Stray cat hissing when I go to feed her

There's a stray cat that's been coming around and I've been feeding her. The other day I went to put the food on the plate and she hissed at me for no reason. She has done this several more times.

I gave her food today and she didn't even eat. Is she sick?

Answer by kate
Hi, well if she is a stray or feral cat then her behavior towards you is perfectly normal. A hissing cat means that they are afraid of you and are trying to warn you off from coming any closer. if you are trying to befriend her then it can take quite a long time, the secret is to build her confidence and trust in you and she must do that at her own pace and must come to you. Any attempt by you to get near her or touch her will be seen as threatening behaviour so just continue to feed her and then move away from the food and some distance and just sit there, hopefully over time she will become less afraid of you and you will be able to closer to her or she may even come to you. But there are no garnatees with a feral cat that they will ever accept human friendship, it all depends on the individual cat.

Good Luck

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by: Anonymous

Steph, do you get closer to the cat than your husband?

I get more hisses than my mother who is the other less frequent feeder of ours but whereas he will get fairly close to me (see an earlier post) he keeps a good few yards from her.

Speculation of course but I'm wondering whether that although getting closer might mean more trust, the cat might also feel the need to give out more warnings because he is closer?

Feral cat
by: Steph

We have a 21 year old indoor cat and a feral cat that adopted us during severe winter weather 5 years ago. Feral cat has been hissing at me more and more lately even though I'm the one that feeds him/her most of the time. He/she never hisses at my husband. Any clue why this happens?

by: Anonymous

I've been feeding a feral tom for about 2 years. His latest approach is to stand a few yards in front of where I put the bowl (the previous way, he would walk round and stand behind the where I put the bowl hissing as I approached). I walk a yard towards him as he hisses, h backs off a yard, faces me and hisses again. This is repeated 3 or 4 times until he gets behind where I put the bowl.

I stood still for a while this morning when he got to the proper place. To my surprise, he decided to approach me. Even that had to be accompanied with hissing!

He's an odd one. We've tamed and kept feral kittens and an older cat who I'm pretty sure had known life with people before (abandoned?) becoming feral but I'd guess this one has gone 5 or more years from birth without knowing people. I doubt he will ever become really friendly but he's interesting.

Inside cat got outside
by: Anonymous

I recently brought a stray cat inside my home it was outside for at least two years that I'm aware of, it has been 6 months inside, though quite fond of me, the cat got out after searching for hours I found her and it took me quite awhile to get her back inside, I managed to get her in and now she seems different, stares out the window alot and doesn't seem to be attached to me like before.. what happened?

taken in stray but she does not like my female cat
by: wendy

I have two cats brother and sister aged 2 , they are good together, then we took on a stray ,female tsbby, pretty cat,and can be loving,but not with my female cat, chases her off and she is so scared of her, hides, the boy cat tolerates her ,only just! I just want them to get on, the stray cat we found out later was left when this family moved home! We dealt so sorry for her, but feeling more sorry for our original cats, they are really soft nice cats,don't no what to do? Help

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