My cat is losing weight but eats constantly


My cat is 14 years old has very few teeth. He is always straving I feed him and feed him and he is still hungry eats like he has never been fed Even though I just fed him an hour ago.. I give him fancy feast or Iams pate. He has become quite skinny he was a large fat cat but over the last year he seems to keep losing more and more weight and eating more and more food. Could he have cancer,

I don't see any evedence of worms.

Answer by Kate
Could be a thyroid problem. My own cat was the same, it is very common and does need treatment as soon as possible as. The treatment varies between medication and an operation. My own cat had the thyroid removed and now she is her own happy self again and she is 16. She has regained her normal body weight and looks and behaves very healthy.
Don't delay in seeing the vet as the cat will also start to loss muscle and this will make them weak.

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Maybe it's just time.
by: BHM

Obviously money is No object for many of you. In reality, who can afford hundreds of dollars just to speculate on what is Wrong? A 15 year old cat otherwise happy who is eating but losing weight may just be preparing to die. Maybe that isthe best thing. Are there any home remedies to make them comfortable or signs When the end is near?

by: Anonymous

Hi to the person above with cat with diabetes. My male fur baby had diabetes. I was giving him insulin 2x daily for 5 years. Out of no where he had hypoglycemia in January 2017. After a trip to ER to stablize him til his Vet opened in the morning, I helped him get through numerous seizures for 5 hours. Vet kept him over night and was sure he would die. He did not die. She then said he will most likely have brain damage. Never happened. He was back to normal in a matter of a couple weeks and after many glucose tests he went into remission. We happily celebrated his 13 th b-day in March. A couple months ago he began chronic vomiting with diarrhea. They ran many tests that came out clear for many issues. He dropped from a 16 lb cat to 7 very quickly. He has been given fluids on many occasions. Cerenia which has ceased the vomiting and prednisolone. He has been chronically hungry. Advised to feed him many small amounts a day. It's heartbreaking to see him getting so thin and begging for food all the time. He also poops out A LOT. At least 10 x per day. Mostly soft but structured and less loose. Any ideas. We love him but don't want him to suffer. He does not exhibit the behaviors of the dying cat but I am worried it's just a matter of time.

Cat losing weight
by: Leigh

My male cat is a Russian Blue and Siamese mix. He is 8 years old and has always been a good weight and had a stunning silver-grey coat. In the last 2 months he has lost around 0.5kg and is feeling very bony. His fur is also looking a little dishevelled. He has a healthy appetite but we took him to the vet because of my concern with regards to his weightloss. The vet took bloods. ..tested for diabetes and checked his thyroid...he also took a urine sample and checked to make sure he didn't have worms. His teeth are in excellent shape. So basically there was nothing else picked up in the bloodwork, so the vet is really unsure as to what could be wrong. Any other suggestions????

my poor monster
by: Anonymous

My cat is about 15 year old, he has a tumor and it's spreading, already in his lungs :( . Recently he is asking for food all the time, looks like this is "normal" behaviour in this condition and age, he is very light but looks still gorgeous, my monster, anyway this is very sad to watch him acting like that .

my 12 yr old shadow
by: Anonymous

I was reading one of the article down below.there was one written about her elder cat. She tried a human supplement that she found on I thought I order the same for my cat but it was totally different. Really would like to see a picture of it or the page. She also said it was Biozyme Pancreatic Enzymes.
( human supplement). Can you help me with this problem. Thanks Gloria.

I can not help and personally would not recommend a human supplement, not without consulting a vet first.

