1-2 week old kitten acting strange

by Taven Cross
(Orlando, FL, U.S.A.)

It's blurry but you can see him tilting.

It's blurry but you can see him tilting.

Hi, my name is Taven. I have a 1-2 week kitten who keeps his head tilted to the side as if he can't move his neck but when I help him, the neck seems fine. He also keeps rolling in the same direction his head is tilted. It sorta scares me, it looks like he is about to snap his own neck. He even keeps rolling in my hands. What could be wrong?

Answer by KAte
well he is very young and so may not have much strength yet. However I must say that this could be an indication of a birth defect. he may have problems with his spine or it could be a brain defect. Sorry but if i were you i really would have him checked out by a vet sooner rather than later in case there is something that can help.

It is not unusual for a kitten to be born the runt of the litter and they often have health issues which need treatment.

Plus you have not said whether or not he is still with his mother which he should be up until 12 weeks. if not then it is a lot of work for you to take care of him. Please see my pages about how to look after orphaned kittens etc.


best wishes Kate

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Just wondering
by: Ashley

Hi! I can't seem to find a date of when this was posted but I was wondering if anyone found anything out from a vet about what it was? And if the kitten was okay?


kittens with physical problems
by: Anonymous

My kitten born last year flopped like a rag but nursed well. I thought he would die but did not. He has blue eyes and is mostly deaf, other than walking like he is drunk he is fine. We named him Tipsey

Same here
by: Carrie

I have a litter of almost 2 week old kittens, one of the 6 has a tilt and has trouble getting around. he is healthy and fat and nurses well and if i pick him up and stabalize him, he gets his head back in the right position and lays upright, once he is put back down, he flops to the side again?

our kitten is the same
by: Anonymous

Our cat has given birth to a kitten with what seems to be the same problem. We have spoke to a vet than they said it is to young to determine whats wrong. Can you please let me know how your kitten has got on




More Info
by: Taven

Forgot to mention that, sorry. He is still with his mother and another kitten. He was born butt first, not head first like the second one. That could be a sign that there would be a problem.

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