Cat Gallery Eight

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Mr Meow Meow Puss

Hi my name is Tammy and our cat Mr Meow Meow Puss, M.m.m.p for short is special because he was a runt kitten that we rescued before leaving Queensland and has travelled over 3,000kms with us all over N.s.w's and into Victoria Australia where we now reside. I am going to be writing a book based on Mr Puss and some of the amazing places he has been and stayed in. All proceeds will be going to our local animal shelter and childrens hospital. I never knew what Mr Puss's breed was and have spent the last 2 years researching. When I discovered your site and a few others I was overwelmed. 

Mr Meow Meow Puss is a Black American Shorthair. I love Puss and he loves me. Oh and yes he also loves my partner and our newest edition Snooter our Minature Jack Russell. The best thing I love about Puss is that he is a cat that walks on a lead like a dog and some of the looks we have got when travelling down from Qld were just that! What else can I say. I am proud of my cat and thats that.


Mitchel  is a sweet loving cat also rambunctious but a perfect mix of both. We found him at our local humane society, he was nine months old.  He has bright blue eyes,and a crazy meow.  He got along right away with our American shorthair cat Milo and her two-year-old puppy dog Zooky monster.  He loves to lay around everywhere on his back belly up Paws out completely relaxed.  He's an excellent Hunter and probably listens better than our dog. He loves hanging out in the garage with me and my wife.  He'll sit there and watch you build things or do housework. oh no you're just an awesome cat and we're glad to share a picture of how handsome he is with everyone else.  He likes to instigate playtime with the other animals whether they really want to or not and It can get quite amusing. 

by Sunny D, Pennsylvania 


by Lorraine jones 
(Leicester, uk)

Tiggeroo is one of my six cats, i've had him since the minute he was born, he loves posing for the camera. he's three now, he just gets cuter every day.


by Dawn (Fairchild AFB, WA)

My little Chicken Nugget..Nally Monster..Nally pants.. just a few of the nicknames she's endured from me. I'm sure she gets at least one new nickname yearly : )Denali is a Tortie; she's my adorable little sweatheart and for all intents and purposes my kid too!  

I was volunteering at an animal shelter near Travis AFB, CA when I first laid eyes on her adorable fuzzy little face. It was all over, I picked her up and that was that. I learned she and her litter mates were left in a box outside the fire dept. She has been with me since she was 2 lbs & she'll be 9 years old this July. I named her Denali after the Alaskan interpretation 'The Great One' she was so tiny it only seemed fitting. 

I have been comforted knowing that I have my little munchkin to take care of, she's been there through 6 deployments and is always very loving once I return home (with exception of the first day where I get a fuzzy cold shoulder from her for leaving in the first place) : ) 

She is the smartest cat I've met and follows several instructions to include come, stay, outside and get inside (I'll occasionally add an hondalay for emphasis and she moves quicker) she's still very playful and will do airborne soemersaults for her favorite feather toy.

My little sweetpea talks a lot, tells me everything that has happened throughout her day when I come home and has recently decided my hip or tummy is her personal petbed if I'm lounging on the couch. Very cool little girl; full grown she is barely over 7lbs so she's just an itty bitty thing. Hard to tell with all the fur until she gets her bath. Too cute! She is only mildly uncomfortable in the tub, she's been getting baths since she fit in the sink. She'll stay on the counter for me while I towel her off then brush and blow dry her fur. 

Denali's favorite toys include any cloth toy with catnip sewn or velcrow hidden inside of it, feather toys, furry mice toys, Mom's combat boot laces (usually while I am trying to tie them or take them off) and a small piece of nylon rope that used to belong to a laundry bag. : ) Oh and any bag she can find paper or plastic lol I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my little furrball; I love her to pieces


by Mary (North Carolina)

Gilly is a VERY special cat who was rescued from a feral colony behind a car dealership in Florida on Easter Sunday 2011

Gilly is FIV positive and when found by a employee at the dealership, was found to be quite sociable and lovable and in dire need of a home.
All of the local rescues in Florida was full and the owners of the dealership was going to have him taken to the pound if he wasn't removed from their business property.

