12 years old cat drooling

by Margaret
(Dallesport wa USA)

my 12 year old female cat has started drooling? I have no idea why. my first thought...maybe bad teeth but she isnt losing weight & appears to be eating ok.

She doesnt have any other problems except scabs on her back from chewing (Iuse to treat w/biospot but made my animals sick) So do I need to go to the vet? I am so grateful for this site, I looked in the past & all the sites cost money. You are a God send.
Thank you

Answer by Kate
well yes my first thought was bad teeth or perhaps an abscess. i would still look into this as sometimes tartar can build up and cause problems but they are still able to eat for awhile.

She may even had lost a tooth which has caused her to drool.

i would say though my old cat used to drool now and again, especially when she was being stroked. So it may just be an age related issue.

if you feel that her drooling is excessive then
yes take her to the vets to be on the safe side.

otherwise keep an eye on her and make sure no other symptoms appear, obviously if they do, a trip to the vets is the best option.

thanks for your compliments about my site. I am a one woman band as it were and this is my full time work.

best wishes KAte

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