Cat gagging and Lost voice

My Siamese cat who is very talk ative has stopped talking. When I can get him to talk either nothing comes out or his voice is hoarse. He has been gagging every once in a while and swallows quite a bit when he does gag. But then he seems fine other than not talking. He is eating, drinking, and playing. I think it might be a stuck hairball or maybe he has a soar throat. Can you maybe help me pin point what it could be? Thanks!

Answer from KAte
Unfortunately i don't think it is possible to pin the actual cause down. Both or your suggests ie a sore throat and or a hairball are both possible.

All you can do is give it a day or so to see if things improve. Hopefully it is just a sore throat which will get better over the next few days. Luckily she is still eating and drinking which is a good sign.

best wishes Kate

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