After reading a cross post on a local FIV yahoo group about Gilly's need for a forever home, I contacted the group in florida that was seeking help to place him in a home.

On Easter Sunday 2011, I went to Florida from North Carolina to pick up this sweet special boy and bought him home to live with me in North Carolina.

He now has a SAFE forever home where he is loved and cared for .
We love him dearly.


by Andrea (Ipswich, UK)

 have had Reg & his sisters Katie & Connie for 11 years. i love them all to bits, but Reg is special. He loves me in that special way that boy cats love their "Mums". 

He had been mistreated when he was a kitten and was being a big brave 12 week old boy at the rescue center when i went to find a cat (yes i went to get 1 & came away with 3!). He was protecting his sisters who were hiding behind him, and snarling and swiping his paws at me, but it was love at first sight for me. 

As soon as he got home, he turned into a teddy bear, and over the years has become my "hairy husband"! He is demanding, loud, & funny. He jumps over the gate to meet me when i come home. He has to inspect my dinner plate to make sure i am not depriving him of some tasty morsel, and most nights about 4am, he climbs into bed with me & snuggles down into the crook of my arm for a cuddle. He head butts guests until they give him attention, and rolls around on his back outside the house, until someone passing by gives his deliciously fluffy tummy a rub. All of my cats are special, but Reg is "my boy".


by Tarith Lawrence (Sunderland, England)

I came across Screech when I was looking for a companion cat for my baby girl Boss, I found him in a pet shop, cramped into a tiny cage with 6 other siblings, poor thing wasn't too happy at all and I just had to have him. So I took him home and he's been with me 6 years now and he's such a loving little man, he's horrendously nervous around other people and will only come out of his hidey-hole once he gets to know you, but he loves to lie on top of me on the settee and have a cuddle, he's so soft bless him! He loves his food and especially his ham treats, strange thing is, he will only eat them if they are thrown to him so he can play with them first haha! And he's the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen!


by Tarith Lawrence (Sunderland, England)

I have 2 other cats, Boss and Screech, and Tiny is Boss's "sister", one of the kittens from her parent's second litter, and she is 5 years old. She had a bit of a rough start at the beginning as she was taken seriously ill with cat flu when she was a few weeks old and could have died, and has hardly grown as a consequence but now shes happy and healthy and simply adorable. She's the most protective and clingy little thing you could ever meet, even follows me into the bathroom every time I go in, and her favourite thing at the moment is trying to fight her way onto my lap for a cuddle every time I sit down haha! She loves to play and she always lets me know when she wants playtime as she drags her favourite toy (a little bird on a string) wherever I am and vocalizes at the top of her voice bless her! She's such a happy, playful little girl and loves people, and I'm so glad to have her :)



Peaches is our new little boy kitten. He has a sister too called Connie. We love cats.


by Miss.J.Powell (Neath,Wales,United Kingdom)

She is very special to me because she always there for me when i need someone to talk to. She is my sister, people say cats don't count as a member of the family but i don't agree. 

After Tibby died last year from fluid on the lungs i wont stop crying till my mammy brought Jess home one day and i fell in love with her. She is always with me, she sleeps on my top bunk bed while im on the bottom. She also is very funny, she keeps making faces when she smells something bad and then runs away quickly.

All the time she so cute and i love how soft her fur is and how quiet she meows. There is no word currently in history to describe how i feel and how much she means to me. I don't care if no one else can see how unique and precious she is ... 

she a winner to me. She was originally given to us for free by two people who wanted to get rid of her because they bought a new boy kitten and she didnt get along with him. No surprise seeing as she only been with him for a day honestly some people don't realize a cat is for life.

She is known by many alias in my house babyboo for always surprising people on the stairs and peeking into the bathroom . Jessica fletcher from the tv series. but out of all the alias and titles only one really needs to be said she is jess my sister and member of our family and i love her.

