that had a rough start. He is a wonderfully buddy.
Loves to go camping and play in our camper looking out the window


by Tony Gallego (White plains,new York USA )

Our beautiful cat was a rescued from being put down. It was love at first sight we always wanted a white cat. She was very shy and scared in the beginning. She has blossomed and is tender, gentle and very loving. She really appreciates her new home. She has taught us about tender, loving care and we are very happy she has bought joy to our home.

Sandy Belle

by Hannah (PA)

I love my cat Sandy belle. I mainly call her sandy because of her yellow fur. She is special to me because I had two other cats but they both died. The first one (Chicka) was accidentally shot by a neighbor and the other one (Cooper) had a big bleeding spot that was attracting flies. We had to put both of them down. The belle part came in when she got her first personalized collar for Christmas. It was green and had a small silver bell on it.


by Nancy 

He is my best friend, when we go on vacation he hides in his many places. Our pet sitter, friend and family have never seen him. But for me he follows me and sleeps with me and never leaves my side, we have to think of another way for our skittish kitty to not freak out when we are gone. He is a real clown.

Bella and Cleo

by Ashleigh Conrad 
(Glen Mills )

Bella And Cleo are special to me because we gave them a loving home we found them on the street! I love getting in bed at night and having them right next to me sleeping!

Bella and Cleo are two crazy girl they love to play and be all over you! They love sleeping together and they both drink out if the sink! They love getting into my food! They love hanging out with are puppy kipp! The love watching movies with me but when a scary movie comes on the go in the other room. 


by Donna (San Jacinto, CA.)

My Panda is gone now, but he was just like one of my kids. let me know when he was hungry, waking up in the morning biting my toes.
He didn't lay down next to you, he'd plop, definitely always letting you know he was there. look at me with those big blue crossed eyes of his. Just lately he's been sleeping under the covers, something he hadn't done in the past. Some part of him always had to be touching some part of me or he wasn't happy. Drinking out of the bamboo plant, I believe it caused it to grow bigger and faster. Trying to get in the bathtub while I was bathing, that got a little tricky. Touching noses like Eskimo kisses all the sweet little things one shares with their cat. I always knew I loved him very much, but never thought I'd grieve over his being gone so hard. I'll continue to look for him every day , never give up


by Brittany (Columbia, SC)

She's our baby. We rescued her as a kitten and our other cat immediately adopted her as his own little kitten :) 
She LOVES jumping into boxes and if you turn on the faucet, she comes running to sit on the edge of the tub and play with the water!
She's been missing for almost two months :(


by Christine Detvay (Michigan)

This is my best friend Stellabetty. I rescued her from a drunk and irresponsible amateur cat breeder near our home. As you can see she is very beautiful and knows it. She is also very chatty, and follows me around all day while "talking". Currently she's having some health issues, and since she's only five years old we need some very positive thoughts and prayers for her. I've never had an animal that is so smart and communicative. She's my everything, and I will do the best and most I can to help her get better.....she's got two brothers that also live with us, Mr Spock and Scotty. Of course she's the boss, and they know it


by Christine Detvay (Michigan)

One day a friend of mine had dropped in to a local pet shop and told me about a kitten that was being kept in a fish tank. She said he'd had a brother in the tank with him, but he got adopted the day before. Having recently lost our last Rottweiler, Rocket, I was very lonely without an animal in the house. So when my husband got up I told him about this kitten and said I wanted to go and see it. When we got to the store, sure enough he was in a fish tank all alone. He had big green eyes and pointed ears that looked a little bigger than they should be. The girl in the shop let us take him out of the tank and play with him in an adoption area. I guess because he'd been cramped up in a fish tank, he just kept jumping up and down like he had springs on his feet! Needless to say he won our hearts and we took him home. I realized he reminded me of Mr Spock on Star Trek, so that's where his name came from. 


by Andrea Kudla (Winthrop, MA)

Our sweet Rami came to live with my husband and I exactly one year ago. We were at PetSmart picking up supplies for our fish tanks and I noticed a beautiful gray tabby cat looking at me so intently from an aisle away. I walked over to get a better look and thought it unusual that he didn't drop his eyes from mine as I walked over to the glass. I stood there and we just looked at each other for a few minutes and I was immediatly smitten. I called my husband over to take a look and he gave my husband the same direct and intelligent glance as it to say - your search is over, please take me home with you. My husband fell in love with him right away as well. 


by Tom (Denver)

Otis also goes by Otis Jay, Oatie and Oatmeal. We adopted Otis about 3 months ago. He is about 1 ½ years old.

We are Oatie’s third family. He was previously named “Crooks” by his first owner because of a crooked tail. On the day Otis came to his new home, we let him out of the cat carrier and he immediately went over to his bowl of food that we had set out and started to eat. He then explored the house. I have never seen this type of behavior with a cat. 

Most cats are neurotic and will hide for a while upon arriving to a new home, but Otis was playing with a string within minutes. He is very affectionate and playful. Aside from a little furniture scratching, he is very well behaved. He is the best cat we ever had!