No weight gain
by: Michele Meuer

My cat was 19 yrs old in May & eats about 10-15 times a day,but small amounts & still does not gain weight. He is on a 1 MG mini-meds does of Budesonide once a day. Just had a panel of bloodwork done & everything was in the normal range except BUN was a little high @54 mg/dl 16-36. On the low side was RBC 6.42 M/ul,6.54-12.20, HCT 27.2% 30.3-52.3 & HGB 9.1 g/dl 9.8-16.2.
Why doesn't he gain any weight for as much as he nags me to eat (all day).
Before he was on the Budesonide, he was throwing up 4-5 times a week, but much better now.
Could this have anything do to with a problem with his pancrease & enzymes? At our last appt. my Doctor said that she was not optimistic about him, but other than his low weight, he seems to be doing ok. He was drinking a lot of water & urinating very often,but now - not-so-much. I pretty much figure that he is in Kidney failure, but not so very bad.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insuficiency
by: Anonymous

Our 15 year old cat has always been hungry but over the past few months became ravenous and even eating own poop! He lost weight and went down to under 7 lbs. eating two 5.5 oz cans of food a day! One vet wanted to biopsy the poor thing because she was convinced he had lymphoma even though blood work and ultrasound were normal. Another vet thought it was horrible to biopsy any cat over 10 years old and also thought it was most likely cancer, and suggested putting him down within a week if treatement for irritable bowel didn't improve. My cat did not act sick, just hungry and starving. After doing my own research (I'm a biologist), I determined the cat had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (he was tested for thyroid and diabetes and both negative). The vet who insisted on a biopsy wanted almost $300 to confirm with bloodwork. Instead we purchased Biozyme pancreatic enzymes (human supplement) from and he is finally at peace and gaining weight! Please look into this if your cat is having similar issues. Don't buy into the psychogenic eating disorder diagnosis until you try this first.

Please give advice
by: Erin

My female cat had 4 kittens 6 weeks ago, she is always hungry eating all the time but looks like she is losing weight

should I wait?
by: Anonymous

My 8 yr old cat has lost alot of weight but eats all the time. He is constantly hungry. Acts fine otherwise. I cant get him in to see my vet for 10 days. They mentioned his thyroid. Is it safe to wait that long to have him seen or should I go to another vet? I'm worried.

my cat is always hungry and thisty
by: Anonymous

Every since my cat had kittens which was 6weeks ago she hungry and thirsty all the time then she's very picky when she want before its driving me crazy

by: Anonymous

i have not seen my problem answered. My 13 yr old cat weighs only 9 and one half lbs, he was once 15 lbs. He is a male and eats a lot and goes in the litter box a lot, doesn;t drink too much. Was checked out by the vet and checked out fine, blood tests, etc. I brought him to the vet because since i adopted him when he was a yr and a half old he throws up easily because he doesn't chew his food well but wolfs it down. Even his teeth are fine! He seems otherwise very healthy. His diet has been changed to only soft food- venison and is always hungry.

by: Michaela

I have a female cat who began drinking a lot of water and oddly bulked up, same scenario... Forever hungry! Brought her to several vets before I found one that had experience with diabetic cats. She's a little girl so we started her off twice a day with half a unit... Within 2 months she was more herself and was once again ruling the house and running with her brother each night. My husband, such a good man! Dutifully gave her the shots each morning and night. We removed all dry food after reading many articles about remission. I came home late one evening from a business trip and found my little Sarah walking like a drunk... I was very aware of what to watch for when too much insulin was given... I fed her some extra food and slept with her. I called the vet first thing in the morning and brought her in to spend the day so that they could do curve testing on her... The results were in and her levels were normal! 6 months later my girl is insulin free!

Cat losing weight and hungry all the time
by: Nicole

My cat had the same symptoms last february. He was hungry all the time and was losing weight rapidly. He went from weighing around 6 kgs to 3.2 in a matter if months. I took him to him to the vet and he was diagnosed with diabetes , which is what I had suspected as he was urinating all the time and drinking a lot of water. I now inject him with insulin twice a day and he is back to his usual weight . He is coping really well, and cats can actually go into remission from diabetes.

What was diagnosis??
by: Gillia

My cat has got the very same symptoms. He is a Persian 13yrs old and within the last 6 months has lost weight and is always starving... Please let me know what you found out. He has been through many tests and ultrasound, but vet hasn't really seen anything significant. I'm afraid of surgery because of his age.

Cat losing weight and eats constantly
by: Anna

My almost 15 year old male cat has the same problem, our vet did a thyroid test and it was normal,what the vet wants to do next is do a test foe feline diabeties.

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