There is so many special things about her it would take all day to say but all i want is too make sure she lives a happy healthy and very long life.


by Kelley (Daniel Island, SC)

I saved him from a shelter but honestly, he has saved me. Just broke up with a boyfriend, starting all over....he makes me smile when I come home from work. 


by Angie Harrington (Ward, AR)

Yellow is a jungle cat and big game hunter.

He's loyal and a true protector of his territory, which is the whole neighborhood and surrounding counties. He's just a good boy.


by Timothy (Grass Valley, CA)

Wooster, who will be 2 years old in July 2011, came from the county shelter when he was only a few months old. I went in to find a cat of no particular age or breed, but I planned to bring home the first one who I seemed to "click" with. 

When I stepped into the room where the cats were kept, I turned and looked at the first cat, in the first cage.


There he was. A fluffy, bright white cat with a brown-grey tail and one matching spot on his head. (Who turned out to be a Turkish Van)He was playing with a toy they had attached to the door of the cage. He stopped playing for a moment, looked into my eyes, squeaked that little kitten noise, and then attacked my fingers as I stuck them through the door. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to walk away to get someone to help me, for fear someone else would come along and claim him. Fortunately an employee came through a couple minutes later and told me I could open the cage and handle them if I wanted. So I immediately grabbed him and took him up front, paid the fees, and stuck him in the brand new crate I bought on the way over. He hardly made any noise on the ride home, and when we got home, he came out of the crate and "kitten-strutted" around my room as if he knew it was his place. I will never forget that day, as it was the day I met my Soul-Kitty.

A few months earlier, I had broken up with my long time girlfriend, and had made the decision that, at a few days away from my 40th birthday, I had given enough of a try, and that it was time to call it quits and move on with my life without a significant other. That is when I realized I needed a cat. Now, I don't know how I managed to find exactly the RIGHT cat after looking at all of ONE cat, but that was what I had found.

Wooster immediately filled the hole in my life. He climbed his way in and dug in all of his claws. Throughout my life I have always been surrounded by animals, though mostly dogs, and had only switched from dog person to cat person when I met the afore mentioned GF. (Who is a wonderful cat person herself) I have loved each and every pet my family has had, but never before have I connected with an animal on this level. He is such a part of me. He takes care of me as much as I take care of him. He helps me deal with my disability and chronic pain, and has made this new lifestyle far less lonely. 

His fourth week with me was a rough one. That was when I discovered he is a Pica kitty. I was lucky enough to be looking at him when he picked up a small piece of metal that has fallen onto my floor. (Basically a 1 inch long aluminum needle) I took him to our wonderful Kitty Doc, and that day he went into surgery, where the removed the bit of metal, along with: 6 leather tails off of his toy mice, 3 inches of a fleece string toy, and almost 6 inches of a wide shoelace (with plastic tip), and few assorted other bits of plastic. So now, along with being an already very spoiled cat, he is a very carefully restricted cat. Care has to be taken that no small objects make it into his mouth. If he sees a speck on the carpet, he will just grab it as he strolls by, and swallow it. Aside from his little mental issue, he is a very happy, healthy cat.

Wooster is my best friend, my constant companion, and the biggest source of joy in my life. I don't know how I got so lucky to have this wonderful beastie choose me as his cat-daddy, but I am so very grateful that he did! Thanks for taking the time to read this WAY too long story, but it is one I wanted to share at least this once.


by Tarith Lawrence (Sunderland, England)

I got her from a friend when she was a kitten, we bonded practically from the day she was born, she was coming onto my knee at 2 weeks old for a cuddle and a snooze!!! She's the most vocal cat I have ever known, God only knows what she would say if she could speak, she even lets me know she wants a treat from the fridge...she rubs her head against the fridge door and chatters really loudly, her favourite treats are cheese slices, bolognese pizza with garlic dip and poppadoms haha!!! She's the most loving, affectionate cat, and sleeps with me every night, her favourite trick is to play dead on the pillow and she sleeps flat on her back with her legs in the air, she's my baby girl!!! :)


by sheryline (lebanon)

my cat keeps me comfort. and he is always there waiting for me when i come back from school. he is so fluffy i can squeeze him to death!