I was working a job and when I was done and ready to leave, I heard a meow. I looked and found this little cat behind the fridge, pinned to the wall and had been there awhile, because he had relieved himself. I pulled the fridge out, got the little guy and took him in the bath and cleaned him up. I left the resident a note explaining where I found him and what I did. I also said, if you ever what to get rid of him call me and left my number. 

A month later I got the call and this is how we became friends. I give him baths and he loves the water.


by Len (Arlington, VA, USA)

Conner is a long-haired domestic cat who loves doing odd things. He likes staring at walls and meowing randomly, having stare down contests with humans, and bucking like a yearling horse when he feels like playing. His favorite toys are whatever his sister is playing with at the time.

His nickname is Conner McNaughty. He has earned that name for good reason. 

Conner could be a model. His facial expressions and looks change in almost every picture he takes; I have seen few other cats that have that quality. 


by Judith 
(Johnstown Pa)

I got Buttercup on my birthday last year and he was 8-9 weeks old. He is almost 12 months old now. He is my baby! He loves playing with his favourite toy which is a toy ferret named Frankie! He has 3 Frankie's but his favourite is Frankie number one! He also loves to play with marbles, he plays with them for hours! 

My children just love Butters! He is part of the family! I pamper him, once a week I snip his nails and file them, I brush his teeth, cleans his eyes and ears daily. Sometimes I bath him and blow dry him! One thing about Buttercup is that he loves water! He jumps in the shower with me and just sits and waits for me to get out! 


by Melinda (Lancaster, CA)

Jake was given to me by Jane, who goes to my church. He is a very large cat, very friendly. He is a tabby and is part Maine Coon, since he talks to us and makes funny little sounds. 

Jake is always first at the food dish and tries to eat everyone else's food. My other cats are Finn McCool and Oro II. I have had Finn since 2008 when I rescued him being turned over to the Animal Cruelty Society in Chicago. Oro II was adopted after Oro I disappeared in the desert after I moved to California. Jake will take over a chair in the living room, like my rocker and doesn't mind if someone sits down on him. He chase Oro II, If I who is much smaller. If he goes after Finn McCool, Finn just growls and goes under the bed. 


by Len (Arlington, VA, USA)

Cali Spice is a 2.5 year old brightly colored Calico girl. She has beautiful and unique markings. I adopted her when she was 10 weeks old. 

Cali is one of the most affectionate cats I have ever been around. Ever since kittenhood, she has been a bouncing ball of fluff. She shows no fear of strangers and approaches other cats happily to investigate them. She runs to the door to greet visitors and is always looking for the next great activity. She is an excellent cuddler and likes to sleep as close to me as possible. Cali is not the most agile when it comes to playtime. 


by Rachel 
(Black River Falls WI)

I just adopted him from the animal shelter in my town a few days ago and already we bonded. 

Toby follows me everywhere, lays on me while watching tv or on my laptop computer. Toby is a little sweetheart who loves to be petted and I'm happy that I could give him a new home for a Christmas present. 

Toby is four months old and is black and white. Toby is special because he picked me when I went to the shelter to pick out a kitten. He wants to be held a lot and he loves to cuddle and he loves to play. What else can I say about Toby? Well I don't know. I just love him to pieces. Toby is my new baby and i wish him a long, happy and spoiled life with me and my other cat Butter who wasn't too thrilled with having a newcomer in her apartment but she's slowly coming around. I love having two fur babies in my life now.


by Brenda (Perth W.A. Australia)

Opi is my special little man because he is my 1st kitten. At 40 Finally I bought my little ragdoll baby from a registered breeder. After spending 2.5 hrs holding my little man i gave him reluctantly back to the breeder, so he could be placed back in the cage with the other differing aged male kittens, explained to a totally naive me, as being due to fact just back from vets. 

The following day i went to look at non registered but view parents kittens half price of Opi, and honestly just as cute if not cuter, they owned the house here lol, allowed to roam freely and well socialized with young children, not that this is an issue at home :-). After promising the owner i would return once i bought all necessary kitten stuff i went looking madly for a shop to stock up, thats when i slowed slightly and thought it was only manners to txt the registered breeder and tell her of my decision and why.
Imagine my surprise when she shot one back about the risks i was taking the kitten could die in a week !!! Long txt short did i want to come get Opi half now half in a months time. It was like the Universe had smiled upon me, i quickly accepted and rang the second lady to tell her hubby had bought me Opi ;-).


by Vanessa Kennedy 
(Loughrea, Galway, IRELAND)

Baby is an 11 year old Persian that I have adopted due to her owners sadly having to emigrate. She may be 11 but she is certainly not a quiet kitty! She loves to race around like the best of them! I have had several cats in the past, but due to house-moves, etc, this is the only time recently that I've been in a position to home a cat - and, boy, had I missed having one! A good friend, Anne, alerted me to this stunning animal on a website here in Ireland and only for that friend I would not have 'My baby'...
She is such an affectionate little lady and I am honored to give her a home for the rest of her days. She's rapidly becoming my best little buddy and I SO look forward to coming in the door every evening and having her greet me - I almost can't remember NOT having her! 


by Vicky (Scotland)

This is my pretty kitty Oreo. He is 1 year old. We got him 8 months ago after I saw that a woman was getting rid of him. She didn't want the responsibility of having a pet so my husband and I took him in. 

