crusty scabs in my kittens ears

I have a kitten that was born Feb 14th. I noticed three weeks ago there were two rough spots in his ears. I thought it just might have been from play with his brother. Today I noticed that there are more of them. The are not red, not dark like ear mite dirt and his ears are clean. The little crusts are light in color. My cats are fully vetted. Just want to know if you might have an idea what could be wrong. None of my other cats have this problem. I don't see him scratching his ears at all.

Answer by Kate
hi well they do sound just like little scabs to me which as you say could be caused from over zealous bite play from his brother.

have you made sure they are flea clear as they may be flea bites which have caused itching and then scabbed after scratching.

keep the ears clean and keep an eye on the marks, hopefully they will heal and on their own. If they get worse or won't go away then have the vet take a look in case it is a skin problem.

best wishes kate

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My Kitty
by: Anonymous

My kitten followed me home one evening and talked the whole way there. I noticed her ribs were showing so I fed her food and started to look for her family. I gave her a flea bath and made her comfortable on my bed. The next morning I noticed big chunks of scabs on my bed and in her ear was sore and raw, what should I do? What if I got her treatment and shes the family gets upset with me clearly shes lost because she beautiful and so loving.

Answer by Kate
Sound to me like she is a stray but even if she does have owners I cant see how they could possibly get upset if you took her to the vet for treatment. If they did get upset then I think questions could be asked about why she was in such a state. the vet will also be able to check to see if the cat has a microchip as well.

best wishes Kate

by: Anonymous

i have a long haired gray kitten and im noticing the same thing. the scabs have escalated in about a week and a half i have no clue what they could be but when i bring her to the vet ill surely let you know.

scabs in kittys ears
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your information. I had treated all my cats with frontline three weeks prior. My vet suggested that I treat them again before the month suggested. It must have been flea bites (because shortly afterwards) his ears cleared up. I never saw fleas or had seen scabs in ears before - so thanks for you insight.

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