Cats Hate Cold Paws

Cats hate cold paws. Come on I hear you cry, "cats are used to being outside in all weathers and so must be OK with cold paws". Er, well, you would think so but I can tell you that my two cats, especially Byron here in the picture, absolutely hates eating if his paws are cold. In fact he will walk away from his food bowl and sit at the door to the kitchen on a little carpet until we move his food bowl there. The trouble is, cat food on a carpet is a devil to get out.

As you can see from the picture, out kitchen has a tiled floor, which is lovely to easily keep clean but does get a little cold on the old tootsies, especially in winter. Our solution was to buy a large plastic non slip mat to put under the cats food bowl. It has to big enough so that they can get all of their body onto, as well as the food bowl. 

Bingo, Byron will happily eat his food here and as he is such a messy eater, the mat is great at catching any spills and is easy to clean. A simple solution to a problem which I'm sure many cat owners experience with their own cats ( I can't believe it is only our two cats who hate to have cold feet while they eat, well would you?) 

These non slip mats are available in all sorts of places but it is essential that you buy one that is big enough. I also like to have a kitty cat motif on it too so that it doesn't get used for anything else around the house, yes this can happen, see my funny story below.

Although I do like the look of this pet place mat as it also has a raised lip all the way round which means that any food doesn't get spilled on to the floor and mused in.

Funny Story

When I first started to date Matt many years ago, he came round my house one day and exclaimed that he was very hungry and wondered if there was anything he could eat. I was busy doing something at the time so I said "yes, grab yourself some cereal". 

Ten minutes later I came into the front room to see Matt happily eating a bowl of cereal with my then cat Tigger sitting at his feet glaring at him. 

"I don't know, what's wrong with your cat" Matt said "He won't stop staring at me". 

Suppressing a smile I said "Oh never mind him, he probably doesn't like you using his food bowl". 

Yes you guessed it. Matt had picked up a bowl which was on the draining board after being washed and used it for his cereal. As it was a plain bowl there was no way for him to know that it belonged to our cat. Never again, we always used cat bowls now. 

I was wondering, does your cat have any special requirements when they eat? I know cats can be very fussy. Let me know below, I would love to know that my cats aren't alone in their odd little ways.

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