We have never had a cat before, always dogs, and I never thought I would ever want one. Well Oreo has definitely changed my mind about that. I was always told that cats don't care about you, they are not affectionate and they just do their own thing. I know now that it's only non cat owners who think that. When we got him he was naturally a bit timid in his new surroundings but he soon came out of his shell. If we leave the house, even just for 5 minutes, when we come back, he races to the door to greet us, meowing non stop, rolling on his back to get his tummy tickled. He loves to play with toys (especially the laser pen), and cuddle up to us at night. He is just the most loving, affectionate little guy in the world and we love him so much. Because he is still so young, we can look forward to many more years together.


by Lisa 
(United kingdom)

Louis is 3 years old and he chose us. We visited him as a sickly 3 month old kitten at a rescue home and he instantly leapt onto my shoulder, how could I refuse! He is extremely affectionate and loving but makes our older cats life a misery by constantly ambushing her at every opportunity. 

He is a prolific mouser and proudly presents us with gifts on a daily basis, much to my husbands horror (he's not over keen on mice, dead or alive!) Louis is the most lovable cat with a quirky personality with an ability to manipulate humans to give him exactly what he wants be it food or fuss and we adore him!


by tarrah (hanson)

I got belladonna when she was 6 weeks old.
I have autism, i have never had many friends, because i am so different to other people i find it really hard to maintain friendships. My mother got me belladonna in the hope that I'd find a friend in her & i have. Bella has become a huge part of my life, she has helped me so much, that sounds very silly. But I see Bella as my best friend, i wouldn't have it any other way That's enough about me now time for bellas story

Belladonna is 1 and half years old, she isn't very playful most days. She likes to keep to herself, although when she wants to be she can be quite lovable and she loves to chase her toys around.


by Cyndi 
(Killeen, tx usa)

He is the kitty my husband bought me for my birthday around 6 months after i lost my precious baby Felix rather suddenly. Chaucer has turned into one of the greatest things in my life. His favourite sleeping position at night is curled up around my head so I can snuggle into his kitty-ness, and if i start to move to much he tightens around me and starts purring so I don't move. He also plays fetch better than any dog you've ever seen! he is such a card! I love my little sweet faced angel!


by Maria 
(Manila, Philippines)

They say cats are their own being and that they never are truly yours. This was my cat named Mallow. I found him a few years ago abandoned outside. 

It was a rainy evening and I heard meowing outside my house. I went over to where the meowing was coming from and saw this white three week old kitten. I wasn't really into cats and just found it cute and told my boyfriend that what a cute kitten this was. He even looked like a marshmallow!

After a few minutes looking at it, my boyfriend and I went inside the house. We were surprised that this white ball of fur followed us home! I guess it was my instinct telling me to adopt this kitten and immediately found it a box to sleep in. 

He grew on me and suddenly found myself to be more into cats than my boyfriend is! Mallow would respond if he knew I had kitty treats and he'd give daily kisses. One time when it was storming, my mom and I played Scrabble and the cat would jump on the board and sit on it. What a hilarious time that was.

Unfortunately, just like other male cats, this one went out looking for a mate and never came back. We'd search everywhere for him and not find him anywhere.

While I lost a friend, Mallow left good memories. I'm more into cats than ever and my family are accepting of furry little creatures living in our space. For that, I thank Mallow for showing me what beautiful creatures cats are.


by Beverly Armstrong 
(New London, PA)

Calm and cool, he always has a very laid back demeanour. Dash is exceptionally close to my heart because of his sister that looked almost identical named Stella. We lost Stella March 2011 and I loved her with all my heart. I wished and prayed that Eclipse (Stella and Dashs' mom) would have another like Stella. 

A few months later I got my wish and now I have Dash. He and his sister Shelia have full run over the house and bring smiles to me and my family every day. Dash is unlike any cat I've had before and I'd love to have him around for many years. On a cold night I always have something to keep me warm.


by Alyssa (Hinton, AB, Canada)

We adopted Kitty (previously Gwen) in November of last year to keep me company during my boyfriend's long work hours. She's been a blessing in the house, and makes friends with just about everyone she meets. She loves my 8 year old dwarf rabbit and will play with and groom him for hours. She doesn't "meow" like a typical cat, instead she makes these chirping/purring sounds. Kitty brings a smile to my face each and every day.

Kitty was born August 18, 2011, she will be a year old on Saturday.

Kitty is an indoor cat, she lives in our apartment. She spends most of her time napping in the sun on our screened in deck. 

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