by Rachel von der Ehe (Black River Falls WI)

Butter is a kitten trapped in a full grown cat's body well that is because she is still a kitten at only 9 months old. She is a orange and white longhair. Butter and I bonded when she was only two months old. She's special because she's loyal and cuddly. She has sounds that she only makes for me because she loves me. She means the world to me and i can't imagine my life without my baby Butter.


by Sarah Drake (Isle of wight)

My cat loves to lay in the sun, she likes to pinch my dinner. She likes to be naughty and bring home presents. I think my cat is special as we rehomed her from the rspca, she loves us and we love her. She is special to me because shes mine


by Lorraine (Leicester uk)

I love my meemoo, he loves to lay in my arms for a cuddle but then he puts his paw to my lips for me to kiss it.

if i go out in to the garden and i havnt noticed him he will meeow just to let me know hes there, hes the best cat anyone could have and i just adore him, and i know he loves me. xxx


by Dale Barry (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I've been in a wheelchair for a number of years.she is my constant companion...she is soft as silk...and purrs up a precious little girl...a gift from heaven...


by Lauren Wiener (Tempe, AZ, USA)

We just got our kitty Tempe so our other cat Mesa would have a friend. Surprisingly the kitty and my daughter Leighton can’t get enough of each other. They play, teeth and sleep together! I posted this picture on facebook and all my friends said I need to send this picture out on an animal website! Enjoy the peacefulness…mommy did!


by Kirsten (Florida)

Jasper is a 4 year old Bengal Tiger cat. We adopted him from the Humane Society about a year ago. He was only a couple days away from being put to sleep.

He is an extremely vocal cat with a very unique voice unlike any other cat. He ends most of his meows with an "M" and usually throws an "L" in the middle. He often sounds more like a person and he can hold a great conversation. Like most cats he's extremely lazy and usually spends the day in one comfortable spot just adjusting positions. He's super affectionate and gives lots of kisses.


I picked Arsy out of a litter from my friend. She is my first pet and I'm 19 years old. She's a wild kitten but she's fun to have around the house. 


by Jamie (Chicago, IL )

Marley is a 6 yr old male American Short hair cat and is big ball of energy! When he is not busy running around he loves to sun bath.

He also loves to cuddle and hide under blankets. Every morning he loves to wake you up with kisses. 


by Martha (Ft. Lauderdale, Fl)

She is a BIG baby, likes to sleep by curling herself with my arm. Big on PURRRS. Responds to "kiss me", "come up" "go to your pillow" Responds to "food & Treats". Calls me when constipated so I can help her. She acts more like a dog in the sense that she responds to verbal commands.


Our cat is a Devon Si Rex, and we introduced him into our family about about 4 months ago so that our dog could have a companion. I never thought I'd love a cat so much, but this little guy is full of so much love.

Kate & Juliet

by Amanda (PA)

Kate and Juliet were rescued from a kill shelter in November 2010 at the ripe old age of 20. They were on the list to be put to sleep and when I saw them, they broke my heart and I felt that I needed to give them a home to live out their days. Months later, they're both doing well and I love them so much. I made a Facebook page for them ( to show everyone how wonderful senior pets are and hopefully, get more people to adopt them from shelters!

In two of the pictures, Juliet (the Russian Blue) is looking over her sister Kate after Kate returned home from a couple of nights at the vet hospital. The other is the first day they were home from the kill shelter.

Gun Jack

by Nilam Muthia Rasky (Indonesia, Jakarta)

Gun-jack is my first cat; I love him with all my heart. That's I always wanted to stand by him, even in my exhausted time. I never dream to have a cat before, as my family and I such a hygienic people, so for us cat is dangerous. Especially their fur, my parents always said that cat’s fur is really dangerous for woman, it can cause us have no ability to pregnant someday, because the toxoplasmosis virus is only exist in cats. But then, it all changed.

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